Fun in the sun

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Arkansas was robbed, Sorry But Ray Charles could see it was a fumble
Aggies when was the last time. Espn said " the A&M defense is looking good" .. There's Mack , Garrett, hall and 2 different style QB, which is nice ..... Unless your a visiting team I have the Aggies beating Arkansas by 14
I don't think OR believe sc will win, but after all. Ummmmm I believe the term a$$ whoppin g would be ok to use... But this is 2015 NEW yr .. But the same results.. Aggies by 17...... Gig'EM
Ole miss vs Tcu should be a good game. Some games might a slaughterhouse . Ps Merry Christmas.....
Sad day in Alabama all these guys and there talent Gone I hope they find another team.
Now there's one game I would love to see UT. Vs A&M .. on the other hand umm miss st vs Tcu might be a good one to watch and then there's FL st vs Baylor. Winner will get all the seafood they can eat ..
#1 FSU. 2 Oregon #3 TCU #4 bama #5 Miss St .... Just my 2 cents ..