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Unless the gubmint forbids it, I guarantee you there will be football this fall. Just too much money involved. Most colleges athletic departments are wholly funded by football revenue. College literally cannot afford to not have some sort of football season. Even if it 5 games that don't really count towards anything, the TV execs will pay to put it on because they know people will watch. I'm not sure what kind of season we will have or if we will even have a national champion or conference champions declared, but there will be some games played.
Ehh.... they aren't horrible, although I don't really like the white on white look. Certainly seen much worse.
If you're going to include couches, really gotta consider UT's Pat Summitt. She was absolutely dominant in her sport and taken from us way to soon. But Walker, Tebow, Barkley, and just to be a Gator homer and to throw another sport into this, Abby Wambach.
The Freak was amazing, but my favorite Gator on the defensive side has to be Wilbur Marshall. Man, that guy was scary. Absolute game changer.
Thank goodness someone included Hershel. This is coming from a die hard, bleed orange and blue, name my dogs after Gator players and coaches, Hershel is the most amazing college athlete I have ever seen. Tebow is a close second and Bo is in the discussion, but I have to go with Hershel.
Yeah, this list is seriously flawed. Pearl is better than every bball coach on this list except Calipari, and I would leave that open to debate. And Gus is better than Stoops, much as I like Stoops for what he has done. And, as much as I like Ogeron, LSU can't make this list because Wade is walking a real short plank right now. The hammer is coming and he will be out.
Ummm.... why would an article posted in the University of Florida part of the site not be expected to be biased towards the University of Florida? And the article is clearly about the University of Florida and it's coaching staff and is targeting University of Florida fans. Not sure what the disconnect is there, LhU....
I am constantly amazed by the level of fixation and jealousy that UGA fans seem to have for UF. I mean, there is trolling and then there is obsession. It's just weird, TBH.
At least Smith occasionally says something relevant. Cowherd whole career is based on hot-takes and pot-stirring. He's the Don Imus of the sports radio world.
The Pounceys have never been shy about voicing their opinions. I'm glad he stood up and said it.
Statistically speaking, for all the accolades given to Auburn's D, they aren't producing that much. 94th in blitz success, 98th in 3rd and long success rate. Good against the run, I guess, but if Trask gets time, he can pick apart that Auburn secondary. I think it will be close and down to the wire, but I can see it going either way. And don't count out Florida's D. They hammer Nix enough and we may see a couple pick-6.