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I’ll say again, the schools to keep an eye on are the ones who don’t self-report.
Burrow was about the most cool-under-fire college QB I’ve ever seen. I lost track of how many busted plays he turned into big-gainers. He’ll do fine in the NFL.
14-6 vs UT this century, 8-2 the last ten. You may have a fifth-year senior or two that was alive when UT last won a natty. Maybe. Next year you certainly won’t.
And let’s not forget that during this critical early period you refer to, the country was distracted at every level by the impeachment circus.
Eight weeks ago the WHO was insisting that there was no proof the virus could be spread person to person. Six weeks ago after the US closed travel to China the WHO (and much of the world) accused the US of over-reacting. It was less than 4 weeks ago that the first confirmation came that the virus could be spread by asymptomatic carriers, which was a complete game-changer. During the entire time - now apparently dating back to November - China was deliberately repressing, downplaying, and dis-informing about the nature and severity of the virus. In light of those events and time frames, what would you have done as hypothetical Dictator In Chief?
For me, it says 3-0, 102-41, and a pretty high confidence level For 2020. Does the same apply for all the Gators who regularly comment on UGA articles? Hey, it’s a top national rivalry. Neither side owns the high ground on trash talk.
Unless he had a permit issued specifically by NYC - even one issued by the state of NY won’t fly in the Apple - he’s up a serious creek. Google the topic. This happens all the time in NYC’s airports. A legally owned firearm in the approved TSA container is declared at check in and the Port Authority shows up. Unless you can present a NYC license (virtually impossible to obtain) they put you in cuffs and charge you with a felony. The city is very unapologetic about it. I looked into this last year when I was thinking of taking my Glock as checked luggage on a trip that required a layover in NYC. Fortunately I investigated beyond the TSA website and the horror stories I found were abundant. It’s so bad that there are firms in the city that specialize in this one particular area of case law. We’ll see what impact Williams playing for the Jets has, but without a NYC license he should be facing a felony and 3.5 years.
Same here. Quite a few Gators in my life and every one trashes Urban. That dude torched every bridge at UF. Gotta be the only HC to bring a natty to an FBS school, let alone two, who is pretty much universally despised by the fan base.
This is New York City and they are ultra-rabid on this topic. Ask Plaxico Burress. Prison time is a very distinct possibility.
Agreed. I’m having a hard time recalling him ever being caught from behind once he turned on the jets. I’m sure some 4.3 corner has done it at some point, but I just don’t recall it. I’ve sure never heard a single comment questioning his speed, especially from announcers that love the play on words when he gets in the green.
Actually, it would have been interesting to see how the committee handled UGA and Oklahoma with both 12-1. UGA would still have had the loss to the betting favorite for the NC, but Oklahoma’s L to Kansas State might have looked much worse.
The most glaring problem with UGA the past 20 years has been the inability to field top-notch offensive and defensive units at the same time. Too often, though, it’s been the defensive side of the ball that has failed to carry their weight. That dynamic is changing dramatically under Kirby, and I think we can expect a consistently elite unit under him. If he can marry that to a scoring machine - which has to be more versatile and air-friendly this day and age - the hump gets much smaller. Kirby knows this and may have made the biggest adjustment in his career with thIs offensive shift in philosophy. The great coaches evolve with the game. Even Saban did it. I believe the payoff for UGA will become apparent very soon.
“That was the result of Kirby taking pictures of recruiting boards and other things when he was leaving.” Other than hysterical chatter on Bama blogs and boards, I’ve yet to see one piece of hard evidence that this happened. And what “other things”? Staying to help Saban win another nattie when he knew he desperately needed to be in Athens recruiting and building a coaching staff before NSD? As ever, no good deed goes unpunished in Tuscaloosa.
Try as I might, I struggle badly to summon much sympathy for the NFL’s Exploited Rank and File, this one making $11M a year with half of each year off the job. Very much why I’ve mostly given up on pro sports. Yawn.
The 3% mortality rate (in China) for Coronavirus is higher than the flu, but like the flu it affects older people much more severely. Currently the mortality rate for age groups under 50 is 0.2% to 0.4% in China. With modern medical care, this virus is reportedly not much more severe than then the typical influenza. What is more concerning from a pandemic standpoint is that it can be spread before symptoms appear, making it virtually impossible to counter.
Despite the author’s desire to make this about UGA, the elite player exodus from Florida is much bigger than that. Miami has been irrelevant for a generation. FSU also to a great degree, other than a short period under Jimbo. It’s been more than a decade since the Gators won an SEC championship. Most 17 YO kids in Florida just don’t have the same view of these state schools that older CFB fans remember, and have been steadily bouncing out of state to chase their dreams. Georgia has gotten a nice share of top-flight Florida kids, but so have other schools. Shutting down the outbound pipeline is impossible this day and age, and even slowing it could be a tall task. The college game is a different animal now than it was during the Miami/FSU/UF heyday. When rising HS seniors in Florida think of the most dominant state program during their teen years as being UCF, that’s a problem.
The Bama lack of appreciation for former coaches never ceases to amaze me. Kirby could’ve and should’ve dropped Bama and immediately gone to Athens when he took the UGA job to further his career. Instead he stayed and helped Saban win another nattie. His reward was to be almost immediately vilified. Cochran is now experiencing the same thing. In Tuscaloosa you’re either Bama for Life or dogcrap on their shoe.
So, BT, tell me where I’m wrong. Is anything I’ve said above factually incorrect? You may disagree with my conclusions, but the points are totally legit. You have your perspective, I have mine. We’ll see in a few months how it all shakes out.
Myopia is difficult to overcome, I get it BT. But there were two constants during Saban’s big nattie run: Kirby and Cochran. Kirby left and almost took Cochran with, but he stayed to get vestment in the state system. Post-Kirby, Saban struggled mightily in his next two NCGs, then got blown out, then failed to make the playoff. That’s regression. Now the other constant in the Saban Bama era is gone. And not just gone, but teaming up with the other key cog from Saban’s dynasty. On Sep 19 Saban will take the field against a team for the first time in a decade where he doesn’t have the advantage in personnel. And the two biggest heart-and-soul components of his former dynasty will be on the other sideline. Myopia is tough, and crimson glasses sure don’t help the condition.
What it means is, even if true, it’s totally irrelevant to Kirby’s recruiting prowess. Sour grapes. With Kirby, Bama rolled in natties at a prodigious rate. Since he left, Saban has one in four seasons (and that one was a white-knuckled squeaker against Kirby in his second year as HC). Bama slipping post-Kirby is not a coincidence, but Bama fans want to think so, believing everyone is just plug-and-play in Saban’s system. Whatever helps you sleep at night.
That was the 2016 class, if you believe the Bama tales, and had very little impact. How do you account for 2017-2020?
I think you are spot on. If this was such a meh-type thing, why did Nick reportedly refuse to allow Cochran to say goodbye to the team? Seems petty and vindictive, especially since Saban wouldn’t give Scott access to the career path he wants to pursue.
Five years? How many 2016 fifth-year seniors will be on rosters in 2020, let alone be factors? Four Is the logical timeframe to measure a team’s talent level.
If he had said this to the press at SEC Media Days, it would be news. In the locker room among his team? Please.
Clearly, I’m talking about the 100% consensus prediction, not a split narrative. I don’t believe that’s ever failed for us under Kirby. And yes, BT, it is a year away. But it’s what we have to talk about till Spring ball, so what would you rather do? Seems Bama fans are especially touchy about recruiting since Kirby hit UGA. Wonder why?
Not sure how it shakes out for Bama, but the 247 crystal ball has been amazingly prescient for 5-stars to UGA.
I suspect it will have the same 2023 effective date as Cali, and likely the NCAA revision to rules. The effective date will almost assuredly be coordinated among the stakeholders so that no one is going rogue. I doubt Georgia is left without a chair when the music stops. The same legislation was introduced to the Georgia legislature in October.