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Another opportune fail to actually tap me back. Do you have a guess on how many times you have actually typed "STFU troll"?
I'm actually impressed you used more words than "STFU troll". Keep up the growth!
How on earth will I recover from such a sick burn.
Didn't know it was possible to blow a 33.18
Maybe. But explain the absolute rocketship jump up the rankings right after NIl became law. I'll wait.
Aren't you trying to do the same thing and make bama matter? Interesting.
Geez you mad bro? Lol. Didnt Young win the Heisman and Obrian? Didn't Anderson win Nagurski? Was this truly Saban worst team? You bama fans crack me up. Don't take losing well. Saw the same vitriol after the TAM game. Didn't UGA last 3 TDs come from freshman?
Do all yall actually have lives or just sit on your computer all day posting to cfp message boards? Honestly yall are relentless.
Good to know there are still arrogant bama fans out there that will claim a 2021 natty. How many does that make for yall to claim and not actually win?
Bama fans CANNOT handle this. So many backhanded compliments all over the internet. It's quite amazing.
Yea gwhite713 gonna need a nice response from you after this beatdown. I'll wait.
Maybe hold your comments until yall have a winning season again. As much esteem as yall hold your program, I wonder why Emory is leaving.....
Wow an actual legit comment. Seems our deep threats were stymied by bama PI. Yes TE 10 yd throws were open. Bennett made tons of mistakes. Imo the game ball goes to bama oline. They played like an NFL unit tonight. They have been a huge weakness for this team until tonight.
How many ppl agree with your take lol. Ya got jokes I like it.
You said you are done with team and football. Aren't watching any more. Done. So if uga makes it to natty you watching Home Alone. I understand.
Wow. So if UGA wins out you don't care. Or will that define your "said time". Lol, joke
I'm old enough to remember when everyone wrote bama off after TAM.....
So let me get this straight. Kelly had no idea he was going to be the coach? He found out on a plane via a msg from his team? So he didn't meet with lsu about terms the day he agreed to move? This makes no sense.
Is it weird that EVERY poll has Cincy in top 4 except the CFB playoff committee?
Only way to beat them is if they beat themselves. Turnovers and missed assignments.
Very true. But you go 9-3 every year at MSU they build a statue. They fire you at LSU. What is 1mil a year more for these guys?
Don't see it and logged into IG and didn't see it. He take it down?
And every UF fan is buying their SEC CG tickets now right?