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Well, FWIW on a non-athletic topic, I just found out recently that A&M’s enrollment is almost 70,000. I thought Florida was the biggest school in the SEC at around 50,000. That 70,000 is also a lot more than UT. Surprised me.
It’s not your team, it’s the brutal schedule you guys have this year. Bama, Clemson, Georgia, Florida and A&M are in a lot of pre-season Top 10s. Champ has done a fine job with what he inherited, and is recruiting well. It’s just that, while the team has undoubtedly improved, the schedule could produce a deceiving record.
Andy, how much you want to bet on Tennessee having more SEC championships than Georgia? Google is your friend. They’re tied at 13. And you’re the second Vol fan I’ve seen post something along the lines of UT returning to it’s rightful place atop the East. Again, Google ain’t that hard. Florida has 14 East titles, UGA 9, and UT 6. Don’t get me wrong - I want to see UT improve. But using a manifest destiny argument because you had a good 10-year run under Fulmer is pressing a bit to hard.
Exactly what I would expect from this team with this coach, and how I want my school represented during the talking season. And those who think Kirby is emotionless and boring - I’ve heard Florida fans call him a robot - all you have to do is look at video of him in the locker room after a win, or his classic reaction after the Rose Bowl victory. There’s a time and a place for everything. Kirby and Co. have their priorities straight.
Geez - you first want to accuse me/mine of being “welfare recipients”, then when you find it’s the exact opposite of your wish, I’m now engaged in a “greed and violence-backed retirement scheme.” While at the same time pointing out that you have a “great career.” And you accuse me of hypocrisy? I’ll concede I misread your last point and thought you were going down that “welfare recipient” road again with the “hitting a nerve” remark. In answer to that, yes, I posted on this same thread about our daughter’s desire to make law enforcement a career, only to decide otherwise - mostly due to people like you who demonize those who have a genuine desire to serve and protect. What is ironic is that this ongoing media-driven wave of all-inclusive cop hating will almost ensure that you drive the best ones from the service, discourage sincere applicants, and ultimately get precisely what you rail against - thugs with badges.
Oskie: (1) Mountain out of a molehill. Someone would have to dig pretty hard to identify this transgressor. Not what I would consider public shaming, although it would be well deserved in IMHO. (2) No, ideology and rhetoric are ideology and rhetoric. Debate is two individuals engaged in in a civil discussion about differing viewpoints. Civil discussion went out the window when you engaged immediately in ad hominem rhetoric. (3) Appreciate you conceding that. (4) Far from it. I retired a couple of years ago at age 59 from the private sector. I’ve never taken a dime of public assistance in my life, nor has any family member that I’m aware of. However, pensions are not public assistance - they are found in both the governmental and private sectors, and are a product of the unionized labor movement. If and when you begin drawing social security, will you be demonizing yourself for living off the backs of others?
The only comment you made directed at the “issue” was the one about “shaming” the HOV offender. I don’t see that he/she was identified anywhere in the post, so that’s a difficult one to support. The video response to Longhorn Morty’s very public Twitter comment was about as lighthearted and inoffensive as it can get. Who got shamed? The rest of your comments were pure ideological rhetoric and you mention “debate” several times. My first questions to you were essentially ignored and your response was flourished with an attempt at a personal insult. You then accuse ME of an ad hominem attack when I return the exact type of broad-brush insult you first initiated. Top-notch debating skills you have there, oskie!
B&G, I believe he was referring to an officer gunned down at a traffic stop here in metro Atlanta this past week. As to oskie, and his various comments about police, laws, pensions, etc, this is totally the wrong website to try and engage in “debate”. He should take that Anarchists ‘R Us chip on his shoulder to a more appropriate forum. On a personal note, our daughter just completed her first year of college, studying Criminal Justice while also attending a concurrent 4-year police academy program tied to that major (UNG is the only university in the country that offers this). She has a passion to serve and a desire to help people. She’ll head back to school next month with a change in her major after coming to the realization that it’s now the most thankless, demonized job in America. I can’t say we’re unhappy with her choice, but it’s sadly a sign of our current times.
“Arbitrary rules . . .” That would be the single use of lanes built solely for multiple-occupancy? The arbitrary rule that is designed to reduce both emissions and congestion by encouraging ride-sharing in one of the most densely populated cities on earth? Oh, THAT arbitrary rule! And police are just a small percentage of the unionized pension recipients in government service. Do you have the same problem with financing the retirement of that postal worker or civil engineer?
Two factors I see that could prevent this. First, the voters are in love with QBs and it takes a ridiculous RB stat sheet to get their attention. Secondly, UGA doesn’t lean on an alpha dog RB for 35-40 carries a game, producing such a stat sheet. The last SEC RB to take the trophy home had to break the conference single season rushing record. With D’Andre’s speed and moves, and the O-line he’s behind, it’s possible he could break an insane number of long runs. But that would likely result in a number of early blowouts, and Kirby absolutely pulls the starters when that happens. Call that reason no. 3.
If and when Fields is comfortable with his progressions, he will be lethal. The thing is that hasn’t happened yet. His OSU spring game was more of the Justin I watched play in high school - primary receiver open, watch out. Primary receiver not open, pull it down and take off - or make a bad decision to throw into traffic. The take-off option worked well in HS, but not so well against SEC defenses. Hopefully Day and Co. will get him more comfortable in the pocket, but this may be a longer development process than many think. As to Fromm, he’s got the tools, the wall, the experience, and the weapons to have a monster year. We just need that alpha-dog receiver (or two) to step up. The UGA WR room is one of the most talented in the country. D-Rob and Cager have plenty of P5 experience and are the most likely to fill the role, but I’m betting we have a couple of new names to wow us by the time the leaves turn.
A lot of the buzz with these two teams is the recruiting the past couple of years. They both have good coaches so the logic is the bluechips get better. But they also have a few spotty performances to go with their recent resumes. Texas is really under the most pressure to perform. That huge, well-heeled fan base will lose their collective minds if they have another Maryland this year. I spend a fair amount of time in Texas on business, and the expectations I’m hearing for the Longhorns are enormous.
I was responding to JTF’s comment about rankings being tricky with an example.
I may make that one too. Army deserves a lot of good years after their decades of irrelevancy.
UF got a lot of lift from stomping Michigan. The same Michigan team that was annihilated by Ohio State. That was the OSU team that was drilled hard by Purdue, who had lost to Mizzou - the same Mizzou team who walked all over Florida. That’s comparative logic, which works for some things but not so much for CFB. After Texas lost to Maryland early in the season, who would have dreamed they’d beat Southern Cal, Oklahoma and Georgia? Again, though, those were all last year’s teams. We’ll have new results to dissect in JUST A FEW WEEKS!
I agree. When I come to SDS I’m looking for the most recent news, regardless of source or type. The old layout gave me that. The new one emphasizes and pushes SDS series and features, and you have to seek in several spots for news items. I also hate the horizontal scroll. Too much is hidden.
With that pathetic non-con schedule, OSU would need to go 13-0 to get in the playoffs, and require a meltdown in other conferences. Cincy, Miami of Ohio, and FAU. No P5 non-con at all. But they’ll thump their chests and brag they didn’t have an FCS team on the schedule.
Good list. I still believe Derek Mason and David Shaw are both under-rated due to the academic albatross they deal with.
“There is no sugar-coating these developments for the Gators — there is no circumstance in which a team of this caliber should have a class with five prominent signees facing academic qualifying issues, and both the coaches and recruiting staff should have done a better job when targeting players this cycle …” wrote
My feelings exactly about the 3 P5 conferences that play 9 league games and constantly harass the SEC and ACC cuz they don’t. That was totally their choice and not mandated anywhere. Many use it as an excuse not to schedule P5 matchups, and when they do you often get something like Ohio State vs. Oregon State. Ohio State has zero P5 non-cons this year - pathetic.
Army took Oklahoma to overtime in Norman last year. Looking forward to seeing what they can do in Ann Arbor. It’s great finally having Army winning consistently - they spent decades in CFB purgatory and deserve some good times.
For once you actually got the “we” right. No way he goes to that train wreck on North Avenue, though.
Ohio State and Georgia would have played in 2020 and 2021, and that would have been very relevant nationally. The Bucknutz cancelled in 2012 due to “inability to schedule a date” because of the upcoming PAC12/B1G partnership. They still somehow managed to schedule Bowling Green, Tulsa, Akron and Buffalo those years.
They do and it is. Schools do it to show transparency to the NCAA. The NCAA used to value transparency and cooperation but that seems to be a thing of the past. Maybe North Carolina had the right approach for what the NCAA has become.
I honestly wonder why anyone bothers to self-report to the NCAA any longer. They’ve made it abundantly clear you’ll get no consideration for doing the right thing, and very likely get slapped even harder if they decide to come to town.