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Can’t hit on the pregnant wife of a high-ranking LSU official at the local gas station. Much can be overlooked by the Board of Supervisors and AD, but that will land you in deep kimchi every time.
As he was being helped off I thought it might be an ankle fracture or high sprain. Even a high sprain can takes weeks to normalize. Sounds like it may be as simple as a low sprain. Painful but resolves much more quickly.
Plumlee time! Better watch out - that kid can motor!
He said he was 17, so I’m cutting him some slack. It’s not like he’s had to absorb 30-40 years of disappointments in sports like so many of us have. He’ll get it balanced.
When our daughter was 16 and confused by the intricacies of football, and my explanations seemed to be confusing her even more, I suggested she watch Danielson’s play breakdown on the SEC GOTW each Saturday. She did it religiously (DVRed often, but she’d always find the time each week). By the end of that season she’d astound the boys in school - and some teachers - with her understanding of the game. He may not be for everybody, but his instant post-play analysis is rarely wrong.
So over the top. It’s ridiculous. I have only one broadcaster in my CFB mute arsenal - Beth Mowins. As long as it’s not her, I’m OK.
You’re not alone. Danielson and Nessler are two of my favorites.
I haven’t seen much of Zeb Noland, but I was a bit impressed with his play against UGA. Seems to have a nice touch on the ball.
When talking about the “premier” CFB coaching jobs, there are so many things to consider. The biggest IMHO is how the resources stack up - financial, fan, facilities and recruiting. Historical success gets more attention than it deserves nowadays (ask Nebraska, USC, Texas, Michigan, Miami, FSU, etc). The main thing is whether a new incoming HC has those available resources to be successful relatively early. I don’t think there’s any doubt that LSU is one of the ten best at that. Anyone who thinks otherwise I’d ask to name 10 schools where the resources are better.
Kinda lame, but definitely captured the Atlanta/Georgia sports experience for longtime fans. And now the Braves are teasing us again. Something has to give eventually - maybe we get a two-fer as a long-suffering bonus. Wait - that’s that harpy Hope talking again!
Maybe I’m a cynic looking through lifelong Gator Hater glasses, but Mullen strikes me as the superior, stubborn type who will become more resistant to the idea he’s made the wrong call the more he’s criticized for it. Grantham’s continued employment is a prime example. Sitting Kyle Trask so long was another. The more he’s roasted on the current QB situation, the less likely I think it is he hands the keys to Richardson.
I think he was Kiffin’s DC and recruiting coordinator at USC.
Cincy may be a poll darling right now, but once the CFP committee gets involved it could become rougher sledding. They’ll likely have only 1 quality win (ND) versus quite a few for several others. I think they’ll need (1) more P5 chaos to have a chance, and (2) Notre Dame to finish no worse than 10-2. It would also help if Indiana quit tanking.
You ought to visit the Volnation website forum to see how many UT fans are reacting. One dude called last night’s food fight “glorious”, while another informed us that Knoxville was finally making a statement to the SEC office that the Vols will not be shat upon any longer. I think there may be a reply from Sankey and Co. coming soon.
Anyone who wants to see a nice collection on them, visit the Forum section of DawgNation. There’s a permanently pinned thread on page one titled Volnation Gold dedicated to following UT insanity. Skip to the last page and work back - dozens of them.
The memes from the Knoxville meltdown last night are coming so fast and furious it’s hard to keep up. Hope SDS does a feature on them. SO many clever ones, but one of my favorites was Joe Milton saying, “But they said to stop throwing things!”
Go watch the video. Objects were flying from every direction, and most of the crowds was egging it on and reveling in it. The only “horrible generalization” I see here is your attempt to downplay a thoroughly disgusting and embarrassing sh@tshow.
And of course, Joe spouts this nonsense the day after UGA becomes the only program in the nation to beat 4 ranked teams.
I’m trying to imagine James Franklin’s smarmy attitude in Red Stick. It’s not working for me. At least not after a grass-eating gunslinger and a Cajun growler.
Don’t forget the possibility of an 11-1 Kentucky team.
Being told how the coaches COULD make you successful vs SEEING it in action.
There’s rarely any upside to retaining a terminated coach to finish out the season - especially at the midpoint. Ownership lags, kids can feel resistant or apathetic, recruits are confused and adrift, sabotage potential exists - no one is really in charge. Best to make a clean break and move on.
USC and LSU: who has the better chance of getting who they want?
No recruit or parent will admit it to the media. Just follow the signings of the kids there yesterday when December rolls around.
Well, at least Ed Eaux will laugh all the way to the bank. What’s that now - 3 P5 buyouts? I think he’s now made more career dollars not to coach than the other way around.
It’s really interesting to note the programs missing here that populate the all-time success lists: Nebraska, Miami, Southern Cal, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Florida State, Clemson. Instead we have a G5 team at #2, and 4 others peppered throughout. The times, they are a’changing.