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Nobody has wowed out of the gate this year because of COVID. Practicing without hitting pads (See Navy) is a recipe for sloppy play. I wouldn't judge the results right now until week 3 or 4 for eaah respective conference...
I think Fields probably made the smart decision staying at Ohio State, I don't think his father steered him wrong. And Day is a completely different animal under center than Meyer. Why do you think he was so willing to let Tate Martell slip away to Miami?
Phht, Miami will likely get clobbered by Clemson unless have the team catches Covid.
Maybe Bowman asked him to. But I don't think Dabo's the classiest guy in the room , personally I think he's a jerk, and I wouldn't be surprised to find out Dabo did it out of spite frankly.
Wow. Urban Liar? Butt hurt much? You know he retired right?