Mouth of the South

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He’s fooled the world twice over. Never has anyone been paid more NOT to coach. Think he left Texas at the altar too, wasn’t he the head coach in waiting for Mack Brown?
I’m not a Steelers fan, but would be a great fit. Patient organization with a great leadership structure
Both are pretty awesome. Jones simply doesn’t make mistakes though while Trask pushes and forces the ball sometimes. Lack of a running game doesn’t help, but hard to argue with how Jones is just dominating defenses
None of these kids on any team owes anyone squat at this point. They are taking all the risk and get little back from the NCAA, if you can be drafted early go get your bag and don’t look back. Pitt’s earned a brick with his All American 1st team, legacy is permanent now
Both have benefited from incredible talent. Jones is a Jax/Bolles kid so I’m a fan but think Trask is just so much better than Franks (vs Jones and Tua) that it’s easy to forget how great Pitt’s and Toney are, but Trask definitely made them both some Sunday $ compared to what would have happened if Frank’s was there.
Times have changed when the SEC isn’t dominating the defensive lists but owns the offense. Pretty amazing but list seems fair
Mainly on the “student athletes “.. can’t see why the power 5 have any use for these knuckleheads, they screw up everything
Agree CLVOL, good call. 2 years ago Josh Allen was a bust, now he’s a legit all pro. QB needs to age a little in the NFL sometimes.
Was a good game for the first half but once Chicago scored early Glennon showed his magical ability to throw at everyone other than his teammates
Good player, should have seen the field more, sorry to see him go
No argument here. Bama is the gold standard and showed how to use that talent.
To fire a successful coach in this environment, right before NSD without having a solid plan in place to me is a firable offense. If the AD is to weak to tell boosters to chill until he is ready to quickly transition to a new coach he should be shown the door
Was a great story too. Washed out at FSU, they celebrated when he left, and turned into a keystone to the strongest OL in the country. Shows what great coaching will do. Hope he quickly returns so not impact his draft status
Agree. Real question will be if he can consistently recruit at a high enough level to build depth, especially on the lines. At MSU you get credit for doing more with less, not at any of the power schools though