I'm a CT Surgeon who did my undergraduate studies at Morehouse College in Atlanta, then went to Grad School at CMU in Pittsburgh and then back home to the Morehouse School of Medicine. I've always been a DAWG despite being a Tiger intellectually. GO DAWGS!!!

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I have one stat to give and a comment them I'm done until next week. Stetson Bennett, 0-4 on 3rd down,....See how that works out for us next week....Since he has been in we have started slow every single game and I am tired of hearing how he has earned the right to start and how he gives us the best chance to win....Get ready for the teeth to bite us in the behind. Great Win DAWGS!!!! I want this sooooooo bad but my eyes see what they see!!!
Ha ha ha...that's true. Real talk that is sooooooo TRUE!!!
I think we are showing Brock and Gunnar the door because you will not be able to keep five stars sitting behind someone they feel they are better than unless it's another five star and we are winning championship after championship..but we will see. I think Stetson has another year of eligibility, and knowing Kirby, win or lose this Natty, if we make it there or not, if Stetson is the QB at the end of this year, he will be the starter next year. Plus, except for Stetson Bennett, who will want to play for a team where as a starter, you know from watching this team, if you play your heart out and get hurt doing so, you have no chance in this system to get your job back if the back up is simply doing what he is supposed to do. If SB13 was meant to be the starter and was as good as everyone says, JT would not have taken the road to Athens...God knows I pray this experiment works.
I asked this question once before but no one could give me an answer, hopefully I can get it here. I see D'wan is transferring again, can JT Daniels transfer and play next year? And how would that change the dynamic of next year's Florida Georgia game if he goes to Florida because of how our QB position is coached? Also my fear still remains for the qb's we have and the one coming in. Will they be willing to sit behind a Quarterback they feel they are better than, and one who seems to be a coach favorite?
Dawg Team, I don't like out our top ranked defensive players on the offensive line. Our guys up front should be able to DO THEIR JOBS...I think it would be disastrous for one of our top defensive players to get "you know what" playing offense. Also I have a question. Kirby loves Bennett for whatever reason, but what if Tennessee jumps out on us early and Setson stalls, how long will Kirby keep him in, or does Kirby given his history, keep SB13 in and put JT in too late to bring us back... It's an IF ? But What if?
ONCE AGAIN!!! Stetson Bennett benefits from the talent around him. JT makes that same talent better. I saw 4 long passes that were bad throws caught by talented receivers. Two others should have been picked. That freshman for Missouri, THAT is a mobile Quarterback, Stetson can run past D-lineman on broken plays but he is not out running anyone's linebacker's or secondary....Mic-Elroy from Alabama doesn't need to call our games, there is nothing he wants more than for Stetson to be starting against his former team... People get a grip on the Stetson is better talk, there is a reason he went back to JUCO...This kids gotta be a love child of Kirby's or something...Like Negan said, we are gonna lose QB recruits because of this, or get bit with the QB transfer bug... Honestly a lot of this is about how Kirby coaches the position, not really about Bennett. Still Stetson will show you again in the next Big Game why he is a JUCO QB...
I just didn't think there was a Georgia Fan out there that felt exactly as I do....I'm scared to death.... Kirby's pigheaded and he is gonna flip us again...
Dawg Team, I know on paper this should be a walk in the park and JT does need to play, but we can not just overlook Missouri until this game is complete. That's why we weren't given this win last week because we have to show up Saturday. We have to play the game. Tennessee is next week, worry about them then. I believe Kirby will start Bennett until he no longer can, I believe he is looking for an "I told you so", he wants everyone to see that he can win with his choice at Quarterback. I'm so afraid of history... Kirby's history of QB decision making will make us just that...
I have a comment kinda off subject. Arch Manning... We have a couple 5 star QBs coming to Georgia but I remember the fans painted across their bodies, WE WANT ARCH!!! Okay what makes anyone think that he will come if he sees that if he gets hurt at Georgia under Kirby and the next guy is playing well, based on what he sees, he won't get his job back...Why would he choose us?
JT needs game reps I've Stetson. I mean what is the use of recruiting all of this 4 and 5 talent at tight end and receiver with a Quarterback that can't get them the ball. I remember all last year they talked about how young and inexperienced our receivers were, that they could not run routes and they could not get on the same page with SB13. Then we lost to Florida, there were more than whispers about Kirby's job and suddenly JT was ready to go, and all of a sudden these same receivers that could not run routes, were young and couldn't get on the same page as the QB were looking like the 4 and 5 's they were recruited as, and that's because the ball was being placed where it's supposed to be, they weren't sliding for catches while they were wide open, they were catching the ball in stride. They had a Quarterback that made them enjoy being a receiver and actually made them better and more accountable because they knew the ball would be where it needed to be, they just had to catch it. That's JT. I love Stetson is a Bulldog, but his talents led him to JUCO and not to another starting job in the SEC for a reason. Get JT in there and let's win this Natty. NEXT YEAR, we will see what we have in Beck, Vandergriff and defending National Champs. GO DAWGS!!!
Call it what it is and this goes back as far as Eason and Fromm. Kirby can't help but to start the inferior player. Kirby has a boy crush on SB13, there is a reason he went JUCO and could not start at any other SEC school. Here is the difference between JT and Stetson. Stetson benefits from all of the talent around him. JT makes that same talent better. I honestly think that we will once again start to lose recruits at the QB position because these kids see that the better talent may not play in Kirby,s system and they also see that if you get hurt playing your heart out for this team, you are not getting your job back.