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We've all been fans of this school either from birth or since we decided to attend the University as students. He shows up and suggests we should change that cuz we don't like the way he's doing things? Maybe it's time for him to find another job.
I wish we’d wear the white helmets with the white pants.
Yeah, I like Herbstreit as a personality, but as an analyst? I think I could do his job. Just say everyone who is normally good, everyone who is normally bad is bad, profit.
Surprise surprise, Kirk Herbstreit doesn’t think State is good. Let’s ask Kirk how often he’s right about his analysis of Mississippi State.
You’re BS detector serves you well. The camera angle blocks the veiw of depth(probably on purpose) and there are three people’s hands on the lifter/weight the whole time. This was a no lift even by the loosest of standards, this kid is probably pretty strong he maybe squats high 400s low 500s I would have been more impressed to see him squat his legit weight clean.
That and I know Florida fans won’t want to hear it right now but that is a downgrade in situation for Mullen at this point.
Unfortunately, if MSU and LSU have the same record LSU will likely draw the better bowl bid due to name recognition alone
Ah, that’s right I forgot LSU lost one out of conference.
I’m good with the projections and they make a lot of sense. What doesn’t make sense to me is how a 9-3 Mississippi State team is 3rd in the West.
Hmmmm Towles over Josh Robinson? how did you pick a player in that game and it not be Josh?
you can see him jump and launch him self toward the guys head, that was intended to do damage.
It was direct enough, you can see the first thing that happens is his head snap sideways ( that jarring motion is what causes a concussion by the way) so i'd say it was pretty dirty if it would have been the other way around the defensive player would have drawn the flag.
You beat me to the correction of the opponent. Also i'm not ready to pack this season in just yet, i think the switching back and forth between Dak and Damien had some overarching effects. Damien's inadequacies put a little extra pressure on the D that was not necessary, one of the big passes was on a trick play and a couple more was Tolando Cleveland getting picked on. What all that tells me is Tavese and Jamerson can't get hurt becuase there is just too much drop off in the guys behind them right now. All that being said its still unacceptable to give of that many yards and points to UAB
Yeah not a bad performance. UAB is a much better opponent than what we saw last week and it showed. double digit win so i guess i can't be too upset about it. I agree with the grading except for the Special Teams they deserve an F period 2 missed PATs is not acceptable.
I would love the dawgs to stick with the new home unis all season i like the more classic look of that jersey with the more modern pant style with the big logo......... the only thing i would change is bring back the white croom era helmets
pretty solid performance over all............. a few things they need to touch up if they are gonna make any noise in the SEC but its a good starting point