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Those tears are really cuz Arthur Blank just out-Jonesed him in the stadium sweepstakes.
Florida by 4 at Kentucky is the one that jumps out at me. Take the points but KY wins straight up.As to UGA/MSU, I can't help thinking about Brandon Wimbush. He went nuts in game 1 and game 3, but UGA held him to 1 rushing yard in that 2nd game, and rocked his world several times. At home. Fitzgerald should present the same challenge but Mel Tucker seems really good at game-planning for a DT QB and the D seems really good at executing. Vegas sees that, I think. Fromm is getting comfortable in the role and the RBs are strong and deep. Should be a good game.
Just what Gus needs - more QB drama.Dumb, dumb, dumb. Dude, you're one play away from being the starter. Drown your sorrows after the season if you don't get to play - don't make it a self-fulfilling prophecy!
And Lorenzo, and Davin, and Trent, and J.R., and . . .I noticed Nate McBride in the game in the 4th. He and Walter Grant could really be special in coming years. I agree that the toughness is showing, but the interior line is still weak. Our RBs have very little room up the middle, and most of the defensive penetration that has been getting to our RBs in the backfield is coming in the center. Big Ben looked HUGE on TV. Can't wait for him and Isaiah W to crack the starting rotation - no more of this smallest-line-in-the-SEC BS. LeCounte is gonna be feared by WRs before the year is out. DeAngelo Gibbs wasn't in much that I saw - hope he's OK. Fromm looked sharper than last week. That quick release will pay off when he starts seeing SEC-level pass rush. This looks to be his team for a while yet.
Yes, it was Samford, but Nick showed burst, moves, vision and speed that wasn't all that apparent the first two weeks. Fromm keeps getting better and the box will loosen up for all the backs.
Very reminiscent of Kirby getting drubbed at Oxford early last year and under-performing at home. Young team, new(ish) HC - the talent is there. Broken record, but the Tigers have GOT to find a passing game to un-stack the box. Too early to get the pitchforks and torches out. Homeboy could still get it turned around. I hope so cuz I enjoy having LSU led by a Cajun, even if he's not an alum.
Samford is a Top-20 FCS team and Chris Hatcher hired Kirby for his first coaching job. No way Kirby was going to embarrass his old mentor deliberately. He called the dogs off with a 5 TD lead and just ran the ball to kill clock and end the game. Hell, he only threw it 18 times, and very, very little in the second half. By comparison, Mercer is a really average FCS team and Auburn didn't seal the win till late. There are plenty of other examples so far this year of FCS teams playing FBS/G5 teams tough, and this was a very good FCS team. Win margin is often a result of coaching philosophy and I get the sense Kirby is not one who will keep his foot on the gas when the game is sealed. He could have tried to keep Samford at 7, but he feels getting the twos and threes playing time is much more important.
Kevin, I like this weekly exercise but you might want to wait till all games are played. There's almost always a surprise coming out of the late games in the west (Stanford this week). An early Sunday wake-up and your accuracy might improve.
To be fair, that QB was incredibly sharp and threading the needle like a pro. We had tight coverage on many of those completions but there is only so much you can do against a QB who gets it out quick and is lethally on target. The one thing I felt the D could have done better was keep their hands up around the line. There were several instances where the ball could have been batted down if the line and rushers had done this instead of locking up with both hands on the O-line.
Exactly. The upside is that, through 3 games, UGA is doing exactly what is expected (as opposed to last year). Handled a solid G5 team with ease, won a close one on the road against a ranked team in one of the toughest stadiums to play in, and crushed a very good, ranked FCS team. The next two games will tell us a lot.
That sucks, even if it is just 5-6 weeks like Deebo is now saying. Hope he's back this year. Tough career so far for the kid. Would love to see him play a full season and be in the Heisman race in December.
This one shocked me. Congrats to Mullen and State. Kirby and Co. better have their big-boy pants on Saturday. Should be a good one.
Reminds me of the lady in the Atlanta Summer Olympics call center back in '96 who told a buyer from New Mexico she was sorry but could only sell tickets by phone to U.S. residents.It would be easy to jump on this, but the truth is every state (and school fan base) has it's share of the ignorant. I spend a few weeks in California each year climbing in the Sierra Nevada and have encountered a laughable number of Darwinian rejects in a state that considers itself the most educated and progressive in the country. One lady from the Bay Area, discovering I came from Atlanta, asked me in all seriousness when Georgia would finally give women the right to vote. Sigh.
I'm trying to imagine the fireworks at one of these if that shark photo had resembled Saban rather than McElwain . . .
Could the SEC put 13 or even all 14 in a bowl? Probably not, but this should be fun to watch. When Vandy is getting attention, things have gotten interesting.
Sad to see, but smart move. Wishing him the best. He knows UGA will always be home.
Fromm is an all-around athlete and is capable of a lot more than zipping the ball out of the pocket. If we weren't so thin at QB right now we might be seeing some evidence of that in play-calling. He lines up at WR on every wildcat play - at some point the ball could actually come his way. The dude has outstanding hands and decent speed. Remember, Meco Hardman and Terry Godwin - the usual wildcat QBs - were QBs in high school and have experience throwing the ball. In fact, Godwin had the longest pass for UGA in 2015.The current rumbling is that Eason could be out deep into October with his knee ligament. He's still using a crutch this week. Despite what Kirby has said, this may be Fromm's show for most of the season. Chaney's going to have to get creative in moving the chains against SEC defenses. The good news is the offensive unit goes up against one of the very best Ds every day in practice, so game time shouldn't be a surprise.
Can't tell you how many years it's been since I've watched anything but football on ESPN. The NBA and MLB bore me to tears. I'll sometimes watch the halftime recaps and score updates but Sports Center and any other opinion-based shows I avoid like the plague. Apparently there's even more reason now to switch channels from ESPN.
He might want to chat with Sony Michel about this whole ATV thing . . .
I'll take some of that UT/UF action. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if UT wins straight up. The Vols showed guts on the road in Atlanta and Florida is still in a helluva QB mess.
This defense has a ton of elite recruits and they're playing like it. Running on UGA is going to be very tough, and if Carter and Bellamy continue to get after the QB the way they've shown they can this could be a very nice year for us. Mel Tucker has done a fantastic job with these guys. Chaney is still the real question mark. To his credit, he mixed up the offensive attack against ND beyond what we've come to expect (run up the gut or off-tackle 1st and 2nd down, pass on 3rd and long), but the kids have to execute. Several plays were just a hair-breadth from being game-breakers, and penalties were a huge problem. Gotta clean this up. Meco Hardman is getting close to exploding and we need to see D'Andre Swift get more touches. Fromm has to get past staring down his receivers. He has a quick, decisive release that helps make up for the questionable line play, but he's still a freshman. This experience is invaluable for him.
I didn't see the game as it was up against UGA-ND, but when I saw 11 sacks and the anemic passing yardage I was shocked. Gus had one great year as HC with the perfect QB for his system, but otherwise it's been a steady dose of under-achievement. They seem to have a very solid D but they'll have a tough time breaking seven wins unless the passing game gets on track. Clemson is not the last elite defensive front they'll see.
Of course he doesn't. This is Danny Kanell we're talking about. And if you're going to supplant Bama as no. 1, OU is the better choice over Clemson.
Catch a clear TD pass in the numbers, make a 40-plus FG, keep hands off helmets, don't block in the back on a massive KO return, zero turnovers - these would have had UGA cruising to an easy win. I'm good with a B. Got some things to clean up before getting into league play. The good news is they are fixable. This D is the real deal and can take us a long way while the offense finds its footing.
Yeah classless, but Ohio State deserves it. These are the fans that go to other schools' icons and do that stupid O-H-I-O thing for social media. Turnabout is fair play.
The penalty on Holyfield's return was horrible. Reminded me of Gurley's return against Auburn on his first touch after the suspension, but called back for a block in the back nowhere near him. And we've got to coach our guys to keep hands off helmets - that was 75 yards in penalties and kept several ND drives alive.
Two turnovers and a couple of football field lengths in penalties. Could easily have been an L on the road, especially at this place. The D was relentless, though. I kept waiting for them to look gassed late but it didn't happen. In fact, they looked at their best ND's last two possessions. This unit is for real. Sweet, sweet win!
To be fair, Houston's situation probably had an effect. Not encouraging, though.
I'd have preferred not to see that. Let the man do his show. If the shoe were on the other foot, UGA fans wouldn't be pleased. Cut loose at the game.