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If Moorhead was fired it would show the rest of the coaching world that at Mississippi State you have 2 years to show you can compete for a championship or else you’ll be canned. Then we’d end up like Arkansas fighting for scraps at the end of the day. Let’s support the coach and the team and see where year 3 takes us.
I’m a State fan and I say keep him for one more season. He hasn’t lived up to the expectations we all thought he would, but with the injuries and these stupid suspensions( stupid on the students, not the coaches) it’s been a tough season. Let’s win on Thursday and get after it next season!
Not gonna lie...I’m dreading next week. It’s going to be tough trying to stop those Rebels/Bears/Landsharks
If Ole Miss shows up to play like they did against LSU there’s no way we’re winning this one...
Yep...was at the game and every time you turned around someone was laying on the field.... You’re welcome Auburn...
With the way we’re playing I wouldn’t be surprised if Arkansas won.
I’m good with the decision...obviously Moorhead knows better than me or I’d be the HC at MSU. I don’t care whose throwing the ball downrange. I like KT...but our passing game has been garbage. Hopefully Stevens will improve long as our receivers don’t “drop the ball”...
I noticed that during the Pro Day...almost didn’t recognize him
Deuces...don’t let the door hit ya on the way out
Amen...Not upset about Getsy leaving at all. Apparently hiring him didn’t do us any favors.
Agreed...we were scratching our heads on why he didn’t go for it...especially since we blew two timeouts like we had plenty to spare.
Me and the wife were at the game today. There were some questionable penalties but the dropped passes didn’t help any, along with the bad play calling. Defense can only bail out the offense so much...