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I see that the Coke bottle was ready . . .
There are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics. Stats can be argued over endlessly. Regardless of how you parse it, I'll take Herschel's 172 YPG over Tre's 130. Projected over 14 games, that would give Herschel 2400-plus yards. Especially in a lower-production era when traditional I-formation offenses were the norm versus the current spread and option. Like I said, different game.
Different era, different game - which is what makes long-view comparisons so tricky. Most fans get it, though (89% anyway). Herschel was a one man show on the '81 UGA team, and still racked up more rushing yards than anyone in the country except the Heisman winner (Marcus Allen). By comparison, Tre Mason had a 1000-yard rushing quarterback to occupy defenses. The real perspective, though, is that Herschel's 1891 yards stood in the SEC for 34 years before being broken. And we're really not comparing apples to apples - Herschel did this in 11 games, before post-season numbers were included in season stats. Tre's numbers covered 14 games, almost 30% more than Herschel's game opportunities. Bo couldn't do it. Emmitt couldn't do it. Darren couldn't do it. Thirty-four years of top-flight SEC RBs couldn't break that record till Derrick Henry and LF7 went crazy in the same year.
Did you really create an SDS account just to reply to that?
FWIW, Nick was a 4-star and Sony was a 5. Nick at TB, Sony in the slot, and Nauta lined up at TE - a pretty puzzle for a DC.
I just wanna know how Tre Mason got 11% vs Herschel.
There are a lot of question marks in 2017 about UGA's passing game: O-line, QB development (and competition), receivers stepping up, even the effectiveness of the running game. The one gimme is Nauta. I remember he dropped the first pass thrown to him last year. That was about it for freshman jitters, and he was extremely reliable the rest of the season. Size, speed, hands, attitude - and he can block! Maybe I'm too much of a homer, but I see a lot of Tony Gonzalez in this kid. If Terry Godwin (another 5-star) can blossom in the slot with Isaiah McKenzie's departure, this interior combo with Nauta should give safeties and nickles fits - which can only help the edge receivers and the vertical passing game. Now we just need a couple of wideouts to step up and grab the job.
The West has won more than the East the past 5 years. Tennessee's annual West opponent is Bama, and Florida's is LSU. There - I summed up all the statistics above in two sentences.
So, how exactly does a RB's verticality impact their game? I get the whole athleticism thing, but this drill is done for ALL attendees, not just select positions inclined to jump. Speed, strength, agility - check. A RB needs all those. I can't see that vertical ability would matter for a RB unless they needed to hurdle a defender or jump for a pass. Hurdling is rare, and most NFL passes to RBs are swinging screens, not jump balls. What am I missing?
Lots of comments about sports here, but the formula used was academic excellence + athletics. Florida and Georgia are the only two SEC schools that show up among the top 20 public universities in the country year in and year out. Both schools have done an exceptional job of converting their states' dynamic population growth over the past 30 years into very aggressive scholastic results. It is very, VERY hard to get into either one of these schools nowadays.
Personally, if I got my ass kicked as badly as USC did, I'd keep my mouth shut.
On the other hand, he might like to hit QBs rather than being hit. I agree, though - WR would likely be the best fit. There's a reason he was benched as QB at Oklahoma.
Aside from your sadly incorrect assumptions, how does any of that invalidate my comments? Tell me where I was wrong. Are you That Guy who stands behind anything a player does who once wore your team's colors? You that bought in?
The Combine is basically a job interview. How insanely dumb do you have to be to act out like this in a job interview? In front of numerous witnesses, no less? Then, rather than apologize, take to social media to rant. I don't know who Foster's agent is, but he's got to be banging his head against a wall right now.
Everyone knows UGA had a horrible offensive line last year, and that dynamic contributed to several losses. The other area that affected UGA as negatively as the O-line was special teams, and that is hardly mentioned in the 2017 projections I'm seeing. I believe the O-line will be much better, but I have no clue about special teams. We still don't have a kicker that can boom it out of the end zone with any regularity, the Human Joystick is gone, longish field goals are still a huge question mark, and our scholarship punter is still recovering from a broken kneecap. Then there's the coverage piece that broke down far too often. I personally think the Vandy and UT losses were the product of weak special teams last year. If Beamer can get most of these weaknesses fixed, I'll be sold on UGA's chances. Till then, we all know that great efforts by the O and D can be quickly undone by that third phase of the game.
And was a prodigy at the position his entire career. This one is a no-brainer. Drop into the low 230s and likely 4.4s with NFL conditioning, and he will be a beast. I don't think whoever drafts him will be asking him to jump that much anyway.
And don't forget his mishandling of several kicks. That does not fly in the NFL. I wish Isaiah the best, but I've got a feeling this was a rash move that may bite him in the ass.
Lemme see if I've got this right. You knowingly and willingly participate in helping athletes cheat in school to maintain eligibility. For possibly 6 years. The scam is exposed and you are now highly radioactive in responsible circles due to your willful and unethical actions. Your response is to tie your school debt to the investigation, where there is no link, and publicly play the victim. Politics is in this lady's future.
"The context of the tweet isn't exactly know, but it appears to fall under the 'sour grapes' category." I would suggest that the timing and context of this ridiculous tweet is in response to Kamara making waves at the combine, and seemingly ensuring himself a bright NFL future and a very nice rookie payday - while her "starter" son languishes between schools, becoming even more radioactive with her idiotic post. Jealously and envy at it's finest. Or worst, as the case may be. And for a Tennessee resident she's not exactly endearing herself to the Vol faithful that undoubtedly surround her. Just a stupid and pointless act.