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We always seem to win and lose games we shouldn’t...we’ll see
I thought they had it after the buzzer beater to tie it but their luck ran out in overtime.
Prime example of someone taking for granted the opportunity of a lifetime. What a tool..
Same here...I would just like the teams to get everything in...doesn’t matter if we are able to attend the spring game or not.
My guess is Tulsa is trying to make State seem like they aren’t doing anything about their involvement. I’m sure some disciplinary actions are coming...but that doesn’t mean we will know what they are. It’s just Tulsa trying to make us look like we are condoning what happened...we we both know is not the case.
Well it is Jackson...I try not to travel there in the daylight much less when the sun goes down...
Thanks for your hard work for the program big guy...looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!
The only thing Duh Ohio State has become good at social distancing from is the football schedule this year.
Especially with Heath bragging about what he did after the game... which from what I saw was a kick and run.
I believe he had some issues trying to get into State to start with... I’d send him packing if I was in charge.
“Vandy has entered the chat”
Opt outs and transfers have been the theme for 2020
With the amount of players opting out and going pro there’s going to be a lot of broken hearts come draft day.
I’m surprised the first line in the article didn’t read,”Mississippi State defense took a hit”
I was just going to say he looks like he took too many laxatives...
No doubt...there’s gonna be some great things coming from all these guys
I just read that due to COVID Tennessee won’t be playing...where you at Army?