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Well, it looks like Myles finally completed a pass in Tiger Stadium.
Derrick would have to pay someone to hire him as a head coach.
Aggie fans are dumb, of course they won’t bring that travesty up in this conversation. I’m with you on this comment.
Well, it was his restaurant and bar, so he was basically keeping it in the family…
LSU is decimated, not by injuries, but at the HC position..
It kind of makes you wonder who is more senile, Herbstreit or Corso?
I’m surprised that even band members showed up to spell LSU… I thought that we would only get an LS for Losing Seaon…
It’s a shame that Corso won’t even know he’s there in Dallas. I’m waiting for him to ask Kirk, “What time does The Titanic arrive?”
Isn’t that what spring practice is for, to help wok out the kinks? Coach O is only as good as the assistant coaches around him. He had one season where he caught lightning in a bottle and since then he has hired mediocre assistant coaches. Where is the O-line?
Isn’t every year a 2-3 year rebuilding program for Vandy football?
It would’ve been more of a story if the writer spelled his name Nicks and titled the article, “Nicks get Cut”...
This story is what happens when the writer is out of ideas to write about, he reaches for a story and quite a boring story as well. Adam should be covering corn hole competitions in West Virginia.
If you had to sacrifice one college football team to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, who would it be, and why Alabama? Geaux Tigers
Brian Kelly should apologize for masquerading as a head football coach...