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Really strange seeing a Bama team struggling to both run the ball and playing D. Up until last year that was the identity of a Saban team. This air raid offense will only go so far against a really solid defensive unit that can cover and rush the passer. Gotta get at least one of the two back to Bama-level or some unpleasant surprises may be lurking on the schedule.
What’s even more twisted about Brew’s take is that he appears to be harping in a vacuum, as if he’s completely unaware that UGA has been steadily assembling one of the most aggressive non-con schedules in the country for at least a dozen years to come. We’re taking on a top-ten Notre Dame team in just a few days, and played a league road game to open the season. Brew is carefully cherry-picking to illustrate a clear bias.
Taken with a grain of salt. As Connelly admits, these numbers can be skewed early in the season due to the pre-season projections included in the formula. Like most other polls and metrics, SP+ becomes more accurate the deeper we get into a season. Three weeks in, most everyone has feasted on cupcakes and that adds its own skew factor.
So, we play two cupcakes this season and it’s UGA continuing to be “ridiculous”. Clemson plays Wofford and Charlotte. Bama plays NM State, Southern Miss and W. Carolina. Ohio State plays Miami (OH), FAU and Cincinnati (zero P5 non-cons this year). Oklahoma plays South Dakota and Houston. Notre Dame plays New Mexico, Bowling Green and Navy. LSU plays GA Southern, NW State and Utah State. Texas plays LA Tech and Rice. And on and on and on. But it’s a UGA thing. Right, Brew.
That’s the way to pull everyone together, Willie - great leadership!
We all love this game, but we need to remember at times that it’s just a game. I bleed red and black but my proudest UGA moments are times like yesterday, and the support for Southern U’s Devon Gales’ after his paralysis. Well done, DawgNation!
When KY had the ball with 2 minutes left in the first half, I was dumbfounded that Stoops just rode the clock out. That was an opportunity to go up two scores and change the game. I just knew going conservative there would come back to bite the Cats. Very sorry to see Franks’ injury. Wishing him a speedy recovery. Trask may have gotten the call but I still suspect we’ll see Jones at the controls during prime time at some point this year.
And if you watched the game, you saw that they were all literally a matter of inches. Fromm puts the ball where it’s supposed to be. This young receiving corps is still feeling their way with timing, but they’re steadily getting where they’re supposed to be.
I don’t think he was kicked out at all. The UGA radio team mentioned seeing him for the first time about 10 minutes after the game ended.
Wanna see deep-pocket boosters unleashed and go nuclear? Wanna see recruiting turn into a war of behind-the-scenes “likeness” dollars? Wanna see an unmanageable oversight nightmare. Just let this become reality.
So what’s your plan, BC? If you were AD and in UT’s financial shoes, what would you do? Serious question.
Big diff. Richt had 15 years and was regressing. Mac was a totally different game as well with his off-field embarrassments to UF. Cutting Jeremy loose before the 4-year mark, based on the team’s performance, screams “radioactive” to any other potential head coach.
This is a very tough thing to navigate for UT. If Pruitt is released after this season, it screams to other potential candidates that patience is out the window and the next guy will be on a very short leash. From a recruiting standpoint, which is critical, where is the most downside? Cutting Jeremy loose and potentially destroying the 2020 class, or standing pat and hoping the opportunity for playing time wins out? As bad as this feels - and reading the posts on the Vol Nation forums is a real stroll through Misery Lane - I don’t know how you axe Jeremy and start over (again) without making the situation even worse. No team has needed a win as badly as UT this coming Saturday.
No. 1 in his wittle heart of hearts, I’m sure ;-) Yeah, the committee this year has the ADs from both Florida and Georgia Tech. If UGA wants to get in the playoff, best not leave much to debate in that room.
I’m thinking they’ll catch Virginia in the CCG, and they could still be a ranked team. Bronco Mendenhall has done wonders in Charlottesville in just a couple of years.
7, 8, 9, and 16 isn’t shabby, but yeah, A&M has a true murderer’s row as of right now.
As long as this ridiculously-biased idiot isn’t on the playoff committee, he can rank to his little heart’s content. No more valid opinion than yours or mine.
I knew there would be HC growing pains for Jeremy, but I’m flabbergasted it’s still this bad. The challenge of keeping this team together just got a lot tougher and I’m not seeing the leadership necessary from Pruitt, let alone the coaching. As to Chaney and that fat contract - well, bottom line, he doesn’t have the UGA offensive personnel that bailed out a lot of his mundane play-calling in Athens. He’s far too predictable. We (UGA fans who watched him the past 3 years) told those who’d listen that 80% of his playbook consisted of power runs between the tackles and screens. His success at UGA was very much tied to Jake Fromm’s ability to quickly diagnose a D and audible into a higher percentage play. JG just isn’t that guy, and the Vol O-line is not one you run it up the middle behind over and over. Pruitt’s gotta use UTC as a whiteboard to try some new things or the early SEC slate will suck the remaining life out of this team.
When he committed to UGA last year he was the no. 4 DT 2020 prospect in the nation. He’s now slipped all the way to no. 31, yet Bama is now after him. Saban must see something.
Actually, what those league scouts think is very much his concern. You can take that attitude - somewhat - once you’re under contract, but this year is Franks’ primary resume for the next level. Don’t give them reasons to put question marks or red flags by your name.