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Mountain Dog

Atlanta native, UGA fan of 40-plus years. Mountaineering enthusiast, hence "Mountain Dog".
Recent Comments
Regarding Herschel’s career rushing yardage, also remember bowl statistics did not count until 2002 in a player’s official stats. All career and season stats after 2002 include bowl numbers, but not before. Some day the NCAA will get off it’s lazyass and do the research to update records, making it apples to apples, but I’m not holding my breath.
Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy.
Wanna get a real cornbread barnburner going? Bring up sweet vs. not. The fur will fly.
He’s 51-55 as a HC and he just got boat-raced by 7 TDS against Clemson with a top-ten talent squad. It’s not piling on to suggest he’s in way over his head. He is recruiting well but another year like this and he’ll not be around to see how they develop.
Those and Knowshon Moreno, Hines Ward, Rodney Hampton, Lars Tate, Tim Worley, Musa Smith, Verron Haynes, Terrell Davis - quite a list. Swift and Holyfield currently, with Zeus and Cook on deck. Lots of arguments about the RBU thing, but a quick look at the SEC career rushing list brings it into focus for me.
And we’ll be playing at least 5 more games. Very possible if they keep rolling.
Except we don’t have halfbacks under Kirby. Hated to see that position go, but with a 70-man travel roster limit every guy has to be productive.
No matter how good you are, 9-10 bodies beats 6 more often than not. Spread ‘em out and Jake walks in half the time on the read option. Really screw with the DC and put Fields in at RB - Jake could walk in 100% of the time on a keeper.
All season long people have been saying UGA’s ground game has regressed. I keep telling those people to look at the numbers and dare to repeat it with a straight face. The only ground game regression was in Baton Rouge, and that was by choice (a dumb choice): Elijah and D’Andre we’re averaging around 7 YPC when Chaney abandoned the rush.
It’s a stretch. He could crack the SEC top ten career rushing list if he averages 130-plus yards per game for his final four games. As of today he’s no. 20.
The Holyfield-Swift combo has fewer carries than Benny this year, but a vastly larger YPC. Benny is durable, and who knows what he might do running behind UGA's O-line, but I agree - Elijah one, D'Andre two (one when he's healthy), Benny three.
When Kentucky plays it's next game, Benny and Herschel will have the same number of college games under their belts (36). To tie Herschel's career numbers, in that game Benny needs more than 2,000 yards and a TD about every 4 minutes or so. He also needs a Heisman, 3 conference rings, a NC ring, and 3 first-team All American honors. Tennessee isn't quite that bad, and Benny definitely isn't that good. He's a top-ten career back in the SEC. Congrats, but that's about it. How this talk of him being another Herschel got started, I have no clue.
It's funny how people keep referring to FSU's bowl streak as if it's still an actual thing. It officially died when they cheated and had their Emerald Bowl win vacated. Virginia Tech has the nation's longest streak, and that one is in jeopardy.
I’ve never understood why this is not a regular home alt uni. Seems like every team in the freakin’ country rolls out alt unis in black to be cool, regardless of their team colors. We’re one of the few that actually have black in our colors and we never use it. Go figure.
The bourbon must be flowing a little too freely today. Lots of unnecessary vitriol running rampant in the comments for multiple stories. And mostly by today's winners. Sleep it off, boys. Still lots'a football left to play. Congrats to Bama on a resounding statement win on the road. That should shut up a lot of the Who-Have-You-Played crowd. The offense was great, as usual, but the D really impressed me. I guess they got tired of hearing they weren't on par with Saban's typical units. Hopefully the Tide and Dawgs can win out and hook up for another classic in Atlanta between Top 5 teams. The last two have been games for the ages. We've got some serious training room work to do before then, though.
Mizzou “played Georgia even on both sides of the ball”? Your meds need a review.
Rushing yards: 331 vs 84. The whole story. Win out a represent in a bowl, Cats!
Anyone in their right mind should be scared of Tua. Aside from that, you're correct.
I suspect this game will be about running the ball and stopping the run. Georgia has had great YPC success running against the two best Ds we've played this year. The problem was that in the LSU game early turnovers and an itchy trigger finger caused Chaney to abandon the run, even though it was working at 7 yards a pop with Holyfield and Swift. Sticking with it in the Florida game showed (again) how effective it can be when committed to for 4 quarters. Keeping Snell in check obviously is Job One for the UGA D. Benny will get his yards, no doubt, but I don't see UGA committing 4 turnovers in this game. The home crowd will also be about 40% smaller than the Dawgs had to contend with in Baton Rouge, so the noise factor won't be nearly as intense. When UGA runs the ball well there is no more effective play action QB in the nation than Fromm. I expect UGA to ring up 30-ish points and I think Kentucky will struggle to reach 20, based on how their offense has played the last few weeks.
Michael, I believe you meant “fazed”, not “phased”. Journalism 101. Editor needs a kick in the pants also. As to the rest - meh . . .
When you've played absolutely nobody, even in the G5 world, 12 is a gift, and actually carries quite a bit of mojo from last year, which it shouldn't. You had to go to overtime to beat a middling Memphis team. Temple, USF, and probably Houston in the CCG await. Come out of that undefeated and I'll agree - you deserve a #12 ranking. This is all Gus's fault.
One or two common opponents, maybe. Four begins to tell a story. And LSU’s D is every bit as lethal as Kentucky’s - certainly more Sunday players on that squad.
That’s 50% dependent on what happens elsewhere. Lots of moving parts to this machine. And I don’t think the committee gives a rat’s ass about regional perception. They have one mandate - select the 4 best teams in CFB to play each other. The only brake-pumping I see to that would come in having to consider a potential rematch of a game already played.
That 16-point performance against LSU was primarily due to 4 turnovers. Don’t count on that again. Dawgs will ring up 30 minimum, so that’s the bar I’m thinking KY’s offense has to get over. I just don’t see it - too one-dimensional. If UGA can grab an early two-score lead and force KY away from their strengths, it could be over with 20 minutes still to play. Common opponents tell us a lot in this case.
The only team that can beat Bama with Tua under center is the one whose DBs can stick with the Tide's receivers long enough - an extra second - to allow the pass rush to get to Tua. It's that simple. As long as he's back there confidently firing darts at free-running receivers, no opponent has a chance - with maybe the exception of Clemson. Clemson has the combination of defensive stoutness and offensive firepower to still be in it in the 4th quarter. I can't see LSU or Michigan keeping up offensively, but they might fit the bill defensively to give Tua problems. Oklahoma maybe, from an offensive standpoint, but I think their D would be overwhelmed. If Tua is knocked out of a game early enough or can't go, the complexion changes. A Bama team with Jalen at QB is still elite, but vulnerable. I can't stress enough how critical Bama's O-line will be going forward against tougher defensive fronts (LSU, Auburn). Protecting Tua, his knee especially, is Job One.
The Dawgs have taken 5 of the last 8 in this series, and outscored the Gators 78-24 in the last two. The two-decade Florida assumption that they own this matchup is now down to fantasizing about moral victories - and it's a beautiful thing to see.