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After what happened last year at Mizzou, I think is would be best to keep your mouth shut! I won't even go into the basketball problems after Norm Stuart left, (Quin Snyder and Frank Haith). If enrollment keeps dropping they may need to switch to another conference.
The women's basketball and track investigations have been over for some time. It made no sense to leave the together.
Kelly was 2nd in 2015 just behind Allen. Who is going to pass him?
Oh no, now no one will ever hear what the did! New reporting today is 24/7/365. What exactly will anyone miss by them releasing the info now? If they would have released this on Wednesday, the Baylor bombshell would have made it forgotten news. Go back to Starkvegas and get ready for the return of losing seasons with Dak gone.
This guy is not only stupid he is a moron. The Freedom of Information Act?!?!? So this now has to do with access to information from the Federal Government? What a dumba@&.
Bright minds can get scholarships. Free college for everyone would bancrupt us. How about students having some skin in the game? Rather than free, which would cost taxpayers billions, get rid of the high interest loans, give 0% interest loans, but tie the following years loan rate on performance. Happy with "C's" then you pay a interest rate above 0%. Regarding eduction in other countries, you need to look at the "fine print". In other countries they stop educating all students by High School age. The brightest get higher education and the others get access to trade schools and other areas that better fit their "achievement" as defined by the government. The US tries to educate all children, through high school, the same way. This is one of the reasons for lower test scores vs. other countries. Ours are pulled from a wider base.
Do you prefer Kleenex or Puffs?
There you go trying to look at something intelligently instead of jumping to conclusions like the haters because they want so bad for the team that has kicked their asses for the last two years to be guilty of something terrible. Too bad is for all the haters, because it isn't going to happen. With all the press and all the digging and all the anonymous information, nothing the least bit damming has come out. Hint: that's because there isn't anything!
You must be right. I mean the press never keeps throwing out old stories because they have nothing new to write about.
For who? This is in line with all the Ole Miss statements on the investigation.
This is in line with all the Ole Miss statements. Worst infractions were during the Nutt era. That's where the fall out will be.
What about Moncrief of Ole Miss with the Colts?
He can roll downfield. Low center of gravity I guess!
Everybody said the same thing after the loss to Memphis. They would fold like last year. Since that loss the hammered A&M, beat Auburn on the road, dominated LSU and Miss State on the road. The only glitch was the Ark game and a 4th and 25 miracle. The team with issues going into this game is OK St. With the playoffs on the line they were destroyed by both OK and Baylor at home in their last 2 games.
Exactly what drugs were being consumed when this list was generated? No Oxford, MS? It is listed in practically every list of "great college towns", "great small towns", "beautiful college towns" "great small towns to live in". etc. Nashville is a nice city and a great place to live, but it IS NOT a college town. Are Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, etc. "College Towns"? Maybe they should change the name of this column to "Smoking Down South"!
Kelly needs another year in college to be ready for the NFL and his uncle knows it. He'll stay around for next year. While Treadwell will be gone, Engram, Stringfellow, Adeboygo and the 2 highly recruited freshman WR's will be back, as well as several O-linemen. Isaac Gross will be back along with Connor, Bridges, Brown, Webster, Gates, Hampton and Haynes on defense. They have a strong incoming class as well as the backups this year who need to step up.
Not really. He had big games against Alabama, LSU, Arkansas, Auburn, Florida and Miss State. Only 211, lowest total vs Tenn-Martin. He came up big in big games. As far as Dak not having a running game or O line, look at Ole Miss running game, especially for first 7 games without Tunsil.
Yea, that's so funny! That would be like a 5 star wide receiver from Chicago going to Ole Miss!
So if Ole Miss had recovered the ball they would have been credited with a "lateral recovery"?!?!?!?
no one has a problem with the players celebrating because they were not aware of the injury. The newspaper was well aware of it when the published the photo. No excuse for poor journalism. As for as second tier teams, this year is yet to play out, but here are last year's SEC standings. Alabama 7–1 Mississippi State 6–2 Ole Miss 5–3 Auburn 4–4 LSU 4–4 Texas A&M 3–5 Arkansas 2–6
What do you mean by " DEMAND such a level of “reverence and respect” that they refuse to give to anyone else."? What disrespect has Ole Miss paid to you or your football team? The use of a photo of an injured player as part of a victory celebration story is wrong. The newspaper could have showed numerous pictures of Memphis players making a big play and celebrating. Their photo choice is inexcusable. Poor journalism at it worst!
Try investigating why they chose Ole Miss. Nkemdiche is there because his older brother was already there and their mom wanted them playing together so she could watch them both. Treadwell committed early because one of his best friends went there the year before. Conner is from Batesville, MS which is 25 miles from Oxford. he grew up an Ole Miss fan. As far as them fading away, they have a Top 5 class coming in, including the Top Prospect, a QB, Shea Patterson.
Not sure what the last 50 years has to do with current times. If you want to talk about history look at Mizlose during the 70's, 80's and 90's. After Devine left it was down the tubes until Pinkel arrived. I'm from Missouri and I remember the 77-0 drubbing by Nebraska and the annual butt wuppin's by Oklahoma and most of the rest of the Big 8, now Big 12.
What would Georgia know about being legit? This was a trap game for Ole Miss. By the way, stat comparison of GA vs Vandy and Ole Miss vs Vandy: GA: 422 total yards, 19 first downs Vandy: 400 total yards, 21 first downs Ole Miss: 472 total yards, 30 first downs Vandy: 322 total yards, 21 first downs WOW, GA had 22 more yards and 2 less first downs, while Ole Miss had 150 more yards and 9 more first downs. Like I said what would you know about legit!
Alabama is using volleyball rules for football?!?!?!? You are really slipping!
He doesn't know where the "Caps Lock" key is.
First of all the NFL rule doesn't apply. Secondly, the CB wasn't watching for where the linemen were to make his move. If the CB thought the QB had crossed the line, he was wrong. Bottom line Alabama got beat in their own house!
Ohio State has a great team. You can only play one QB at a time. That being said, Ohio State and Michigan State are both very capable of beating any SEC team. The question is can they beat one after another after another, week in and week out? You can get up and focus on a great opponent much easier if you have "easy" games to allow you to rest and recuperate players. Let's face it, this guy isn't the brightest bulb in the box.