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You can’t help but laugh at this point. He made a statement here awhile back about the team being held to a higher standard and that’s what the team needs. I hope it’s just because of this crazy year and he’ll be back next season.
I don’t wish anyone to lose their job...but I’m sure his family won’t do without this Christmas...
Walks into Kirby Smart’s office and says,”Hey Coach...lemme get that helmet..”
I’ll take it...more the likely the last one for the year. Defense played solid for what we had available.
Lol...he definitely screwed the pooch on that one. That bandwagon lost all its wheels and has been sent out to pasture. If we do beat Vandy I expect this to be our only other win this year. And the RebelBlackBearLandsharks will torch us this year...
Sounds like he’s not going to focus on the guys who aren’t in it 100%
Any other day I’d say we’ll beat Vandy... not so sure about that these days..
I saw where Nathan Pickering said that Leach holds them to a higher standard and that’s what the team needs...good to see some positivity coming from the players.
If you look at it we haven’t been that spectacular in SEC play...with this conference only schedule it won’t be pretty. Give him time to recruit the players that fit his scheme and we’ll see what happens.
Might as well focus on getting players who want to be there reps and prep for next season...this one will be a bust
Wonder if he got his feelings hurt after being suspended last week and said buh bye..
All sorts of folks “jumping ship”....what’s really going on here?
All Alabama will have to do is show up...we’ll take care of the rest....
That’s the most exciting thing that’s happened concerning MSU in the last 3 weeks...
I predict we might win one more game....and the way things are looking now that’s pushing it
I knew from the game last week that KJ made some passes that, against a better defense, could be picked off. That’s exactly what happened this week. You can’t have as many turnovers as we did and win the game.
There’s some throws he made that against better defenses stood a good chance of being knocked away or picked off. Got some things to clean up for sure.
No...they have been going through an identity crisis for quite some time now...don’t look for that to change anytime soon
Maybe they hired him hoping he would clean up Jackson, Ms a bit. Nice try...