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As much as I hate Ole Miss 2 Nattys in a row for the sate of MS is cool af. Just goes to show that all you have to do is get to the dance and get hot. Good job to the boys in Blue. PS: GTHOM
The only SEC team left I wouldn't mind see win it is A&M. The sooner the rest go home the better for me.
I do like things about Leach, his offense is fun to watch, he's a big personality and interesting character, he gives interesting press conferences and seems like a genuinely nice guy. The thing I don't like is that none of that seems to translate into wins. I don't think he ever gets to 10 wins in Starkville but I don't think anyone that's available rn does either. Unfortunately I think State is doomed to be relegated to last place in the West for the foreseeable future.
Yeah, as much as I hate to say it, 5-7 wins is probably all we can hope for with Mike Leach at the helm. I have no faith that it gets any better than that any time soon, fingers crossed I'm wrong.
I hate to be that old grumpy dude, but I honestly think this will end up making college football nearly unwatchable for anyone that isn't a fan of just a handful of schools. We're on the cusp of having about 10 schools that are fielding what would basically be NFL farm teams and all the rest being JUCO+.
I hate to break it to you man, we were really bad the past 2 years and it's not likely we're very much improved this year. I'd guess another season of some where between 4-8 to 7-5.
Season was a C+ at best. It was obvious to me that this team was capable of better but underperformed in some key situations that cost winnable games. This has to get better and soon.
Good luck in the game to all the future sirs. Go Navy beat Army!
Yeah, I was wondering what they saw from State over the weekend to warrant dropping us out.
If Leach can get to a point where his teams play good in the early season and not drop games stupidly that ends up putting us behind the 8 ball for the rest of the season then I'd say he's the guy. Mullen Choked away any chance we had against top ranked teams late in the season by coaching timid. So to me right now it's between a guy who doesn't have his teams ready to play early in the season and a guy who choked in November when the games matter most. They are equally bad imo. Now all that being said the Leach teams have been more fun to watch and it's nice to know that games aren't decided in the 1st quarter. I think that if Leach can get the right players and have them ready early in the season we could see some special things in Starkville. I just don't have faith that will happen.
Why would anyone take the Florida job? Basically the rule is win 10 games a year or you're gone.
In fairness the team has kinda done it themselves. Had we won the LSU and Memphis games and Will was a little more consistent early on he'd probably have even better stats and be on a top 10-15 team and almost certainly be toward the top of the Heisman discussion
It's not like MSU was head over heels for the guy. He won just enough at the right times to keep his job but most everyone I know found themselves thinking "couldn't we do better than this guy?"
I'm warming to Mike Leach but I still don't think he's the guy
I mean, I'm still not sold. As the Chairman of the Fire Leach Commission I must say he has done what it takes for us to temporarily pause our operation but we are prepared to restart soon becausewe are predicting losses to Awbarn and Ole Piss
Bro right? I am the chairman of the Fire Leach Commission but by God if he hasn't made me eat my words past couple weeks.
I just do not see a 6th win on State's schedule. I hope I'm wrong but I predict we'll be sitting at home.
I'm no Leach lover but i saw a lot to like in this game. Leach is probably not the guy long term but he's probably our best option rn. Cohen definitely is not an idiot, he brought in Lemonis and as long as Cohen is doing what it yakes to keep him happy I'm happy.
I thought for sure State was gonna choke down the stretch. Glad we pulled it off
Vandy and Tenn State yes, Kentucky maybe. I don't see another.
I don't think anyone is trying to take away from LSU. State did not play well enough to win this game and LSU did. The better team won
They have to play more than one good quarter on offense. Leach has gotta get them more consistent. We could very realistically be 4-0 with even a half of good football on offense. Also spotting teams 7 on early and avoidable turnovers ended up being the difference in both games. It's a huge problem
This was hard to watch. State absolutely could have won thia game.
It’s not just us they get everyone’s stuff wrong. Except maybe Bama’s.
Dude it’s SDS, what did you expect? They take State bashing to the next level by ignoring the legitimate problems and ignorantly criticizing the good things about the team.
The game shouldn’t have been close enough for this to matter. Fire Mike Leach!
It shouldn’t have been close enough for this to matter. Fire Leach.