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“ If you’ve loved and cared about college sports, this will be a depressing balkanization to witness. Emotional appeal will erode. At some point, rooting for your alma mater won’t feel too different from rooting for a hedge fund.” The best description of where we’re headed that I’ve read or heard. Nailed it. What exactly will we be cheering for in a few more years?
Oh, there was plenty of “worse” for UGA’s D. It’s not a zero-sum game though, so “worse” can still be better than most. It’s all chatter, though. The players and coaches will dictate the reality when the time comes. The ones who are grinding hard right now in the summer heat are likely the ones who’ll shine in November.
It’s Cali, Phil. Half the USC Pom-Pom girls will have beards soon.
The B1G already had the most valuable TV contract in CFB, so it’s not like they’ve got financial troubles. USC may (MAY) provide a competitive lift in years to come, but UCLA has been moribund for a couple of decades. Except when they play each other, these two schools will have a tough, tough conference travel itinerary. Away games at Rutgers, Maryland and Penn State will be a travel nightmare. Not to mention November weather in the midwest. These Cali boys playing Michigan in November should be interesting. Hell, even the Ohio kids had problems in Ann Arbor last year. Both drawbacks could, and probably will, contribute to at least 1 additional L per year that they likely would not have had on the west coast. The biggest loser here is the Rose Bowl. A lot of the shine just went off that game - and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch. But LA will undoubtedly be hosting the B1G CCG at some point.
That was a post-season run for the ages! Way to represent, Rebs!
Weren’t me, Marine. Only courses I’ve played around Jax are Sawgrass and King & Bear. Both left me humbled. Maybe some day I’ll have a chance to let Amelia do the same.
Dude, 20 yards is backyard toss with the kids. Virtually anyone can do that. Hell, my daughter could spin it 20 yards easy when she was 12. You seem to be missing the point. As to JTF’s comment about my golfing game, I’ll have everyone know I regularly drive the ball far more than 60 feet. So there.
It doesn’t take me “hardly anything” to throw a football 60 feet either. But I think you meant 60 yards . . .
I’ve just had a feeling about OM since the super regionals. Close it out today, Rebs!
It will also make UT the only legacy SEC team (original 10 before expansion) to have not won a natty this century in one of the big three sports. Let’s go Rebs!
I believe the Texas choice may have blunted the pied piper effect he could have had if has chosen UGA or Bama. The Horns won’t be in the the SEC for another 4 years, and the 2023 kids want in now. We’ll see.
Or, they can often stay as a non-scholly walk-on and participate with the scout team, etc. Most big P5 teams carry quite a few of these guys who use traditional student loans.
If they dropped to FCS, I believe they can play immediately. The May 1st deadline is FBS-to-FBS.
I had to read this through a second time to be sure, but my first take was correct: every position group mentioned but offensive line. How can you credibly review an offensive unit’s ability without discussing the line? Especially one expected to be among the best in the sport? The skill positions don’t operate in a vacuum, but that’s the way it’s presented here. There was no mention made of Stet’s mobility either, which is key to his game, nor the critical fact that he’ll go through spring, summer and fall camp as the no. 1 QB for the first time in his career at UGA. That might be a salient point, especially under Monk’s tutelage. This was a 30,000-foot look with a near-sighted eye.
Being referred to as the “next” Jordan Davis with his 6’6” 350-pound frame. Trey Scott may be in the best recruiting position of any coach in America after this draft. Amazing when you think that just 3-4 years ago, people were questioning his ability.
Herschel never had an official 40-time back in the day, but he ran a 4.35 at age 50. His best 100-meter time at UGA was a 10.10, which would have placed him 4th in this year’s NCAA 100 meter final. That he was doing this 40 years ago while at 225-230 pounds is incredible. Even today, a 225-pound football player running a 10.10 is virtually unheard of. UGA’s Arian Smith and A&M’s Devin Achane are probably the two fastest guys in CFB. Both weigh 185 - 40 pounds lighter than Herschel - but their PBS are 10.10 and 10.12 respectively. So yeah, somehow time-travel 1982 Herschel to today’s game, and he would still likely dominate the game.
He was supposed to visit Florida this weekend. Cancelled. The only thing better than getting a 5-star is depriving a rival of that same 5-star. Welcome to the G, AJ!
Not sure how the national CoTY can be realistically determined before the season is complete. Seems like the guy holding the trophy at the end might want a say in that.
Glad to hear this. The kid is electric when healthy.
Gwhite. He goes MIA a lot when things get hot for him. It’s all self-inflicted, but he’ll be back in a week or two telling us how UT will win the East come football season.
The trophy. The trophy in the trophy case. That’s how you know you’re “winning it all.” It’s not that hard. Again, ask Braves fans from the 90s how satisfying a mostly-empty trophy case is when you have the acknowledged best team year in and year out. Don’t recall seeing any “Braves Almost Won A Championship!” shirts.
I don’t. I used to but not any more. At least not all SEC teams. Wishing the Rebs, Hawgs and Tigers the best of luck.
“Who ever proclaimed a trophy was everything.” (sic) Proof positive that argument is pointless with gwhite.