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I bet they’ll cancel those too. If one event is cancelled then I’m guessingit would be a trickle down effect for like events. It’s going to be weird with no fans...maybe we can pipe in the cowbells through the loudspeakers ;)
I had this discussion with a friend of mine. Why all of a sudden are you so offended? What changed from the time you signed your LOI to now? MState doesn’t fly the flag anyway so why threaten your team to not play another snap until it’s changed? I’m glad I got my comment in before SDS disables the replies....
Well when your AD makes a statement about wanting to change the flag and players threatening to sit out because of it I’m not surprised
I figured they would give Johnnie a chance...sure hope she stays.
Thank you for taking our program to the next level. We understand why you left and I’m sure the majority of us would’ve done the same. Good luck with your next challenge...unless you have to play us at some point ;)
Pretty sad he had to have his dad speak for him. I’m sure the majority of his football coaches haven’t been the “Please” and “Thank you” type and he’s heard a lot worse. Sounds like he’s using it as a reason to bounce out of there. Buh bye...
It’s apparent that my phone let me comment on the wrong topic...
Maybe he can find someone to play for that will say “Hey you feel like running some drills today? No? Ok then...just let us know when you feel up to it.” I’m sure he’s heard a lot worse from coaches and this is just an excuse to bounce.
Wish I had nothing better to do than to wait for someone to post something and call it racist right off the bat. I’m sure when Leach posted it he was saying to himself, “ Yep...that should get the black folks fired up!” C’mon people...chill out.
It’s gotten so bad that the military is doing the same with basic training graduations. Families are being told they won’t be allowed to come watch their kids graduate due to this thing. They’re talking about live streaming the graduations so the families can watch it at’s crazy out there.
Lots of guys go to college for 7 years...they’re called doctors :)
Yep....dude already has a degree from Stanford. So there’s that....
I trust Leach’s ability to pick a quarterback better than Joe. Let’s hope he can stay healthy.
Hopefully he’s got people in his ear telling him that and he’s listening...this isn’t the PAC-12
Yep...speed does us no good if he can’t catch the dern ball. If he’s got some good hands it’s better than what we have
Well our last transfer quarterback was hot garbage...maybe if we get this one he’ll be a difference maker...
Amen...go get us some receivers who’ve got sticky fingers
Lots of changes coming..let’s hope it works out. With the offense we definitely can’t get any worse....still skeptic on the new defensive scheme.
All the more reason to ban this guy from the campus and any Lsu activities for good. Lsu had an amazing season but now you can’t talk about the championship game without mentioning this dummy...
Money! And I’m not talking about “OBJ passin’ out cash to Lsu players” money either :)