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“After another bye in week nine, the Crimson Tide will go up against Florida at home (Nov. 2).” Jeez Louise . . .
Texas joining the SEC as the reigning national champion would be insufferable.
So the SEC will have 2 of the 3 annual neutral site rivalries still left in CFB. Maybe we can pick up Army and Navy with the next expansion . . .
Well, he didn’t allow a single sack or even a pressure on Carson all year . . .
When I saw the headline, Auburn was my first thought. Either way, I suspect we’ll see BVG line up against us before he’s done. Wish him the absolute best - a DGD!
If this happens, Aaron Murray will breathe a big sigh of relief at his remaining SEC career records still standing (yardage and TDs). If Rogers had transferred within the SEC, they were all as good as gone.
Why Richt didn’t call for a clock-killing spike with 15 seconds left is a mystery. Dawgs could have easily gotten two end-zone passes off in that time.
But, but . . . I was assured by Longhorn fans that the league would bow down and move the game to Arlington once they joined the SEC . . .
It’s a sad, sad burden Kirby will just have to live with.
Especially if Lanning can tamp down on the riverboat gambler mentality he had the last time these teams met. Those two blown 4th down calls, both within FG range, likely cost the Ducks the game. Take the points this go-round, Dan. It’s likely to be another close one.
I suspect this game comes down to turnovers. Looking at the last few losses for Kirby and Saban, they were behind the eight ball on TO margin. No reason to believe anything will be different in this game.
I think most fans would like to see this, but it would take the vast majority of P5 schools bonding together and drawing a line in the sand. Then there would undoubtedly be a massive legal response claiming collusion, restraint of trade, and lord knows what else. It would never get there, though - too many schools make desperate contract offers to try and gain a competitive advantage - a la this very same school just a few short years ago. This works now because it’s Elko’s first head coaching gig. LSU could never have lured Kelly away from ND with anything less than a guaranteed, long-term high-dollar deal.
You do realize each school in the SECCG gets an equal allotment of tickets, right? There’s no real home field advantage for UGA in Atlanta any more than there is for Florida in the WLOCP or Texas in the annual Red River game. Kirby is 2-3 in the SECCG so far. In fact, the current 29-game winning streak began right after a loss in Atlanta.
Totally agree. The four conference champs that earn a bye receive a huge advantage. No first-round game, with the associated injury risk and wear/tear. The four bye teams will have almost all of December to heal, recover, and get right - just like playoff teams do now. The other eight will have to jump back into the grind of practice and game prep almost immediately after Selection Sunday. The extra 8-9 days the bye teams get is an enormous benefit. It was the CFPO’s way of emphasizing the importance of winning your conference in an expanded playoff format.
Home-run hires (perceived, anyway) can blow up in your face as well. Exhibit A is Jimbo. Really curious about the Elko contract. I’ve read more than once in the past few hours that it leans heavily on incentives. The term and buyout numbers will tell us a lot too. A&M should have learned a lot from this last contract.
Buy all the Kendall Milton stock you can get your hands on. He’s finally 100% and is running very, very angry. Three Tech defenders had to leave the game last night after trying to tackle him. Kendall vs Dallas Turner should be lots’a fun.
Very true, but I have to admit I have a hard time keeping up with all these numbers week to week. There’s the 29 straight wins. There’s the 45-1 record since that 2020 Florida loss. There’s the 39-game regular season win streak. The SEC regular season win streak, the home game win streak, the road game win streak, the bowl win streak - then there’s the AP poll consecutive #1 ranking streak. I’ve probably missed a couple. We are living in a true golden age of Bulldog football. Right now, though, I just want a 2-game win streak against Bama.
“Orgeron coached at Miami as a defensive line coach from 1998 to 1992 . . .” The flux capacitor seems to be working again.
Aaron Murray is likely watching this closely. If Will transfers outside the conference, Murray’s SEC career passing yards and TD records are safe. If Will stays in-conference, they’re as good as broken.
Yup. Style over substance seems to be the guiding principle in Boulder now.
There are a lot of moving pieces in this game that could determine the outcome, but I think the most critical are the two QBs. Beck has been inhumanly effective, especially on third down, and Milroe has become a nightmare to contain. The team that disrupts the other QB’s game is likely to take the W. I don’t believe either team can stay in the game by focusing on hand-it-off bullyball. These Saban-Smart tilts seem to come down to who executes better in the second half. This one should be no different.
Illustrates the difference between the rival you most want to beat, and the rival you hate losing to the most. Sometimes they’re not the same.
All true - but especially Bobo and Tykee. So glad to see these two getting the recognition they deserve. Both took a long, hard road to where they’re at right now, and they must feel vindicated.
Wright can continue to rail against UGA’s schedule all he likes but, despite the Oklahoma question, the 3 sets of folks whose opinions actually matter (CFP committee, writers, and coaches) have Georgia firmly entrenched at #1. In no rational scenario can the Dawgs win their next two games and NOT finish in the top 4 of the final CFP rankings. There can be only an absolute maximum of 4 undefeated P5 teams at the end of the day on Dec 2nd. I expect that number to be 2 when the smoke clears, and CFP history seems to agree. Regardless, UGA keeps winning and they’re in - it’s that simple. And no amount of panty-wadding about an early season non-con game cancellation will matter.
Once you get past the first dozen or so this time of year, it’s always a case of warts vs. blemishes. Which team would you rank #25? The choices are not appealing.