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Auburn should be number 1 Gonzaga is overrated I still don’t understand how teams with more losses are ranked higher than teams with less losses
Napier is getting some of the best players and coaches so far which is really impressive for a new coach taking over a 6-7 team I had my doubts about him but I am so far impressed
I’m not a Cowboys fan it was just one of the craziest endings to a game I have ever seen
What makes college football great is that it is different than the NFL but it’s going in a direction that is making it a complete copy and paste of the NFL if that happens less people will watch the games
i love how the ref decided he needed to run 30 yards in 3 seconds so he could tackle Dak Prescott and move the ball 1 inch he is clearly the 49rs MVP
You are clearly a “TIME TRAVELER” from a time when English didn’t exist Also why would a wide receiver go to a school that focuses on the running game
The Falcons will be garbage either way this team still hasn’t recovered from 28-3
Brian Kelly struggled at Notre Dame who plays a pretty easy schedule I don’t see him having success at the SEC level
Grambling is highly questionable he probably has a 3 year 6 million NIL deal waiting there or something...or he just mixed up his super G logos i'm kidding about the last part don't get excited Georgia
hopefully this has a better outcome than Mullens game plan of run the ball straight into the offensive line men
he's been connected to the SEC his whole life he should know how a rivalry works especially this one i don't care where your from but if you go to Florida you know the rule is to hate FSU and Georgia if this was a Georgia player cheering for Florida the fans would have lost their minds
with the new era of college football with NIL and all that other stuff teams like Cincinnati will have a better chance than ever to win the championship the best players on the best teams will all opt out leaving the team with nothing its not about team its about football is broken
Emory had his chance and it was a disaster once we got past like week 3 AR15 has insane potential I want to see him week 1 in the swamp against Utah
Georgia wins their first championship in 41 years and make the playoffs for the first time in 5 now their going for “team of the decade” give me a break