Since the day I was born, I have loved the greatest team of all time, the Crimson Tide of Alabama. May god bless the Alabama Crimson Tide forever. #RollTide

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Why do people complain about Gary Danielson? These people are ingrates. They need to be glad that football is being played because there could have not been any football this season.
Why do people always criticize announcers? If anything, the critics on social media are ingrates.
If you look closely on the back of the helmet, not only do you see the Nashville Skyline, but you can even see the State Capitol Building.
The only reason expansion isn't going to happen is because the B1G and Pac12 would complain about not keeping the Rose Bowl exclusive to those two conferences and worried about "losing tradition". But here's how it should look like: The CFP needs to expand to 8 teams and use each of the New Year's Six Bowls as either a Quarterfinals matchup or a Semifinals matchup. Do it in a rotational style like the following: Year 1: Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl are Semifinals with Orange, Cotton, Peach, and Fiesta as Quarterfinals matchup. Year 2: Orange Bowl and Cotton Bowl are Semifinals with Rose, Sugar, Peach, and Fiesta as Quarterfinals matchup. Year 3: Peach Bowl and Fiesta Bowl are Semifinals with Rose, Sugar, Orange, and Cotton as Quarterfinals matchup.
We'll never know who deserves to be the Undisputed 2003 National Champions. Oklahoma should not have been in the 2003 Sugar Bowl National Championship Game. Not only did they lose to Kansas State in the Big XII Championship Game, but they got blown out 35-7. Besides, we rarely see SEC vs Pac12 in a bowl game. Since 1998, there has been only two occasions where the SEC and the Pac12 faced off in a bowl game: the 2010 BCS National Championship Game between Auburn and Oregon and the 2016 Peach Bowl CFP Semifinal.
Couldn't agree with you more. However, keep the divisions, then play 9 games. I shouldn't have to wait 5 to 9 years to see matchups like Alabama vs South Carolina, Florida vs Auburn, or Tennessee vs Mississippi State. Same thing goes for the ACC. The SEC doesn't want to do this because they're afraid of beating each other up, but it's time to move forward.
Candice Parker deserves to be considered for a Mt. Rushmore.
If for, whatever reason out of the blue clear sky, the Rams decide to move back to St. Louis, what will happen with their logo?
I'm still trying to figure out why Phil Simms, a man who won two SB's, got placed in the studio with the NFL Today crew and was replaced by Tony Romo, a man who won only 2 playoff games. Other than the fact that Romo is a Dallas Cowboy, Phil Simms should still be with Jim Nantz.
If Boise State goes to the Pac12, Colorado should go back to the Big XII. And after that, Missouri should also go back to the Big XII, but also have West Virginia go to the ACC and have Louisville go to the SEC. By this point, there would be 11 in the XII. XII should add Memphis.
Even though they would be losing the SEC, there is still March Madness, 1/2 of the NFL and the Super Bowl once every 3 years.
The questions that needs to be asked are as followed: 1. Where will the SEC go (ABC, Fox, maybe NBC) 2. How will this impact the ACC, B1G, XII, and Pac12.
That game led to a 10-second runoff rule that dealt with penalties such as too many men on the field.
Even if Kiffin had stayed at Tennessee, there was still issues surrounding the team such as potential NCAA violations and the football players with the "robbery" at that Pilot on Cumberland Ave.
The Greg Schiano incident is a pure example of people believing and listening to what they want to hear, even if they know it is not true. Greg Schiano was vetted and he knew NOTHING about what was going on with Sandusky at Penn State.
Dooley should not have returned in 2012. After the loss to Kentucky, Dooley should have been fired.
The 2010 Music City Bowl vs North Carolina will be remembered by most people due to the officials giving NC 1 second back on the clock. The officials got that call right when they gave NC 1 more second, although the game did lead to the 10-Second Runoff rule for too many men on the field. However, I will forever remember that game as the game where Tyler Bray taunted NC with those throat slash gestures, and after that he threw an interception and Tennessee lost.
Georgia State is in the FBS, not the FCS. They are members of the Sun Belt Conference.
UAB: TENN wins, but closer than expected UK: Hardest remaining game left for TENN. They have to play at UK at 7:30pm, and it's going to be cold at night. MU: Mizzou will be more duable. Although TENN plays at MU and, unless it becomes a 3:30 CBS game, it will likely be 7:30pm and cold VU: TENN lost 3 straight games vs the 'Dores and 5 of the last 7 going back to 2012
I think Auburn can win the SEC West. The only question is: Can Auburn beat LSU in Baton Rouge? Auburn hasn't won at LSU since 1999. In all fairness, Auburn lost to LSU in 2013 and 2017, but went on to beat Georgia and Alabama later on in both seasons. I'm really looking forward to how the SEC West will play out with Alabama, Auburn, and LSU.
When you brought up B1G bias, don't forget the biggest kiss-ups, oops I mean biased group to the B1G, Fox Sports 1. Cowherd, Bayless, Danny Kanell, Klatt, and the rest of FS1.
First of all, Congratulations to Auburn for the victory. What that being said here's two things. 1, I really think Auburn will upset Alabama in 2 weeks and win the SEC West because of this reason: the last two times Auburn beat Georgia, they defeated Alabama in the same season (2010 and 2013), now keep in mind both times they played for a national title, which leads me to my next point. 2, Let's say Auburn defeats Alabama, wins the division, and win the SEC Championship, could the same thing that happened to Penn State and Ohio State happen to Auburn and Alabama. What costed Penn State the chance to play in the CFP was their 2 loses, and their brand name. Auburn has already lost 2 games, and just like Penn State, they've won just two national titles. Their loses and their brand name will play a big role should Auburn win the SEC.
I don't think it will happen, but if both Georgia and Alabama play in the College Football Playoffs, I think the 2 Conferences getting left out is the PAC 12 and the ACC. Both conferences are trash, I think once Clemson lost to Syracuse, and when USC, Washington, and Washington State lost games, that was it for them. I think if it does happen, the two teams joining Alabama and UGA would be Ohio State and Oklahoma. But for now, I think it should be the following: Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia, and Notre Dame with Clemson and Penn State on the outside looking in.
This year has been filled with drama and agony for both Nebraska and Tennessee on and off the field. First on the field, both teams early in the season thought they would win there divisions but wound up losing the division race to their rivals Wisconsin for the Huskers and Florida for the Vols. And then off the field before this season began, Punter Sam Foltz of Nebraska died in a car accident and then Pat Summit, who was an icon and a legend at Tennessee, passed away after a 5 year battle with Alzheimer's disease. And then a few weeks ago the city of Gatlinburg, which is about 30 to 45 minutes outside of Knoxville, which is where I live. So this year's music city bowl isn't about winning a trophy, this is more of a healing game for both teams because both teams have a lot of heavy hearts to play with this year.
This is what needs to happen and should of happen. Missouri should have stayed in the Big XII, Louisville should have went to the SEC, and West Virginia should of went to the ACC. The reason why West Virginia is in the Big XII, which remember is primarily the midwest like Iowa and Oklahoma and Texas, is because the stubborn idiots from the ACC were like, "We don't want you ruining us. It's bad enough most of the teams are terrible in football, it's worse if we let you broke back mountain hillbillies come ruin our basketball." They didn't understand two things: 1) UWV's rivalry with PITT actually meant something not only to the fans and the then Big East Football race, but also meant something in a bowl placing scenario and 2) West Virginia is not only good in football, but is also good in basketball and could, potentially, represent the Big XII in the College Football Playoffs. Those aren't opinions, those are facts.
I think it's good because I believe that Gameday should go to at least 1 Non-Power 5/FCS game every season and just take a break from doing nothing but Power 5/Notre Dame games.
It will be the 1st time since 2014 vs Alabama that the vols wore all orange. I've seen them with orange jerseys & white pants, I've seen them with all white, and I've even seen them with white jerseys & orange pants.
There is not going to be two SEC teams, or even two teams from the same conference they're from such as B1G, ACC, XII, or PAC-12. After LSU vs Alabama in that 2011 BCS National Championship game, there will NOT be another time where two teams from the same conference play each other in the national title game, not even two teams from the same conference will get in at the same time, unless two things were two happen. Number 1: The quantity of teams goes from 4 to 8 and/or Two conferences like the Big XII and the Pac-12 had a two loss champion while the other power 5 conferences had a 1 loss or a 0 loss champion. Until then, the chance of a conference, whether it be the ACC, the SEC, the B1G, the Big XII, or the PAC-12, is not going to happen.
I am an Alabama fan and I have shown unforgiveness towards Auburn ever since they stole our 2013 national championship on November 30, 2013. First and foremost, I believe that Alabama will win the rest of their games, BUT, every Alabama fan should not only be concerned about LSU, but also Auburn because every one thought that Auburn was going to be awful and Gus Mahlzan would be fired. However, they have been playing good offense and they have one of the best defenses in the SEC. Plus remember, by this time 3 years ago in 2013 everyone pretty much was saying Alabama goes 14-0, wins the SEC title game, and win the BCS National Title and we all saw how that all played out. So to all of my Alabama fans, be on high alert for not only LSU, bu also Auburn. We get Auburn in Tuscaloosa, but still be alert. We don't need 2013 part 2 so be on alert.