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You know what I mean by that, BT. All things being equal, those two teams play 4 times, UGA wins 3 of those. Bama plays Utah 4 times 10 years ago, all things being equal (desire to be on the field that day), they likely win all 4. Versus Oklahoma a few years later, Bama would have won 3 of 4. Bama was suffering a mental letdown at being in those bowls, and Saban couldn’t overcome it. Kirby couldn’t either last year.
Tiger, not denying their talent, but the team Kirby fielded that day was made up classes ranked 6, 6, 3, and 1 and average of 4th. Texas fielded classes ranked 10, 7, 25, and 3 - average 11th. That’s enough separation for me to feel pretty confident in saying the Dawgs had a talent edge. We also didn’t lose to Maryland . . . ;-)
These same projections can pretty much be accomplished with a dart and dartboard, and are just fodder for fan talk during the off season. BUT, I DO find it hilarious that on the same day a mouthy Dawg-hater posts here that Kirby is a fraud and can’t develop elite talent, a draft projection comes out that has two of his top 2017 recruits leaving early and going in the first round - number 1, no less!
He says he takes full responsibility for his actions, so that would lead me to believe there’s something to the story. He also says he put himself in a bad situation, and that can be parsed a number of ways.
And Deandre Baker was a 3-star. First round pick. All-American and Thorpe Award winner. The previous year Kirby produced the Butkus Award winner and another consensus All-American. But Kirby’s a fraud. The more I think about that ridiculous, football-ignorant statement, the more I laugh. Football’s not for everyone. Maybe GatorFan needs to go back to rasslin’.
That Meeshigan ranking is probably as much about OSU rebuilding under Day as it is about the talent on the Wolverines roster (they do have several very nice recruiting classes piled up). The B1G looks kinda weak this season and UM will probably win the conference by default unless someone over-achieves.
OSU should just stop recruiting QBs and wait for the transfers.
Geez - that’s pretty much UGA’s schedule, and throw in #9 Notre Dame.
After the loads of players Kirby developed for the NFL at Bama, and so far as a head coach at UGA, this comment/question is ridiculous. It reeks of desperation and envy.
Define “improvement”. Pretty much the entire offensive line, Sony Michel, Nick Chubb, Jake Fromm, Richard LeCounte, D’Andre Swift, Mecole Hardman, Isaac Nauta (MUCH better blocker than when he arrived), Roquan Smith, all at a minimum off the top of my head. The much easier question is who came into Athens as a 5-star and won’t make it to the pros due to lack of development?
“. . . after the talk from the players . . .” I can recall a couple of players tweeting right after the PO pairings were announced, but not much beyond that. Certainly nothing objectionable in any interviews. There was a whole lotta talk, yes, but 99.9% came from outside the team. And Saban’s had a couple of elite Bama teams steamrolled in bowl games when they were disappointed not to be going to the dance. And one gorilla-stomped when there was every reason to be playing their best. It happens. Hats off to Texas - I’ll never believe they had a better team, but they wanted to be there a lot more than the Dawgs.
Conner, that 2022 Georgia-Oregon matchup is a one-off neutral site game (Chick-fil-A Kickoff in ATL), not a H&H. This one may not qualify, but UGA still has plenty of other non-con H&Hs with bluebloods on the way. Texas, Clemson, FSU, Oklahoma almost certainly, and we’ll see what Chip Kelly can do with UCLA by the time that one rolls around.
Another Gator with a headline for the wrong reasons. Florida fans have gotta be wondering when this run of infamy will end.
Hey ColoradoGator - re your comment about the “older generation” not wanting to drink from the same water fountain as a black: you do realize which generation put a stop to that nonsense, right? The Baby Boomers ushered in the Civil Rights era.
Next you’ll be telling us what Mama said about life and that box of chocolates. You’re such a visionary.
Poor guy - still living in the nineties. I wonder if he’s still replaying Boy George and Madonna vids?
PSU is still quasi-B1G in my mind. The long-term members are the ones who’ve been getting their a$$es handed to them by the SEC for years, and they just will not do a H&H with any SEC heavyweight. Playing PAC and MAC teams is much more important.
Weagle, I do hand it to Auburn - you’ve been ahead if the non-con curve for years.
Tougher match-ups and more of them than I can ever recall seeing in the SEC. We were the laughing stock of P5 when it came to non-con scheduling, and it was deserved. We (an SEC team) might schedule a tough, notable H&H, but it would be followed by several years of fluff. UGA has been traveling around the country since the early 2000s, but it was against the likes of Colorado, Oklahoma State, and Arizona State. Big diff when those trips are to South Bend, Norman, Austin, and Tallahassee. And while this non-con mania ramps up, the B1G still avoids the SEC like the plague. For good reason.
You know of any other major rivals UGA has? Almost a decade of dominance against our Big 4 not good enough for you? What sample size would you use that fits your narrative, and is in any way relevant?
Trading shots with a major rival is half the fun of CFB. And it’s a lot more fun when your team is winning at better than a 70% clip against those rivals over the past 9 years, and almost 90% the last 2 (Florida, Auburn, Georgia Tech, and Tennessee). Unfortunately, we don’t play one of our biggest natural rivals regularly (Clemson - closer to Athens than any other FBS school), but Kirby and Dabo are trying to rectify that.
It can, but the more current you get, the worse Florida looks. And me, I prefer current. The Gators-own-Dawgs narrative has run it’s course.
Lotta commentary on Fromm’s arm strength - or perceived lack of. I call BS on that. First, his arm strength is just fine for any play up to 40 yards downfield, and that’s pretty much all of the playbook. He was the no. 2 or 3 pro style recruit in the country and his arm strength was measured constantly in camps. He wasn’t at Jacob Eason’s level, but he graded out well and then took Eason’s job away from him. I also love it when people zero in on arm strength alone when discussing QBs, thinking how Tom Brady, with just an average arm at best, has a fistful of SB rings. If acumen, accuracy, and power in a QB are ranked in desired order, to me power is easily dead last. Ninety-plus percent of throws in CFB are 30 yards from the LOS or less.
Oh, and by the way, your constant use of “delusional” to characterize Dawg fans’ confidence is a bit misplaced. “Delusional” is a term for losers who think the tide is turning, despite solid evidence to the contrary - like UF walking away from Jax with a big fat L 5 of the last 8 years.
Maybe you missed the part where I was comparing the “toying” idea to you and your’s belief that these two teams are anywhere near close? Like, balancing ridiculous against ridiculous? Must’ve gone over your head. With 5 minutes left in the game, UT was much more of a threat to UGA than the Gators were. I actually was feeling a little apprehensive in the 4th quarter against the Vols. At no point during the Cocktail Party did I have the slightest doubt UGA would walk away by at least 2 TDs.
Where did I say UF has no talent? Mullen has plenty of talent - just nowhere near on par with the Dawgs. Bill Elliott’s Blue Chip Ratio statistics haven’t come out yet for 2019, but UGA will doubtless be a solid no. 2 nationally behind Bama with 6, 3, 1, and 2 finishes the last 4 years. I referred to your own fans’ commenting on a solid belief that the Gators have UGA on the run due to last year’s game, and that this year’s contest is, at worst, a coin-flip. That’s who my comments are addressed to. And you really want to compare teams based on one series? Really???
For the Gators who keep insisting that UGA’s 19-point win in last year’s Cocktail Party implies some kind of parity with the Dawgs, bear in mind that the Citadel was tied with Bama at halftime too. Every time the Gators got close and began to feel they could stay on the field with the Dawgs, BOOM - UGA strikes again and sucks the wind right out of those Florida sails. It was almost like UGA was toying with the Gators - letting it get close only to pull the rug out again. That makes about as much sense as the We-Got-This chatter coming out of Gainesville this year about the 2019 WLOCP. The Vols gave us a much better game, as did Mizzou. If a 19-point loss to the Dawgs is the best bullet in your gun, you might as well disarm.
Gonna be a while before UF gets another kid to cross the country to play for them. Actually, keeping in-state kids interested seems to be an issue now. Mullen’s got a whole lotta ‘splainin’ to do to get those Mamas back on board. And the teammates’ social media attack on Steele just dug the hole deeper for the Gators.