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Yeah, depends on the offensive set and down/distance. A case can be made that every D has to be hybrid to some degree these days. The 3-4 has certainly created a run on tall, fast LBs that can do it all - not nearly enough of them out there that can play the run, rush the QB, and drop into coverage equally well. Yeah, there are a few UGA fans on SDS that like to stir the pot, just like any school, but I think the sense of our fans here is impacted by all of Voltrain’s different UGA accounts that he uses to troll. It’s been going on for months and months and I’m sure as hell getting tired of it. A lot of the other UGA brush fires are provoked by BamaTime, but at least he’s indiscriminate - he trashes everyone.
I'd give the nod to Mizzou. LSU and Auburn are a tough task, but having last year's reloaded #1 and #2 in a three-game span is just brutal. The remainder of the two schedules is pretty much a draw. Auburn, LSU and Tennessee have the same challenge with Bama and UGA.
Tim, you're spot on. Even as recently as '08-'11 the UGA crowd noise level could be less than you'd expect from 93K. Some of that, of course, was a product of the program's varying levels of success, but even Mark Richt noticed it and made it a point to talk about in the media. I remember lots of comments about it being due to having so many older, long-term season ticket holders who were less inclined to be raucous for 3 hours. Whatever the reason, it got fixed and Kirby & Co. have just amped it up to another level.
On a real football note, I'm curious where UT stands on this transition from a 4-2 to a 3-4. I remember when UGA went from a 4-3 to 3-4 we didn't have the body/skill types that necessarily went with it, and it took a couple of years of recruiting differently to get there. Does UT have enough bigger bodies for the D-line, and the faster, hybrid, pass-rushing LBs to fit the bill?
Seriously. Who in their right mind would ask that question? It’s so obvious and ingrained, it’s probably what tripped Damien up.
UT got a serious coach and recruiter with Jeremy. They also got some baggage - a guy who is intense and, despite that laid-back, drawley, speech at Media Days, can be disruptive. He made Mark Richt and Brian Schottenheimer’s lives difficult his last year at UGA. His players loved him and he produced results on the D, but he created an atmosphere among the coaches and administration that insiders called “toxic” over and over. Personally, I was glad to see someone shake up the Richt administration. It needed to happen. And it was really on CMR for allowing it and not putting his boot on Jeremy’s throat when the first few shots were fired. That’s just not Richt’s style, and it ultimately cost him his job. It, however, IS Saban’s style, and Jeremy knew that returning to Bama. So, which Jeremy Pruitt does UT get? I guess that depends on what he’s learned from the UGA experience, and how he translates that into his new CEO position in Knoxville. Except Fulmer is the real CEO, and that’s where, if any of this prior behavior resurfaces, is where I would expect it. Maybe being the HBC and having almost total control will gear down those impulses to lash out. After all, the disruption he caused in Athens was really over his feeling that Richt ran a “soft” program and the offense was constantly putting his D in bad situations. He was right on both counts but blew up the program with the way he handled it. For that, UGA fans should thank him.
Seriously. Throwing yourself out there in the same company as Herschel, or even Fournette, is just ludicrous. Last year he averaged 5.1 YPC, good for 121st place in FBS - right up there with monster backs from Charlotte, Duke, New Mexico, and Troy. Gear down, Benny.
Andy, it’s really pretty simple - the whys of the difference in Richt and Kirby’s recruiting approaches. Mark likes smaller, athletic linemen and smaller, fast DBs. Kirby likes gargantuan linemen and bigger, fast DBs. There were several comments this off-season from opposing players saying how impressed (and frankly, intimidated) they were last year by UGA’s size. In his very first press conference, Kirby stated that he wanted more size on both lines, the secondary, and at WR. And that’s what he went out and recruited. Mark’s teams got by on athleticism, but when he faced a tough, big trench team things too often went sideways. Kirby understands where the game is won, and is using those recruiting stars (way more than CMR ever had, by the way) in the right places. Mark’s one season of 13 wins featured a few close wins. Other than Notre Dame early, there were no close wins last year till the playoff. Georgia didn’t win the SEC with smoke and mirrors, or gimmicks, or a couple of lucky bounces - they steamrolled everyone but Auburn, then steamrolled them in the rematch. A Richt team could never do that.
Had to be hard resisting the temptation to bury the dude. Bad enough that every head in the room probably swiveled in his direction before he got the whole question out of his mouth.
There's plenty of reason to say the first three are no-brainers based on last year, returning production, and recruiting, but I honestly have no clue what to expect from the next 4-8. There's been so much flux in leadership, schemes, staff, etc at these schools - it's hard to predict what a first-year will actually look like under a new regime. My guess is one or two will exceed expectations and the rest struggle like most Year One teams do. Saban and Smart are both examples of how hard it can be to have immediate on-field success while changing a program's culture, and Malzahn is a counter-example of how first year synergy can explode in Ws. You just can't call it with any certainty till you have some body of work to evaluate. I think, based on stability and talent, LSU and SC should have solid years - 9 wins, say. Jimbo is an elite coach, so I'd have to give him the nod to produce more in his first year than the others. Moorhead may have higher expectations than he can actually produce from the jump. Mizzou could win 5 or 9 depending on a lot of factors, not the least of which is Lock's health. UT looks like it may need a few years, but Pruitt is a the type of coach who simply doesn't play around. Then there's Florida - they find a QB, I can see Mullen easily exceeding expectations. All that said, now watch Arky win 10 games . . .
That comment was based more on ability than usage. Chaney only had Jake run on a RPO a very few times last year but it almost always worked, especially in short-yardage situations. He's not a true DT in the current sense, but he's way more than a statue in the backfield. Just a great all-around athlete. That block he threw to spring Michel's game-winning TD against Oklahoma was another example of something you don't typically see QBs do.
People who refer to themselves in the third person make me cringe. Like the royal "we", it's a pompous affectation that has the speaker come across as egocentric. Fine RB, but maybe not the best choice to speak at Media Days.
BT, I think many, many UGA fans most definitely want to see Bama again. The last two title games we've hooked up for turned into classics for the ages. That 2012 SECCG may never be topped, and last year's NCG almost certainly won't. Yes, the Tide spanked us in Athens in between those two, but when these two teams hook up for real marbles in recent years it gets epic. The last play was the difference in both games - you can't get more evenly matched than that. Under Mark Richt, yeah, Dawg fans may have wished for a path that avoided Bama and a clearly superior pair of lines of scrimmage. Not under Kirby, and his mission to build a wrecking crew in the trenches that matches the quality of the skill positions. I think the vast majority of Dawg fans are looking forward to quite a few years of Kirby vs. Saban. Iron sharpens iron.
Setting aside the dumbass/redneck piece (they’re everywhere), it sounds as if you’re saying college fans who did not attend the school they support are less of a fan than true alums. I beg to differ. In my case, I grew up a Bulldog fan, but circumstances dictated that I get my degree elsewhere. Many of the most ardent Dawg fans I know fit that same bill one way or another, and I can assure you I, and other “sidewalk alum” Dawgs I know, have given more to UGA than many alums. That same dynamic plays out all over the country. A non-alum fan is not necessarily the same as a bandwagon fan, and in no way is “less” of a heart-and-soul supporter. I’m not happy when the Braves lose. My day is shot when the Falcons lose. When the Dawgs lose, however, that hangs with me all freakin’ week - or longer. It took me six months before I could re-watch the NCG. In fact, I’d wager that these monster stadiums throughout the south are populated on fall Saturdays with as many berserk non-alums as alums. It’s the magic of CFB. Phyllis from Mulga and Harvey Updyke are certainly cringe-worthy bozos, but they don’t represent the typical SEC football fan.
So, “sidewalk alum” = non-alum, and “culturally disadvantaged” = dumbass/redneck. Got it. Who on this thread/board fits that bill?
Jeff Sentell of DawgNation thinks D-Rob is a tad faster than Meco. He’s bigger too, which should help on the blocking side. I’m sure Kirby would not have accepted his transfer if his Cal film didn’t show blocking ability. Demetris was probably the biggest miss of the Kirby recruiting era, so it’s nice to see that corrected. Now if Pappoe will just flip . . .
TD, I'm specifically referring to your post that started this fun exchange - the one about Mizzou kicking the collective UGA/SC ass. That was over the top and meant to generate a response. That was where my rationality comment was directed. Well, and your shot at UGA's 2017 season. Every fan base in America except Bama wishes they were UGA last year, and the Bama fans weren't exempt most of the NC game. Otherwise, I have no bone to pick with a fan optimistically supporting their school. Mizzou's two division championships were two more than any other East team had during that time, so kudos and good on the Tigers. However, we all know the East has been weak for years. UGA won the division the two years prior to Mizzou, as did UF the two years after you guys; but, other than that 2012 Georgia squad, no East team had come close to winning the conference and being a NCG contender since Tebow's last year. Perspective. I did not call Mizzou a laughing stock. No one expected much of the Tigers when they came in the conference, so yes, it raised quite a few eyebrows when they won the East twice, and actually beat UGA one year to do it. I think the point, though, regardless of how it's phrased, is that you get to thump your chest in this conference when you sustain success, or at least have a ring to show for your efforts. Mizzou still has a ways to go there.
Yeah, 13-2, SEC champs, Rose Bowl Champs, and a NCG appearance where the Dawgs played Bama to a standstill in regulation, and a final consensus #2 ranking - just shameful! I get you love your school, but you need to ease off the accelerator till you have something to actually crow about. Living off of two historic years when the 3 traditional powers in the East were struggling all at the same time is getting old. Support your team but be rational.
What the hell is a “culturally disadvantaged alumni sidewalk fan”, and how does whatever that is differ from you?
I’ve said it since his freshman year - this dude is one of the most selfless, humble, good guys you’ll ever run across. Pure class, and proud to have him represent UGA.
BT, you’ve gotta remember why losers troll. Deny them the attention they’re seeking and they’ll move on somewhere else.
I had been hearing the last few days this was happening, and I’m glad to see it. It shows Kirby handled his original commitment to Cal the right way. Something to watch: everyone assumes he’ll have to sit out 2018, but he’s filed a hardship appeal with the NCAA based on his family situation. If he gets green-lighted for 2018 he immediately becomes the best, fastest, most polished receiver on the team, and one of the best in the SEC.
I’m not seeing Muschamp losing any time soon. He’s got a strong 2019 class building that should make 2020 solid. Florida and UT return to form soon, maybe, but we don’t have any hard evidence of that yet.
Tiger, if UGA, SC and Bama (your 3-game gauntlet) were to lose their starting QB, what would you have left? Now ask yourself that question about Mizzou. With Lock you MAY have a puncher's chance against top competition, but that wasn't the case last year. Better hope he's indestructible, or that your O-line underwent a magical transformation in the off-season.
True enough. We're into the post-Opening reshuffling period and Nolan absolutely dominated, so I hope he sees a similar bump in the other rankings and that he can take the composite no. 1. My point really was that the state of Georgia is producing truly elite football talent at a rate that is almost unprecedented. Four of the 247 composite top 11 players in this cycle are Georgia kids. That would be astounding in itself, but it's a trend that's been building for a while.
No clue, RS. I've been on SDS since it ramped up and have seen some epic name-calling (BamaTime's nemesis, Rebel_Landsharks, probably takes the cake - those were some legendary tiffs), but I'm here to talk CFB as rationally as possible and avoid the histrionics. I love my Dawgs, and I love the SEC, but I try to keep it in perspective. Hell, at one time I married a Georgia Tech grad . . .