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Pretty damn quiet on the Bama front the week after Auburn drilled the Tide also. Shocking! You act as if Bama has been dominant in championships the last 6 years. Not at all. Let’s review:2012 - Tide escape UGA in the SECCG by the skin of their teeth.2013 - Bama not in the picture.2014 - You let a 3rd-string QB bounce you from the playoffs.2015 - Another championship by the skin of the teeth. Easily could have lost.2016 - Luck ran out.2017 - Another miracle in the NCG, requiring lots of officiating blunders to even be in the game at the end of regulation. Not to mention earning a de facto bye with no SECCG appearance.Now Bama’s vaunted depth - the X factor that’s really set the Tide apart from the rest of CFB the past 6 years or so - is seeing some regression. Saban is nearing the end of his career and recruits are taking notice. Kirby and Debo, the two presumed candidates a few years ago to replace Saban, are likely off the table - Kirby certainly is, and Swinney would have to be an industrial-grade masochist to consider leaving his sweet gig to get mauled by Bama fans’ expectations.Again, lots of question marks surrounding the Bama program the next couple of years, and yes, Kirby is in position to take advantage of it. We’ll see what transpires.
Emory Jones was unfortunately overshadowed this past year in Georgia (and nationally) by Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence, the top two players in the class, and both QBs. Florida got a steal on this kid. Combine him with Dan Mullen and we may finally see the Gators pumping out some offense once he's comfortable with the system.
I think Harbaugh was showing some desperation with this hire. This is the year for Michigan - two stacked recruiting classes coming of age, Shea Patterson on board and possibly getting a waiver to play immediately, but a very uninspiring year recruiting. Another L against OSU and Mr. Sleepover's seat could get warm.
What's in the water in N.C. the last few years? Todd Gurley, Keith Marshall, Zamir White, and now this kid!
Many on this site know that this Trudawg clown is really voltrainconductor trolling UGA, but others may not be here frequently enough to recognize it. You see a ridiculous post where every sentence is it’s own paragraph, it’s likely this miserable d-bag. Looks like he may also be using an LSU alias as well now. Don’t feed the troll.
"High and mighty UGA fans"? Go look in the mirror. You and many of your counterparts act like Bama winning the natty is pre-destined and the natural order of things. Any speed bump in that narrative causes a knee-jerk attack response, which is what's behind your recent vitriol against UGA. It's not the fans - you can find examples of fans of any school banging on Bama on this site - it's the fact that a very young Kirby has positioned UGA to compete on Bama's level for the foreseeable future, Saban's shelf life is nearing expiration, neither Kirby nor Dabo will be interested in the Bama job when Saban calls it quits, and it drives you crazy. There's a big unknown out there with Bama's future program direction and a serious challenger rising that has all it needs within the state borders to compete every year. Threat to the Tide's supremacy, so attack! As if your hate towards UGA could have one iota of impact on where Kirby takes this program in the years ahead. But keep on hating, BT - it's what you do best.
As much as I’d like to give Herschel that title, I think it belongs to Tony Dorsett. He averaged more than 1500 yards per season over 4 years at Pitt, took home a Heisman, won a NC ring, and kicked ass in the NFL for years. Even after all these years, he’s still #4 on the FBS career rushing yards list.
You just put the exclamation point to my comments above.And having UGA fans find this site and participating is a bad thing? It’s not like they just appeared - they’ve been filling the 93K Sanford Stadium stands for years. Assume this site existed 10 years ago - what would have been the Bama participation rate then versus now? Success breeds excitement and participation - it’s the nature of the sport. Don’t act like Bama fans are any damn different - when Auburn, LSU, Tennessee and G5 teams were beating Crimson Tide ass regularly, it was hard to find an admitted Bama fan. If anything, Bama is the absolute poster child for what you dismiss as bandwagonism on UGA’s part.
As do you with your Bama brethren. I’ve been on here two years and I can’t recall you ever posting anything that wasn’t (1) derogatory or snide towards another team or fan base, or (2) reeking with arrogance about “your” program. It’s like you take some kind of twisted, deep personal responsibility for the Tide’s success. Remind me again what position you play or coach? You and Dawgdaze/voltrainconductor/Trudawg are cut from the same cloth - you just go about it differently.
Some badass names on this list - 3 of the top 5 career rushers in SEC history and some serious post-season hardware.
Trudawg, AKA Dawgdaze, AKA voltrainconductor, ain't a Dawg. He's been here a year and a half for the express purpose of trolling UGA. Don't fall for it.
I'm really looking forward to what Swift and Holyfield can do as the primary ball-carriers to start the year. Both showed great ability in limited action last year. Cook will hopefully be a factor as a change-of-pace scatback. Herrian was somewhat of a disappointment last season. Although Zeus's injury was a straightforward ACL tear and he should be good to go by mid-season, we know those take a mental toll as well. I don't expect his impact will really be felt till 2019, but I hope I'm wrong. All these dudes should have a monster line opening holes for them, and Fromm's passing game (and maybe Fields' RPO packages) should give opposing D-Coordinators a lot of sleepless nights.
Pretty much the same things were said about Isaiah Crowell when Richt kicked him off the team. He got his act together and has been solid in the NFL after getting a chance. That said, it's on Pettway to change the perception and narrative.
That is one classy dude we should all be proud to have representing the SEC. Wishing the best for this DGD!
IF he gets an exemption from the NCAA to avoid sitting a year. He’s petitioned but no decision yet.
It’s the 5 Year History component that dragged UGA down - ‘13 & ‘16 were ugly years and it gave the Dawgs a 28th spot in that part of the calc. We’ll see. I’m not sold on S&P, mainly because OSU always seems to come out as the “best” team in the country.
Harbaugh better step it up this year. He has scads of young talent last year from the previous 2 year’s classes, but got by with the “rebuilding” tag. This is the year they’re expected to produce, or the natives might start getting restless.
You will ALWAYS be a better shot with 10 years of practice versus 5. Fill in “better shot” with virtually any skill scenario and it’s true. Again, argue the safety issue but reducing opportunities to a build ANY skill will limit that skill level. Period. There is no “crusty” slant on that vs some new wave way of thinking of it. It’s simple human reality.
Recruit rankings and pre-season polls are both fallible. Neither is a science, but both are the best predictors we have. As a ratio of their group populations, four- and five-star recruits fare better in college than 3-stars and are more likely to have a professional contract after their college days are over. The P5 teams with the most blue-chip recruits on their roster typically play for their conference championships and virtually always play for the NC. These are undeniable facts.Is there noise in the two systems? Absolutely. Neither can predict with 100% certainty, but that's one of the ingredients that makes CFB our favorite sport. The variables of coaching, motivation, behavioral issues, team dynamics, work ethic, fit to scheme, injuries, and adaptation to college life all play a part in how a player responds once he's on campus. Coaches are much, much better at predicting these vagaries than recruiting analysts, which is one of the reasons you often see stars follow offers. It only makes sense. No honest recruiting analyst believes they have the predictive acumen of an FBS coordinator or position coach, and should be swayed by how coaches are reacting to a given prospect. But again, it's imperfect. It is, however, the best system we've got.
You first learn how to tackle at age 15, but that’s not a liability? You don't get hit as a ball-carrier/receiver/QB till age 15 and that’s not detrimental to your game?Argue the safety issues and I get it, but don’t tell me skills won’t suffer in an extreme contact sport through lack of contact.
I agree about Boom. UF let him go a year too early. He had growing pains in his first HC position but he could damn well recruit and he brought as much energy as any HC in the nation. He's proven that he has a lot of ability as a HC in the two years he cleaned up behind Spurrier's mess at SC. Will's a DGD and I always want to see former Dawgs succeed, even at rival schools (up to a point, obviously). Kirby vs Boom should be fun for years to come.
What I do know is that coaches have only partial control over their recruiting ranking. They can’t control what other programs are doing. UGA ran away with the SEC this year, but it was a battle to the last signing to get past OSU. Promising your fan base to be “one or two” or “at the top” in next year’s rankings is not coachspeak - coachspeak is downplaying your success and talking up your competition. What Fisher and Pruitt said publicly is unsupported bluster that WILL come back to bite them in the ass if they can’t deliver. A foolish situation to place themselves in, especially early on in their tenure. A simple “our goal is . . .” qualifier would have made these comments no-news. These were not delivered as aspirations, they were delivered as virtual guarantees. That will not be forgotten a year from now.
You’ve got a strange definition of butthurt. Head coaches just don’t promise recruiting rankings, but in 24 hours we have two in this conference who swear to be at the top next year. That’s not a Dawg being butthurt, it’s a football fan wondering what the hell these two are thinking. Pruitt as a rookie can be forgiven, sorta, although Saban and Richt are probably scratching their heads. Jimbo knows better, especially when Herman just ate his lunch.
So, Tennessee and A&M are going to head the 2019 recruiting rankings based on their new coach’s comments the past 24 hours. Remind me - did Saban and Smart pop off like that when they were freshly into their jobs? Or ever?I get you've got to excite the fan base but this is the proverbial case of your mouth writing checks your ass will be hard-pressed to cash. These promises will not be forgotten a year from now.
Ah, norm restored - a Gator coach with loose lips we can hate!
Epic day for Kirby, but the West still came in with 4 of the next 5 highest ranked classes after UGA. Mullen has given Florida some pop and SC looks to have a top 20 class, but Pruitt’s momentum at UT seems to have stalled out. Aside from the Dawgs, it’s still an uphill battle for the East to achieve ay kind of parity in the near future.
The lesson here is hash it out with momma BEFORE the ceremony. Parents shouldn’t find out your decision when everyone else does. That said, still a horrible way to treat her son on national TV.