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Auburn gonna beat that kentucky ass
Don't need his bum ass anyway. He goi g take two more L's the next to years to the team he uncommitted to. War eagle
The big question now is Gus going to hand reins over to Morris to run the offense?
Against good teams, he plays like a scared child.
Good luck to him. Bo Nix is a bust. We have a few rough years ahead of us. Hopefully can bring in a better coach in a few years. We will always be an 8-4 team under Gus
Hmmm.. have a chance to win a sec championship next year and score a big contract or get the big money now and tank your career. A tough choice.
The guy was chased down and caught by several auburn students. They held him till the police arrived. He had on a lsu shirt underneath a black jacket.
Gus vs Saban, Saban vs Les, Gus vs Richt, Gus vs Brett.
They are talking about NFL pros that were three star or lower that was in the super bowl this year but how many are actually star players that can compare to the 5/4 star recruits? It's tough for you guys to recruit into GA, FL, AL, MS area because that's where's a lot of great talent is there for the taking. Until you guys start winning recruiting battles in that area and grab a few of these 4 and 5 star players, you will always be pretenders Mizzou.
It's going to be Auburn battling Alabama for the WEST for the next few years. You other guys will put up a fight... but lose in the end. Lol.
What's going to be funny when all these guys commit to Auburn. Who want's to play on a shitty team with a shitty offense? Lolz Ole Miss and Florida fans are delusional.
Look at all these Bammer's on here trying to shore up their insecurities and fear of Ohio State game coming up tonight. It's ok bammers, We'll have beer on ice over here in the loser circle after Ohio State whipes the floor with you guys.
If Kris Frost and Cassanova McKinzy want to go undrafted... Go ahead and leave.
Auburn 48 miss st 17 This is the game where auburn defense proves everybody's wrong about them.
Mississippi State stopped Auburn's run game and Nick Marshall lit them up for over 300 yards passing. Here's a link to the highlights
"How good is Auburn? Well, they are one of the best teams in the SEC, but they aren't Alabama good. Not when you are only completing three passes for 35 yards. They will need balance against Alabama if they want to shake up the college football world. But, hell, the fact that we are even talking about it being a question shows you how far Auburn has come in only one year." Have you been watching Auburn since the beginning of the season. You forgot about the Mississippi State game? Here's Nick Marshall's stats for passing in that game. Auburn C/ATT YDS AVG TD INT Marshall 23/34 339 10.0 2 2 Also, here's a link to the 2 min drill he ran down the field to score the winning touchdown. Auburn is definitely can be a balanced team. So what they only threw it for 35 yards? They were getting like an average of 7 yards for each run play. Why do anything else beside run when they can't even stop the run? Here's my Iron Bowl prediction and write this down William "Braveheart" Wallace. Auburn 35 Alabama 21
Auburn should be at #5 above Missouri and Georgia. Missouri is done after losing James Franklin, Seen how they fair last year without him? He was their glue that held them together this year. As for Georgia, they lost their 3 top receivers and starting TE and Top two RB's, They don't stand a chance against Auburn in the Jungle. After this WIN against Texas A&M, Maybe SDS with show Auburn the respect we deserve,