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Of course he would say that…I bet if he’d had a better season he would be singing a different tune.
Manny must want to coach really bad to even think about sticking around through this mess. Wonder what his statement will be come Monday afternoon if Cristobal doesn’t sign? “I’d like to thank the University of Miami for giving me the opportunity when their first choice said no..”
I bet Kentucky and Tennessee’s pens are smoking trying to write those extensions so fast right now…
As of yesterday it’s supposed to rain so I hope our passing game doesn’t suffer from that…better bust out the sticky gloves!
70% chance of rain for the game…gonna be a nasty one
That was the final straw for the boosters…not Stricklin
At least we know what our identity is…y’all can’t decide if it’s a rebel, bear, or a fish.
Agreed…hopefully we won’t need a miracle second half and we can get our guys out early. I want nothing more on Thursday than to take the Bears to the train station…
True…been to a few State games there and the Auburn fans were pleasant to be around.
We have some multi-personality fans…wake up hating the man and go to bed curled up to his picture.
Yep…probably crying because he didn’t get playing time and looking for a way out. If I was the coach and on a losing streak I’d be mad too
I’ll bet this is all boosters…no way Mullen would’ve done it on his own. The AD and the HC are thick as thieves…no way Stricklin will fire Mullen on his own either if it comes to that.
And in the back of his mind he’s thinking,”We’re gonna beat the brakes off these guys.”
100% correct…we have a ton of young guys and not everyone understands. It’s a work in progress. I’m happy with what we’ve accomplished so far.
True…whenever we’re ranked well it has a tendency to not last long
I’m surprised there hasn’t been any “everyone makes mistakes” comments like I’ve seen on here before when it comes to drunk driving topics. Guess you have to kill someone in order for it to be wrong.
Makes you wonder what the season could have been…we could easily be a 1 loss team right now.
Bet he wishes he would’ve stayed at State