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It's the same at every school - fans dump on the OC or QB. Florida has PLENTY of experience with that. Chaney is not a bad OC - look at his scoring results the past 2 years - he's just a stubborn one. Sure, Kirby would rather have kept him and given Coley another year or two as co-OC understudy to Jim, but not at the price of being the highest-paid OC in the country along with a contract extension.
Yes, Auburn won a nattie with a one-year rent-a-QB under shady circumstances, but comparing the past 17 years otherwise: Head to Head: UGA 13-5 Winning Pct: UGA 74.9%, Auburn 67.9% SEC Championships: UGA 3, Auburn 3 Bowl Record: UGA 12-6 (66.7%), Auburn 10-5 (66.7%) Not seeing much to support your conclusion. If Auburn were truly the better program over that period of time, they should probably have done better than taking only 5 of 18 games against the Bulldogs head-to-head.
Big diff in “having” to throw 30 times a game, and choosing to do so for balance or to thin out the box. With the O-line we’ll have - likely the best in CFB - and the hosses in the backfield, I seriously doubt anyone will shut down the run. Play action will be lethal (again) with Fromm’s accuracy and acumen. Chaney wasted 15-25 offensive snaps per game with runs between the tackles against a 8- or 9-man box, and bubble screens against bad numbers. I don’t think Coley is that stubborn or unimaginative. The only real question is whether a newish group of receivers can step up. Holloman and D-Rob, no doubt - they’ve done it plenty. The rest, we’ll have to see.
I agree 1000% - the guy who took his team all the way as a true freshman, and finished in the top 6 or so statistically in FBS - despite starting the year as 2nd string - isn't your Heisman favorite among QBs? I think Herbert at Oregon should be very high on this list too - much more so than Martinez.
The AJC reported this morning that Greg McGarity said yesterday the UGA 2020 schedule will have "Auburn earlier and Tennessee later", which is an interesting twist. Conceivably Auburn could be on the schedule before the Tennessee game? He also said that Kirby had approved the changes.
Yeah, seriously - where is this sideways reasoning coming from? How would moving the date up suddenly favor Auburn? If wishes were fishes . . . And UGA has too many rivals to concentrate them all at the end of the season. For many, many years UGA closed out the season with Florida, Auburn and Tech. It’s spread out a little more now, but I would have no problem with Auburn in October. Bama and UT have done it for decades. Between UT and UF is no worse than between UF and GT in my opinion. I would only agree to it, though, if Auburn also gives back the home game the league took from us during expansion. We really have nothing to gain by agreeing to the proposal as is, but both Kirby and Gus have gone on record saying they’d like to move the “home” game to the alternate year.
Top West teams you can be pretty confident will win at least 8 games in 2019: Bama, LSU, A&M, Auburn, Miss State. Top East teams you can say the same: UGA, Florida . . . uh . . . uh . . . uh . . . Wolfman, you’ve once again made me laugh out loud.
There are some seriously triggered Gators on this board the past few weeks. Loosen up those jorts and relax a bit.
I agree. The back end of UGA’s schedule has always been rivalry row. It would be nice to have the Auburn game earlier in the year. Tech and the Cocktail Party aren’t really options. And Auburn can fix that problem with Georgia and Bama being both away or home every year - just give us back the home game the SEC took from us a few years ago by making us go to Auburn in consecutive years, and everyone’s happy. Kill two birds with one stone in 2020.
Going position by position for 2019, I don’t see any clear advantages for UGA over Bama other than O-line and placekicker. Several pushes, but Bama still has more talent and depth, if only just. The biggest upside I see is that Kirby is still developing as a HC, so more room to improve there. Also, while both schools lost both coordinators, UGA filled with existing personnel who have been with the program for a while. Should be a more seamless transition. I need to see Kirby’s team beat Saban on the field before I buy into this opinion piece. Three consecutive razor-thin championship losses to Saban pretty much sets the bar we’ve got to get over.
And what, pray tell, would be the “typical” Mizzou fan’s “level”? Wolfman, the laughing stock of SDS?
I can’t imagine any elite-ish players taking the bait. Chances are, the way things are going in CFB, they’d sit out any non-PO bowl game regardless of the colors they wear. I’m just waiting for that first player to sit out a playoff game to “focus on the combine and draft.” You know it’s coming.
Yeah, but then he reloaded with Leonard Floyd, Jordan Jenkins, Damien Swann, Tray Matthews, etc. and couldn’t crack the 2013 top 30 in D. He had 9 future NFL players on his 2012 D and could not stop Bama from pounding the ball up the gut in the SECCG, coming back from 2 scores down. That year UGA had a national championship offense performing like one, and a similarly talented defense that just looked lost at times in big games. Grantham loves complexity, but it seems the longer he’s at a school, the more confused his units become. Maybe it’ll be different at UF, but history doesn’t endorse it.
I think Fromm’s chances of throwing for 3,000 yards partly hinge on the score halfway through the third quarter. Kirby has made it clear the last two seasons that with a comfortable lead at that point, the opponent gets a steady dose of pound ‘n ground to run the clock out. On the other hand, there won’t be any early subbing of Justin Fields this year, so I expect Jake to take more snaps during the first 35-40 minutes of playing time. A lot will depend on how far Coley’s game planning differs from Chaney’s.
Agreed. I’ve been here (SDS) almost from the jump, and I try to avoid the food fights. I prefer to talk football rather than engage in the insults, but sometimes I just have to jump in when someone goes off the rails too far. In my experience, the pettiness here increases dramatically in the off-season - football cabin fever, so to speak. We’re barely into the talking season, but based on what I’m seeing so far, it’s going to be a looooong one.
Yeah, Einstein, one truly has to wonder about that. No kid ever visits a school multiple times just because he likes it and can see himself playing there. Kirby is SO in your head.
You’re projecting, dude. Winning only 3 of the last 8 will do that to you, I suppose. Some of you Gators are starting to sound like Hurricanes, and that’s scary. You’re now a decade removed feom your last Glory Days, and the tone is starting to sound desperate.
But he didn’t poach him, which is the point of the article. Eli initiated the transfer portal move and was leaving UT, period. He talked to UGA after he was in the Portal. “Poaching” is initiating contact with another program’s player before they’ve announced any intent to transfer.
Whatever helps you sleep at night, Sparky. The fact is, it’s the other way around - the Florida dominance in the WLOCP ended almost a decade ago. Shoe’s on the other foot now - how does it feel?
So Grantham - there’s a raise in there somewhere that was likely his goal all along. Glad to see he’s staying at UF. He’s never beaten the Dawgs anywhere he’s ever been, so that bodes well. As to UGA fans commenting on “UF articles”, guys it’s the off-season and the CFB news cycle has slowed down dramatically. Plenty of Gators commenting on non-UF articles as well. The comment dynamic is the only reason most of us are on SDS - it sure ain’t for the scintillating copy-and-paste journalism.
Not the first time his family has come with him to Athens. They love the school and the staff, and aren’t shy about it. Good mojo working here for another bucketful of 5-stars.
Nah, just a lot of familiarity with how Grantham operates. This is SO par for the course for the guy. Never bad enough to fire outright, but after a couple of years you’re ready for him to move on. And he always does.
FSU has been dirty for so long, it’s hard to drum up any sympathy for them. Karma eventually comes home to roost for a while. That game against Clemson last season exposed all the shortcomings in Tallahassee, and I laughed till my sides hurt. Then I laughed some more.
I just don’t get why Grantham is viewed so positively. We couldn’t wait to see the last of him in Athens, and every matchup he’s had with UGA since has been ugly for his D. He had a roster for multiple years at UGA filled with NFL talent, yet schemed his way to far too many losses that hung solely on his D.
Watch Cleveland draft him. They have a thing for Heisman-winning QBs that aren’t cut out for the NFL. Mayfield is working out for them so far, but there’s also Manziel and Griffin. The Browns just can’t help themselves.