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A University of Florida graduate, Mike is a regular contributor to Saturday Down South who brings an objective perspective and a deep knowledge of college football.
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Muschamp: "Can we hurry this up? I have a sock-hop to attend"
Picture has been put back up
Update: The Dante Fowler Jr. picture has been taken down by the original user. It was a picture of him wearing a Florida jersey doing the Gator Chomp.
Update: Jacoby Brissett has been named the start for Saturday's game.
Let's compare that to who Alabama has played...Kent State - rank lower than 100th in most major categories and only have 1 win. Penn State - about as good as Tennessee, seriously. Just about lost to Temple and statistically in the lower 3/4 of the nation in many categories. North Texas - lost to FIU 41-16. Only win over Indiana, probably a fluke. Statistically at the bottom of most categories. Arkansas - this is arguable, however they are overrated. Arkansas' wins came against teams with a combined total of 1 win. That 1 team with 1 win is Troy and that Troy's one win came against middle Tennessee by 3 points. Arkansas only beat troy by 10. Arkansas does not have a legit running game or defense, and became one dimensional against bama. To be honest, Tennessee is probably on par with Arkansas looking at it objectively since both have above average passing games and zero run games...Arky is a little better on D though but given the competition that could be misleading.It's hard to compare these teams by schedule, Alabama is arguably one of the most talented teams I have seen in the last 10-15 years, they have 7-8 guys on defense who could be potential first rounders in the NFL draft. That being said, the most talented team isn't always the team who takes the W. I think this one will be close, but unfortunately for the Gators I think Alabama's overall experience will be the difference in this one.