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For the millionth time, these huge salaries are not being footed by the schools or states. They’re coming from athletic foundation booster money donated specifically for the purpose of paying coaching salaries. That tenured professor making $185K a year who can’t be bothered with her students’ needs cause she’s a big deal, has job security unions can only dream about, and is working on her third book that 72 people total will read? She’s a different story.
Some GMs draft for specific needs, some take the best available player regardless of position. Makes it hard to project what will actually happen on draft day. There may be 60-70 guys who have “first-round talent”, but only 32 very independent GMs. Mock drafts outside the top 5-10 rarely match reality, especially prior to the combine.
Fuzzy, you heard right. The campus and stadium sit on elevated land above Seattle, and view of Puget Sound is really nice. I’d also recommend catching a Colorado game in Boulder - another landscape beauty with the Flatiron mountains as the backdrop.
Again, check out any of the Gator message boards and forums. It’s hilarious, and reeks of envy. Your Gator buddy Boltraytor (sp?) had an extended meltdown here on SDS right after the game. But I pop in to say the exact same things about Cox that all you Gators were saying during the season, and I’m somehow trespassing, when you and mrtruth are the the reigning champs of troll-posting on UGA articles? Sorry to be such a downer. We’re just enjoying the moment before mighty ULL-East undoubtedly puts us in our place soon.
Gonna miss seeing him fly around the field, but the boys behind him are licking their chops and just as fast. Show out in the league, Channing - you’re a DGD!
Swamp 247 and Florida Zone for starters, but it is very widespread. Maybe you should broaden yourself horizons. And very, very satisfying. The more Gators tantrums about a UGA natty, the better IMHO. But hey, you almost beat Bama. Gotta find some manufactured shade for the ones who actually did - when it counted. As to “stopping by” your place (so funny given the number of times you’ve brought your infinite wisdom to “our” place), I didn’t post anything about Cox that wasn’t effusively and repeatedly said by Gator fans right here this past season. Nineteen “I/me/my” references and two “we” in that announcement. That was his issue in Athens, and it’s continued in Gainesville. See ya in Jax!
The secondary just got stronger. DL will be the question mark next year, but it won’t lack for talent.
Barring injury - and he played most of this season with a well-concealed shoulder issue, BTW - I don’t see any drop-off potential. The kid has his head screwed on straight and works hard enough for two dudes. The only thing that concerns me is the potential for some NIL tampering to induce a transfer. The NCAA has gone totally to sleep on the issue, which is really unmanageable to begin with.
The DawgNation Daily podcast did an episode last week focusing just on the meltdown Florida fans are having over the UGA natty. It’s that unhinged and vitriolic. And makes it just that much sweeter. “We had it tougher - we did it in the BCS era where it was harder to get in!” So, having to beat two top-four teams in consecutive games to win a ring is easier than beating just one? Got it. “You didn’t really win a natty after already losing to the team you beat in the NCG!” Florida/FSU 1996 ring any bells? Bama/LSU 2011? The hypocritical pretzel logic used to somehow delegitimize what was clearly, and by wide consensus, the most dominant team of 2021 is just rich. And highly entertaining - keep ‘em coming, boys! Hope has packed up and moved to Gainesville while smokin’ hot Destiny bought a place in Athens for an extended stay.
And Nolan just announced he’s returning - awesome!
And where’s the Funny Maine piece? Did he shut it down for the year?
Cannot begin to truly express my happiness with that harpy Hope finally and righteously being kicked to the curb, and smoking’ hot Destiny now taking up residence in Athens. SEC Shorts will have to find new material, but I hear that Hope the Shrew is taking her dog and pony show to Gainesville. Here’s to a long, lasting relationship, and many future Shorts pieces with her wearing blue and orange.
Whether it’s Stet, JT or Brock running the offense, it should be lethal. Stacked everywhere, especially if Daijun Edwards stays clear of the portal. The young D will need a humming offense to allow them to get their sea legs as the season progresses. Really hoping Nolan stays one more year - he could be the catalyst for the D.
We just had a natty celebration yesterday and will have one of the two most talented teams in CFB to kick off 2022 while Florida is trying to pull themselves out of the league cellar with a G5 coach you want to believe channels Saban - and WE’RE delusional and insecure? My, how the worm turns.
Another reason teams run right at him.
If he ever gets his head out of his ass, he could be special. As long as he avoids taking on running backs, quits on plays, and thinks solely about his sack stats, he’s going to underachieve.
Starters Kelee Ringo, Chris Smith and Dan Jackson will return. 2020 All-American Tykee Smith didn’t play this year due to a broken foot, then ACL, but he should be good to go. After that, experience gets slim.
Wishing the best for Hines here. I had an ongoing business relationship with him for a few years, and he’s a good dude on top of being a DGD. I had the occasion to meet with him a couple of days after he won the Super Bowl XL MVP, and congratulated him on being the third Dawg to do so. He was a bit surprised at that - he knew about Terrell Davis, of course, but not Jake Scott, as it was a bit before his time. Glad to say it put a little more pep in his step that day. He still bleeds red and black.
FWIW, Haiti was actually an empire twice in history. All empires are not created equal.
Two of the last four SEC national champs were not SEC champs (Bama 2017 and UGA this year). The SEC champ actually lost in both those games - to another SEC team. Terrifying for the rest of CFB. Again, Texas and Oklahoma truly do not understand what they’ve gotten themselves into. They understand the money, but their prestige is soon going to take hit after hit.
He’s declared and likely signed with an agent. So you’re saying he takes advantage of the 72-hour rule to reverse his decision and return? We’ll know by Thursday - that’s the deadline to do so.
Kirby said several weeks ago that his straight-line speed was pretty much back to pre-injury, but his lateral ability wasn’t quite there yet. I think that will be the focus on him if he tests, and I can’t imagine he wouldn’t.
The combine numbers should tell a lot. I’ve actually seen mock drafts recently with George as high as 13th. But we know how mock drafts go. He may not have a ton of film, but the ratio of spectacular plays is pretty high - and the two head-turners he brought in during the playoffs indicate his ball skills are still elite.
Best wishes to this DGD! Captain and QB of a legendary D we’ll never forget. Mechanical engineering degree in three years and good works recipient. Class dude in every respect.