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When talking about celebrities, sports figures, or corporate exes, I always bear in mind that the US President has earned an annual salary of $400K since 2001. The average household income in the US is about $51K. Perspective.
Don’t claim to know the truth here, but the whole feel of this video seems off. What parent pulls out their cellphone when their child is crying about being bullied, and records it while calmly asking questions? The kid seems legit - not sure about the mom.
And all true Dawgs appreciate that sentiment! Hope Kerryon gets well soon and you guys gorilla stomp UCF in Atlanta.
Actually, we're both chasing Ohio State this year. UGA's currently 4 and Bama 9 nationally, but we have 3 more 5-stars and several 4-stars projected our way. This could wind up being a case of 1A, B and C.
Sam Pittman is building an O-line for the next few years that will give D Coordinators nightmares. The guards and tackles will go about 350, 3 deep, and almost all are 4- or 5-stars. Add Jamaree Salyer and Cade Mays, and it gets downright scary. Lotta big holes for the RBs, and nice, clean jerseys for the QBs - all of whom are elite as well.Make no mistake - there is a new sheriff in town. Win the natty or not this year, Kirby has kicked that sleeping giant in the butt and the future is red and black in the SEC.
Yeah, we’re scared to death of a program that managed to out-win only Vandy and Kentucky the past ten years and is currently the laughingstock of all CFB. Find another talking point - this “ya’ll scared” BS that comes from you and that drooling choo-choo conductor is getting real old. Mullen at Florida concerns me. Watching backstabbing Phat Phil trying to control the strings at UT just makes me chuckle. Karma, baby!
So, if winning the trenches is what it's all about, UGA should be in great shape next year. The O-line will be monstrous, and the D-line top-notch. Every single position on offense will be stacked. We're losing some great linebackers and solid secondary guys, but a lot of blue-chippers are waiting for their chance. Walter Grant, Nate McBride, D'Angelo Gibbs, Richard Lecounte, Monty Rice, Ameer Speed, William Poole, Robert Beal, Jaden Hunter - you'll be seeing a lot of these names. The fruits of Kirby's black-belt recruiting should really show up next season.
"Zero science?" No, it's not a science, but it is most certainly the best predictor out there. Dismissing the rating system, primarily because you're one of the schools that rarely sees a 5-star athlete, is whistling past the graveyard. There are schools that occasionally see a big year (for them) without a roster packed with blue-chippers, but these are the exception rather than the rule.One of the most interesting stats to come out in the past few years is the Blue-Chip Ratio predictor. Essentially, no one wins a natty in recent history without at LEAST 50% of it's roster being made up of 4- and 5-star players. If Oklahoma wins it this year, it will be a first since (I believe) 2003. And the Sooner's roster is just below that 50% threshold. Bama is at 80%, UGA at 63%, and Clemson at 56%. Seems like pretty solid "science" to me.
Seen Swift and Holyfield run? No. 1 and no. 4 RBs nationally coming in soon. Kirby is for real.
I’d say hoisting the SEC championship trophy and heading to the dance less than two years after coaching Bama’s last NC win is working out pretty well.
Except he had no QB, no offensive line, no receivers, and no kickers. Depth was an issue as well. Yeah, there were 5-stars here and there, but a lot of holes too. And very, very young.
Fuzzy, you were one of the few UT fans on this site that I thought had a clue. I’m not so sure now. My post was pretty tame compared to many. Tell me one thing that I said that was “fact-less.”
Yeah, he’s made that abundantly clear the last few weeks. I just want to hear what type of outlandish justification he’ll back that comment up with.
This could be a very good hire if (1) Fulmer keeps his nose the hell outta Pruitt’s food bowl and (2) Jeremy has learned to zip his lip when he’s frustrated. Asking for both may be a bit much, though. He can recruit and he can coach. The UT fans and administration need to back off and let him do his thing.
I’d love to hear you justify that, beyond just being a petulant wannabe.
Stability is the most important thing for UT right now, and maybe Fulmer brings that (although a 2-year contract should raise some eyebrows). An established winner like Les would further that, even if the shine is off his rep. Phil is talking the game like he should (well, the whole winning championships thing may be over the top), but he knows the grade he and his coach have to pull in the years ahead. It's steep.Kirby just planted an emphatic flag not just for the East, but for the conference as a whole. Mullen at UF should concern everyone in the SEC if he can recruit. Boom is actually making things happen in Columbia, and Mizzou has been looking like world-beaters since getting smoked in Athens. The Vols went winless in the conference and were hammered by all but one of their traditional rivals. In the last ten years only Vandy and Kentucky have performed worse than UT in the entire conference. That vaunted 2018 recruiting class is now crumbling (currently 20th and falling like the Dow on a bad day). Chucky has played VolNation (again) like a Stradivarius. Big Ten cellar-dwelling HCs are saying, "Nah, I'm good" at the prospect of taking the reins in Knoxville for a huge raise.The program from top to bottom is in complete disarray, yet a number of Vols still yap it up as if none of this has been happening for half a generation, and that somehow the hiring of a coach - any coach - will miraculously fix this overnight and make the problems go away. I get that your pride has taken an unprecedented ass-kicking, but damn - show some rationality! Aside from hiring a coach, assembling a staff, and trying to prevent this recruiting class from completely disintegrating into the 40s, you have one goal moving forward: win a conference game. Any game. Build your expectations from there and you might find there's a path out of this mess.
Nope, seatonda - Dawgs 7-3 vs UT in the last ten. The Dobbs Miracle only counts as one win.
You know it’s been a good week when both Kanell and Cowherd are hopping mad at the SEC!
Yep, that’s his 3rd strike. Kirby will toss him and make a point. Shame - he looked like a kid with a future last year.
All the people questioning whether Kirby was the right man for the job after last year's rough start can put that baby to bed. You don't change an organization's culture 180 degrees overnight. It takes time and it requires buy-in, and there are almost always a few that are unwilling to accept change and have to hit the road before the change is complete. Kirby now has his own Process in place, and he learned from the best. With monster recruiting classes now rolling in annually, there's every reason to believe Kirby has elevated the program to go toe-to-toe with Bama, or anyone else on the national stage, for years to come. He brought and instilled a championship mentality. Saban has truly serious challenger for the SEC crown in the years ahead.
Can’t WAIT to hear the smack-talking Barners now. Oh . . . crickets . . .