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Oh please, it's Nashville, TN. How is it not a neutral court? As for officials from another conference, fine with us. One conference's refs suck as bad as any other's. The day Doug Shows is biased FOR Kentucky is the day we all wake up on Bizzaro World. Hannahs set a good screen, but when he raises his arms, it goes from being a good play to a foul. Your other guy would have made a good play if he stuck his arms straight up, but when you lunge and thrust your hands toward a guy's face--get ready to hit the showers. Your guys played a great game and I really enjoyed them demolishing Vandy in the second half yesterday. Don't diminish what they did out on the court by whining about the officiating. It was truly non-partisanly bad. Kentucky had calls go against them yesterday when there was absolutely no contact. And how about the backcourt violation against Georgia in their first game when the official who called it had just indicated to the Georgia player that the ball had been tipped?
Just for the fans. Stoops should pick the player who's getting the job done. I know there are a lot of folks who think Johnson is a no-brainer, but he really didn't impress me as a QB. He was horribly inconsistent, prone to fumble, and often looked like a deer in headlights out there on the field. I personally think UK's success in the late season was, more often than not, in spite of Johnson, not because of him. There's a reason the coaches went to the Wildcat in critical situations. People talk about how bad Barker was, but there were really only two games where we got to see him and one was in the Swamp.
Plays per game is really misleading. I can't think of an NFL game I've watched recently where it didn't seem like the QBs were trying to see how close to zero they could let the play clock get without drawing a flag.
It would be great if it really didn't matter, but statistically speaking, it does. Being Black in America means statistically you have to overcome more obstacles to success than being White in America. I don't know anything about this guy, so it is possible he started out in a better place than many African Americans. Still, the significance goes beyond it being significant to him. I'm White, and it isn't hard for me to look around the financial community or government or most anywhere and see people who look like me being successful. When I was growing up and imagining what I would be when I grew up, everything was on the table because I could look anywhere and see people who looked like my family being successful. One of the reasons it is 2016 before we have the first African American athlete to own a financial investment firm is Black kids don't see it growing up. So beyond his personal success, he's also potentially the role model for some other Black kid who thinks he has options for financial success outside of athletics or crime. Him being an African American is important because we still live in a world where it matters.
Why would an 8-4 team ever decline a bowl? Could your players not use the extra practice? What about the money that comes from a bowl? Can you do without that? I get it, you are disappointed in the way things went for your team and don't like the coach. Here's a solution: don't watch. Let the season be over for you.
Geesh, no need to be a jerk just because you don't understand the convention of fans identifying as being linked to their teams.
If UK can't get a win against Austin Peay, I will come back to Lexington to help Stoops pack.
But we aren't talking about a pro team, we're talking about the Browns. Nah, I agree. Just like the absurdity of a couple of years ago with Kentucky basketball and the 76ers.
I'm not so sure the stats are really what matter in this list. I mean Fournette was on there for weeks while injured just because he's Fournette. Kamara definitely should be in there. Much more impressed with him than Chubb.
Well, actually the folks in what would be/became WV fought on both sides of the war. In fact, Confederate general Stonewall Jackson was born in what would become the state. It also lies mostly below the Mason Dixon line. That being said, Morgantown is practically in Pennsylvania and even farther north than Columbia.
Literally. If Badet makes that catch it was an easy 6.
It's really hard to blame diva college players for being diva college players. I mean some of these guys have been followed by ESPN their whole high school careers and then hold press conferences with national media to announce where they will play in college. Some of these guys WERE their high school teams. Then they get to college and are expected to fit into a team model after four years of hearing how they are the greatest player alive. Then when the world won't bow to their greatness, they really don't know how to handle it. Good coaches know how to get their players to buy into the team concept, and the mature players will realize they look better if the team looks better. Then there are the Jalen Hurds and Randy Mosses and any number of other players in the history of college football who just won't learn. UT will be better off without him. I just hope it takes them a couple of weeks to figure that out.
Butch isn't going anywhere this year. Three losses in a row!!!! Oh my!!!!! Please. Bama and A&M are really good teams. I'm not going to give the Vols grief over South Carolina, which is also a good team that hasn't been able to put the pieces together. People are acting like Tennessee has been blowing people out all season and then had a total collapse and been blown out, but it hasn't been that way. Four of their five wins have been by 10 points or less, two of their losses have been a touchdown or less. Sometimes the ball bounces your direction, sometimes it doesn't. It seems like ESPN hires people based on their ability to argue about whether or not a coach is going to be fired and who the replacement will be. I guess now that Mark Stoops has started getting Kentucky going the right way the Les Miles to Tennessee rumor mill is going to crank up.
"The Tigers got another good win against Ole Miss this week, and the momentum continues under Coach Orgeron." ...and they fall a spot. Sure, makes sense.
I'm proud of our guys and the way they fought. State fans, I feel your pain. I think Dak's play covered up some weaknesses, but your staff will get it worked out. Hoping and praying the Williams kid is ok. He was in good hands at Chandler.
It's exactly what I expected and this kind of stuff is exactly what Stoops was talking about last week. Granted the performance in the first few games was horrible, but things are swinging around and I expect the team to be competitive the rest of the way. There is a total lack of consistency in the way any of these teams are playing right now. There are definitely three more winnable games on the schedule if the defense keeps it going and the offense gets back on track.
I dunno, as bad as Eliot's defense has been it seems entirely appropriate.
You'd think, but I just don't see it happening. Stoops will be back next season, but that will be it if there is no improvement. The buyout is too big this year.
Yep, it sure looks edited. Besides, a Clemson fan criticizing opposing fans for spelling and grammar? Does he think he's a Vandy fan?
Anyone who takes it personally that a kid chooses a top program over anyone else needs to step into the modern era. Yeah, it used to be the case that hometown loyalty made kids want to play for their hometown/home state school, but now kids are all about going somewhere that will help them get to the next level. Who can blame them? Isn't that what most people with an ambitious career goal do? You want to run a Fortune 500 company, you want to go someplace like Harvard. You want to play in the NFL, you go someplace like Alabama.
I would love for professional athletes to be models of character and behavior at all times, but that is totally unrealistic. They are human beings who, like all human beings, are prone to letting their emotions get the best of them from time to time. I am a parent, and it bugs me to no end to hear parents pull the "you are a role model" when someone doesn't act the way they think they should. We should teach our children that just because someone plays a game very well, that doesn't mean we should try to be like them in all ways. We need to teach children to be discerning, and this is a perfect opportunity for this parent to do that. Maybe she did, I don't know. Maybe she had a conversation with her daughter. "No, he probably won't get in trouble for doing that. I don't know if he's trying to make people mad, but he is isn't he? I don't know if he realizes he looks like a brat, but I'm glad you understand this isn't the way you should behave." Parenting is a whole lot harder when you expect someone else to do it for you.
It seems to me the past few years the UGA storyline went like this: Big hype preseason, talk of SEC championship and NC hopes Lots of hype about a Heisman candidate RB Hyped RB gets injured A few losses UGA fans lose their heads about how bad their teams are and how Richt needs to be fired. Look at this though... 2014: 10-3 2013: 8-5 2012: 12-2 2011: 10-4 That's a combined 40-14 over the previous 4 years with two trips to the SEC title game, and if I remember right, 2013's team was held together with gauze and medical tape. So breathe Georgia fans, you're doing just fine. I do think it makes for an interesting storyline for this week's game. Two teams who started out strong this season, but have now fallen on some tough times with some bad losses that have sent the fanbases (who have fallen for the overhype) off the deep end. One coach will walk off the field breathing a little easier, the other will be greeted with torches and pitchforks.
No worries, Charlotte and Vanderbilt are definite wins, and I'd say Louisville and Tennessee are games that will come down to the end. Heck, as inconsistent as Georgia has been, that one might even be closer than anticipated. The key to all of this is for the receivers to CATCH THE STUPID BALL!!!
I know I'm in the minority, but I think the running play was a decent call then, it just didn't work. I think the long 3rd down pass was Towles seeing something open and going for it. He's a good QB, but still has a lot to learn about game management. He took entirely too much time on that drive and the one before to start the play.
Where it the world are you getting self-righteous gloating from that comment?
This is what I keep trying to explain to people up here in Big Ten country (well, besides math since there are now 14 teams in the Big 10) who think they are the best college football conference because of Ohio State and Michigan State at the top of the polls. That's all they have. Two teams that dominate and will likely go undefeated unless they play each other. The SEC is totally different. Bama, Ole Miss, LSU, Georgia, Florida, maybe A&M all have a legitimate shot at ending the season with no more than one loss (obviously they can't all do it since those West teams still all have to play each other). People who just look at records would put an undefeated OSU/MSU as the best team over a one-loss Alabama/Florida/Georgia without realizing that the one loss was against another top caliber team. Look at the next level of teams: Missouri is having an off year, but can conceivably pull it together and finish strong. Lock looks much better than Mauk has this season, so maybe Mauk's suspension is a blessing for them. If Kentucky can put together a full four quarters, then perhaps we can make some noise as well with the schedule we have left. It is still early enough for Tennessee, Arkansas, Miss. St. to right things and get into the mix. Maybe Williams was enough of a toxin to Auburn that his dismissal will set them on the right course. Who knows? That's what makes the SEC great--rather than having only a couple teams dominating everyone else, there are only a couple teams we can pretty much say have absolutely no shot. I don't think anyone is really worried about Vandy, but even the team with the worst conference record at this point, South Carolina, has the talent to make life miserable for the top dogs.
Oh good grief, do they really think this is going to stop the student section from saying things that are "vulgar and inappropriate"??? That's what student sections do--taunt and ridicule the opposing team. This is college football, not bridge at the country club, if you can't handle a little off-color language, go somewhere else. Yes, I know people bring their kids to games, but they have to expect this kind of thing.
Orth looked really good last week and with a week of first-team reps under his belt he should be even better this week. People seem to equate "walk-on" with not really good enough to be on the team, but a lot of times it is just a matter of they didn't have another scholarship to spare.
Exactly. Here are the 1st half drives 3 plays, 1 yrd 10 plays, 80 yrds 8 plays, 76 yrds 15 plays, 59 yrds 7 plays, 76 yrds Here are the second half drives 3 plays, 1 yrd 3 plays, 2 yrds 3 plays, 5 yrds 3 plays, 7 yrds 4 plays, 17 yrds 9 plays, 46 yrds The author is obviously looking at stat sheets and didn't actually see what happened in the game. The SC defense came out with Job 1=stop the run. Boom and JoJo had run all over them in the first half. And to their credit, they did it. The assertion that UK thought that they had the game in the bag and didn't need to score more is just ludicrous. The SC defense stepped up its game, plain and simple. My big concern: What happens if Florida changes QBs part of the way into the game?