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Yeah, I think this is the year where we find out if Jimbo or Jameis was the real force behind Fisher’s ring. Other than that one year, Jimbo’s resume is pretty pedestrian. I’m not an A&M fan, but I’ve got to think 2020 is a critical year for this program’s Fisher Era.
Yes, LSU was hit hard by roster losses, but so was Bama And UGA. All 3 teams are looking at a significant rebuild, mostly on the offensive side of the ball. All 3 teams will have a new QB under center in 2020. LSU has the double whammy of losing Aranda and Brady. If Florida, Auburn, and A&M are going to make a move for the SEC brass ring, this is the year. If not, it could be a while based on Bama, UGA and LSU‘s recruiting recruiting.
While it will be interesting to see how this plays out with Coley, you knew something like this was coming. You don’t sign 4 of the top 100 players in the country who specialize in receiving without them feeling confident the ball will be in the air more than it has been the past 4 years under Kirby. This scheme/balance change has been brewing behind the scenes for a while. It should also be interesting to see how it impacts the offensive line personnel. I don’t think we’ll see 5 road-graders out there in 2020 if they can’t execute pass pro just as well.
If you had told the Ohio State nation two years ago that they had a Heisman-winning QB on the roster who would break national records left and right on his way to earning a natty with one of the most dominant teams of all time, they would have been beside themselves. Imagine how those Nutz felt Monday watching it unfold while their team was nursing yet another high-profile loss to a southern team. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving fan base.
So many times you’d see Burrow in a situation where he was about to be sacked and he’d somehow escape. He gave his O-line quite a lift on sack stats. And he would almost always complete a jaw-dropping pass while scrambling. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a cooler-headed QB who can loft the ball 45 yards on a dime without much apparent effort. So smooth. Definitely generational.
Given how liberally Kirby substitutes and rotates at almost every position other than QB, position battles are less a critical thing at UGA than they are at many schools. I do think settling on a center and blind-side tackle are key, however.
Probably the best indicator of CFB success nowadays - everyone wants to raid your staff!
I get the critique of OBJ’s stupidity, but what else is Herbie referring to? I haven’t seen anything that would lead me to think the mindset is any less forward-looking than other teams that lose a lot of players to the draft. What am I missing?
There is that. And final NSD still awaits.
Arkansas is due some good vibes. It would be cool to see what Sam could do with an elite DT QB.
And the official taking season is off to a roaring start! Some of you need to throttle back - it’s a long 8 months . . .
Chippy, I know you like nothing better than to throw hand grenades and duck, but are you really that freakin’ ignorant about recruiting?
By “shine at the end”, you mean typically losing to Vandy and struggling with Mizzou and South Carolina after being pounded by Bama? That “shine at the end”? Got it!
Voltrain/TruDawg/Bubbatime forgot to change accounts again.
Stetson, yes. D’Wan I think is too invested to jump ship yet. He realizes he’s still got a long road ahead anywhere he’s at. His comfort level in Athens is pretty high. Carson expected to understudy his first year, anyway, so I think he’s solid. The loser of a Brice-Newman competition seems most likely to hit the eject button.
And a generational GatorHater wishes you the same! Next year should be quite a battle in Jax.
When you revisit what Osborne did those two years, especially ‘95, it’s unbelievable. I think they still hold the record for largest average margin of victory since WWII (38 pts), and went 4-0 against FINAL Top Ten teams with an average score of 49-18. Absolutely annihilated Spurrier’s seemingly unbeatable Gators for the natty. Averaged 52 PPG and with only the occasional pass, and rested starters after halftime in almost every game. Gave up zero sacks all year. And the D And Special Teams was almost as good. They had no weaknesses. This year’s LSU squad has a strong case, but I think the Huskers still get the nod.
674 yards on 11 carries is almost as impressive - 61YPC! It was actually 111 carries, though ;-)
Even though it felt like a disappointing year for us, Dawgs went 4-1 against the top 14 teams, and 7-1 against the top 37 vote-getters. With only a semblance of an offense.
Absolutely! Who needs silly, outdated things like due process, evidence, and trials?!?!
Certainly rates being in the conversation for best ever. The only more dominating performance wire-to-wire that I can recall in my almost 5 decades of watching CFB is the ‘95 Cornhuskers. Imagine if the Toss Orgeron crowd had gotten their way a couple of years ago?
I’m thinking the allowable parameters might have been a little wider in the Quarter last night than if Clemson had won!
Congrats on a truly dominating year, LSU. This team was more fun to watch than any I can recall in a long time (with one obvious exception, of course). You guys done the SEC proud again. Hope the French Quarter survived the night!
I’m guessing that clip won’t lead on CNN in the morning.