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I agree that Bama is unarguably the best team in the country at this point. Saban' biggest challenge right now is the Rat Poison - it seems Bama is the only team with a chance to beat Bama. Until some genius comes up with a plan (and the players) to disrupt Tua, I don't know how you beat them.
I can't recall the last time I saw a team play as poor a first half as UT did last night. It was brutal. Changing the culture of a program can be painful and sometimes feel like a marathon, but Pruitt has himself in a deeper hole than I thought. I honestly believed the Vols were in better shape to win last night than Florida. This does not bode well for next Saturday in Athens, with a UGA team likely feeling they need to have a dominating performance after the sloppy game in CoMo. Nigel Warrior had countless invitations to come play in Athens, and he finally will. What could have been . . . I'm seeing lots of heat directed at Pruitt, but I'd pull back on that personally. Last night was all about player execution - or lack thereof. We don't even have a clue what the game plan really was since turnovers and gaffes put the Vols in such an early hole that any scripted 15 had to go out the window. I love Jeremy's fire, and he's a very good technical coach, but he has to maintain his composure if he expects the same thing from his team. This rebuild is about attitude now as much as anything else. Congrats to the Gators. Looking forward to the tilt by the river in a few weeks.
Poor VolTrain. Never gets his way. Back to the trolling drawing board.
Exactly why the ref didn’t go for the laundry. Sometimes fakes work too well.
Tech has a lot of creepy fans. It’s what they do.
I was late getting the game turned on, and my first thought was,”Why are we playing Oregon?”
You would since you’re the VolTroll. That bad feeling is knowing you’ll have to wait another week to hope for anything to troll about.
Glad to hear that. When I read Swift may be dealing with a groin, I thought “Oh damn!”
Jake may not have the strongest arm in CFB, but he's no lightweight either. He can make all the necessary throws, and he's extremely accurate. What sets Jake apart is his football IQ - his ability to quickly diagnose a D formation and audible out of the initial call into a higher-percentage play. I hear they like that in the NFL too.
The buzz is he has an illness of some kind but should be ready for Saturday. Hope so. We need all D hands on deck against Lock.
Looking forward to the game. Eager to see if our young secondary has grown up enough to avoid being burned too badly against a possible no. 1 pick. Lock is gonna get his yards. UGA is second in the nation in points allowed, but kind of middling in yards allowed. I'm fine with that trend continuing while the D matures.
I've always felt that it was no coincidence that fast-attack, air-raid offenses often seem to be partnered with "bad" defenses, and that is exactly why. The old adage about a good offense being the best defense can also be a liability when that D is forced to play 35 minutes or more, and that typically happens with quick-strike units.
I'll make the same call on this game that I did on the SC game. It's a home game for Mizzou and they have some punch from 1st-day draft athletes. I can see this staying close in the first half - especially if Chaney uses a ball-control ground attack to keep Lock on the sideline as much as possible. By the second half, however, when substitutions rise and conditioning becomes critical, UGA will keep throwing elite players out there while Mizzou struggles badly to match the talent level, size, and speed. There's a reason Kirby's teams have a tendency to blow games wide open in the third quarter (if they haven't already done so by halftime) and this is why. It's not halftime "adjustments" in most cases. It's having many more bigger, faster, better-conditioned players that simply take over the game after an opponent's initial emotional mojo has worn down. That's been the formula for a 17-2 run since Kirby's approach has taken root in Athens. The only two losses have been against teams that could match up physically against the Dawgs on both sides of the ball. Missouri is not one of those teams.
Totally agree. Most schemes are deception-based. Pay attention and don’t get out-smarted.
Yep. Great teams downplay their press clippings and tend to business while insecure teams blow smoke and think having your team hyped publicly somehow matters on game day.
Well, at least he didn’t refer to himself in the third person again.
I agree. I can recall one blitz against SC. Hell, I’ve seen as many 3-man rushes as 4 or 5. Even with all that, the QB hurries are still there, as are many plays driving them out of the pocket. The D has been really vanilla so far. I think Kirby and Mel draw up a different scheme this week and involve the LBs more. I don’t see them using safety blitzes and leaving the corners on an island against Lock, but that second level may get unleashed.
UT and UF both looked great against cupcakes, and hot garbage against a P5 team - but UT played a much better P5 than Florida. Neither QB inspires confidence, but I’ve just got a feeling this will be Pruitt’s day. I believe the pit in Gainesville is even deeper than most think, and Mullen doesn’t have a very good record in big games. Vols straight up in this one.
That would be a world record buy-out, the kind that could stress the program for years and possibly cripple it if the next selection went sideways as well. For good or bad, you're on the Gus Bus for quite a while yet. There will probably be a lot more good than bad - he's not Chizik.
Yeah, but Holyfield's son Elijah being a Dawg makes it so much more appropriate.
Purdue gave you a good warm-up for Georgia? That’s like sparring with Danny Devito before a bout with Holyfield.
Or, you could train the gunners to watch the return man and the ref, and act appropriately.
That was a great game. Congrats to the LSU fans. It’s gotta feel good after hearing all the crap during the off season, right? Looks like we could be headed for an epic bout in BR in a few weeks.