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Alatide, chances are I’ve been following CFB longer than you (1971). Yes, UGA has recruited at a high level for years, but never this consistently high. Number 6 class in ‘16, number 3 class in ‘17, likely another top 3 this year, and in great shape to challenge for number 1 in 2019. In the past a top-five class was usually followed up by something like a no. 12 or 14. And, as has been pointed out, it’s as much about locking down the state’s elites as anything else.Not saying Saban is losing his recruiting mojo - what I AM saying is that he can no longer go into these blue-chips’ homes unopposed. Kirby is dogging his heels and winning head-to-head. And that’s a healthy thing for the SEC.
Bama is still lingering at 26th with zero 5-star commits - very unusual for this late in the season, especially with the new December early signing period going into effect this year. I'm sure there will be a Saban surge in the next few weeks but this could be significant if/when a few more blue-chips break our way. Will Kirby be the one to finally break Saban's stranglehold on the SEC recruiting mantle? Sure seems to be trending that way now. December could be very interesting in more ways than one.
And the hits keep on coming. That just pushed UGA’s class to #6 in the country (247) and tops in the SEC. More to come. This will be a top 2-3 class again when all is said and done.
"Kirby may be getting more credit than he deserves . . ."There are a lot of ways that paragraph could have led off, but that may have been the worst. And the supporting logic behind it was even worse - looking to a yet-to-be-determined future in establishing a mid-season grade. Undefeated and dominant, clicking on all cylinders, getting better by the week in almost every phase - what would it have taken to earn an A?!?!
Agreed. The only way I see that happening with an SECCG loss is if both Bama and Georgia meet as the only two undefeated teams in the nation, and it’s a tight game. Even then it might take some FUBARing by other conference champions.But none of that matters unless the Dawgs beat UF next week. Score early and often, and never take the foot off the accelerator.
I’ve got about 10 years on you and couldn’t agree more. I remember when Goff was playing, not coaching. Dooley couldn’t win a bowl game to save his life, which made 1980 that much sweeter. Miami (Ohio), Arkansas, Pitt, Stanford, Pitt, Penn State - it seemed he always choked at the end. Then Goff’s forgettable years followed by Donnan’s mediocrity. I though we’d hit the jackpot with Richt the first few years, then it all changed. I still believe his loss of coaching oomph was due to Kathryn battling cancer. Hard to be over-confident after so many years of this, but I do firmly believe Kirby is the right guy at the right place at the right time. Karma, baby!
I looked really hard for the satire disclaimer . . .
Exactly. In Kirby We Trust. He's exhibited masterful handling of this squad and has his own coaching "it" factor, which is why blue-chip recruits flock to him and guys like Carter, Michel and Chubb returned for their senior year.
No way the UF administration cuts ties with a coach who won the division his first two years then gets hamstrung with a massive loss of personnel in his third. Aside from recruiting implications and a buyout, what does that say to any prospective HC candidates? The Gators are 3 points away from being 5-1. The rest of the season could potentially set the stage for a hot seat next year, but Mac will be back.
Zeus and Swift will be the next Gurley/Marshall, Chubb/Michel. Can not wait to see what these two can do together.
Click your heels together three times, Dorothy, and wish really, really hard . . .
We need more of this and less showboating after every play. SC should be proud to have a kid this classy.
SEC Championships:Bama - 26 UT - 13 UGA - 12 LSU - 11 . . . USC - 0Not quite yet . . .
I offered the Vols a little sincere sympathy (my daughter plans heading there next year) and that’s the response? I remember seeing a poster with the handle “bryanchip’s mom” - now I get it. Spin it any way you want, Sparky, but 41-0 at Neyland says it all. You’re gonna get owned for years.
Sony is the “Lightning” in the Thunder & Lightning UGA backfield, but he’s a big load and runs as violently as Nick. Not the first time he’s put a defender on his ass, and won’t be the last.
Yep. That bunch of B1Gs in the top 15 will be separating over the next few weeks.
You missed the “UT fan attempting to break his own neck” tweet, posted else where on SDS. Best of the best this weekend.
Agreed. Sony is definitely the lightning to Nick’s thunder. I’m just wondering what would happen if D’Andre got 18-20 touches in a game.What a problem to have if you’re Kirby . . .
SDS has been loaded with articles on that very subject for years. Every published article is not, however, required to be an homage to Alabama. Other teams are allowed some love every now and then. Relax. Saban’s dynasty is not threatened. Yet.
That neck-breaker tweet is hilarious! Sadly appropriate too. I can’t imagine being a UT fan the last dozen years. No other traditional blueblood program has suffered like they have in that time. Nebraska may be close, and Miami as well, but not as badly as the Vol fan base.
The score in this one is likely whatever Saban wants it to be. I can see him losing his mind if he gave up the first TD to UT in four games. This is going to be ugly. Leadership reps and five-star hearts aside, this could be 70-3 if Nick is feeling salty.That said, I don’t like seeing a former SEC powerhouse down this badly (well, UF would be an exception but I can only hope). It would be nice if UT can keep it respectable, but I wouldn’t bet a dime on it.
You're making pretty big assumptions that LSU will most definitely lose to Bama, but somehow Auburn has a chance to win. And you're also assuming a win over UGA. Have you seen UGA play this year? There is no coach in the country that wants what Kirby is dishing out right now. That is some pretty twisted destiny-control. It's like yesterday's game didn't even happen, UGA is a mirage, and the Bama Monster isn't really hiding under your bed.Close your eyes and keep wishing really, really hard . . .
When I heard an announcer say that last night I kind of cocked my head and said "huh?" It's been repeated several times since. I think even Gus mentioned it. LSU has one conference loss to MSU. Auburn has one conference loss to LSU. Both teams win out, LSU wins the head-to-head tiebreaker. Controlling your own destiny means not relying on another team to lose, but that's what has to happen for Auburn regardless of the idea of winning out.Likely a moot point since they both still have Bama, but where does this stuff come from?
The last few years Dawg fans have had to watch games deep into the 4th quarter with nerves twitching. I'm trying to get re-accustomed to this sense of the game being over by the 30- or 40-minute mark. I'd almost forgotten how good it feels. Notre Dame kept us on the edge of our seats but otherwise it's been blowout city.Heal up the next two weeks, continue to practice like beasts, and head to Jacksonville with a really, really bad attitude.