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I tend to agree, but Cowherd has a couple of valid points that could cause Nick to re-think his options. He’s 0-2 in his last two games against elite competition, with 90 points rung up on him. That has to sting his pride. I disagree, however, that the game has passed him by since he successfully converted to a wide-open air attack under Tua. Both Tua and Burrow will be gone next year, and how 2020 shakes out could be a linchpin if Bama misses the playoffs this year. I know he loves to coach, but he also hates to lose.
At this point it’s really immaterial. I see UGA in the small group of teams who win out through Championship Weekend and are in the Playoff. Those are: LSU, Clemson, Ohio State, Minnesota, Baylor, and UGA. No matter how other conferences shake out, a 1-loss SEC champ is in over any other 1-loss team, especially if UGA has wins over Notre Dame, Florida, Auburn and LSU. Big “if”, but it would cement UGA in the final committee top 4. If Bama wins out they’ll simply have to see how the landscape lies with other teams. It’s not likely, but it is still possible that 4 undefeated teams make the playoff (LSU, Clemson, Baylor, and OSU/Minn).
Both teams will likely find running a rough chore. That kind of leaves it up to Fromm vs Nix in my mind. I like the way the scales balance on that. Likely a low-scoring game so special teams could be huge.
No. The day after a game is spent in the training room getting treatment, some film review, maybe a very light, pad-free walkthrough. The NCAA 20 hour/week rule in-season is designed to prevent this very type of thing. I can’t imagine what useful purpose would be served putting pads on the day after a game.
Might have been cheaper in the long run to out-bid Auburn for Gus.
How UGA and Bama are ranked relative to each other is immaterial at this point. If either or both drop another game, they’re out. Period. If they both win out, UGA goes as a 1-loss SEC champ and Bama has to wait for the dust to clear from Championship Weekend. That said, I just don’t see LSU losing before the playoffs.
UGA-Auburn: two great defenses and two out-of-sorts offenses. Statistically, UGA has the better of both units but I believe the Ds and the kickers will determine the outcome. This could easily be a 12-9 type of game.
There’s still a lot of head-to-head play (scheduled or likely) between the top 15 teams the next four weekends. Gotta love this time of the season - crazy stuff is almost guaranteed to happen.
And following that logic chain, Fromm likely winds up at Bama - a year behind Hurts and in the same class with Tua. That could have gotten really interesting.
Even if Whaley is totally spot-on, not the best look. Kinda glad things fell apart between him and UGA.
So, he moves to Memphis with the aid of the Memphis head coach, but “wasn’t even considering the program.” Yeah, that’ll fly.
If it is an agent, and if OSU did know or should have known about this, it could get messy.
And an aside - going after the best existing HC prospect is not always the best bet. Look at the Playoff rankings and you’ll see several teams in the hunt with a HC who was hired with no previous HC experience: Dabo Swinney, Ryan Day, Kirby Smart, Lincoln Riley, Mario Cristobal . . .
First in line for this year’s coaching carousel (Rutgers doesn’t count). No excuses not to get this one right. I think it’s ironic that FSU took Taggart away from Oregon and bombed while Taggart’s replacement in Eugene has them in the playoff hunt with far less talent. FSU could have had Cristobal. Could’a, should’a . . .
When he was at UGA, Third and Grantham referenced his D doing a great job on first and second downs, leaving a 3rd and medium at best for the offense and often 3rd and long - only to see conversion after conversion. Drove me absolutely nuts. I don’t recall that he blitzed a lot at UGA, and sacks were very sporadic. What I saw from the Florida D on 3rd down Saturday was like a trip down memory lane with Todd.
So, resume counts in determining the no. 2 team, but not no. 1. Got it.
It’s a bad look to fire a HC in-season, especially in Year Two, but this was likely more about being first in line for the 2019-2020 coaching carousel. Better get it right, though - the next buy-out will be a back-breaker if it goes sideways.
Change the word “motive” to “rationale” and it’s no story. “Motive” implies an agenda.
According to the 2019 Blue Chip Ratio, FSU has the 5th most talented squad in the country - higher than Clemson, Michigan, and Penn State. With that kind of talent, you get one year to change the culture but you better produce in year two. This was a bad hire from the jump.
This has the feel of 2015 UGA - mostly winning football that just didn’t feel right.
We’ve been constantly reminded the past few weeks that Florida has possibly the best receiver corps in the nation. I think holding them and Trask to 250-ish in the air and keeping them out of the end zone most of the day was a job well done.
I don’t care. I just want to lock up the division before thinking that far ahead. After the SC loss, no remaining conference game can be said to be guaranteed. This assumption that UGA has the East in the bag is rat poison. If we can take care of Mizzou Saturday I’ll feel better about it, but one thing at a time.
The SEC East needs at least two strong teams to compete for the SECCG berth annually. We’ve got that now, I think, with UGA and UF. Neither one appears to be going away. It may take a while for UT to get back in the picture, but I believe they eventually will. SC, Mizzou, and Kentucky flash at times but I just don’t see any of those 3 challenging for the long haul. Hope your guys get back 100% healthy and you run the table (assuming we can handle our biz as well). The Cocktail Party is one of the greatest rivalries in CFB, and it should always matter nationally.
I quit reading his ridiculous, rambling posts long ago. I still cringe when I see him pop up, but no longer bother with his juvenile, exclamation point-filled novels. Lotta heat on SDS between these two fan bases the past 6 months, and I’m pleased to see civility seems to mostly be ruling the day. Corch and CO Jones have been absent, and that’s probably a big reason. Trudawg is probably huddling in his Tech dorm clutching his tear-stained Buzz doll for life.
Actually, I think that was Bryant (#1) running off and Brown (#5) running in to make the play. Still, awesome.
Saw it happen endlessly when he was our DC, and it drove me crazy with all the NFL talent he had. It’s nice to be on the delivering end every time the Dawgs have play him since.