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He’s a troll. He usually is more abrupt it but yea. I wanted to show some respect for him not being an ass after Jarrod Lornezen passing also. Thanks Paris for being a “fan”.
Yeah, pick your battles branesman. We aren’t there yet plus no one like someone who unprovoked calls people out. I will say it’s ignorant to imply we only care about football when we’re good. UK really does have a large following of football fans plus as far as high school football is still mostly king.
From a Kentucky fan, as a Georgia fan how do y’all feel about Kentucky. I’m curious because for us it’s actually been ok and most fans still seemed interested even after the loss, uncommon for UK fans.
GatorMania: i didn’t say I believe we have a better program (while I do believe we have it at the moment until Mullen gets a better culture in) but don’t forget the only reason you guys found yourself with a rich football tradition was because of the 90’s and spurrier. Not discrediting that but if you go to the 80’s and back we were 2 of the same. In our history our lows were the 90’s and early 2010’s, besides that we had brief periods of mediocre play since the 80’s. Your lows appear to be the past 5ish years. While I certainly will not say (this year) we will win a championship, I do think one great year could change that. Again Florida certainly has a better program but there was a time you didn’t and it’s not improbable (atleast for the moment) we bridge it just a little. The last thing I’ll say, and maybe I said it in the comment prior, this win was more about the streak than UF. It was 31 years of close wins being snatched away due to UK being stupid on a handful of plays, yes there were a few blowouts in the streak, but we should have won multiple times during it. The streak was the one thing that still hung over our heads and stoops ended it, we will see what happens from here on.
Offensive line and what seems to be a decent to good QB (at this point in the season) and a pretty good back up that haven’t ran for negative yards when Snell isn’t on the field. There has been many programs who continued success after a good player left. That being said we could see a drop off when he does leave I just don’t think it will be that substantial.
Im asking this because you brought UK up. Do y’all think we are a bad team that just caught y’all while you’re down or do you think we are a decent to good team. I’ve seen some UF fans (mainly the ones blaiming every thing else besides UF) almost discredit UK for the win. I’m just curious what other UF fans would say. Personally I think we’re pretty decent with physical play across the board which covers a lot of the talent gap we still have left.
Can’t agree more. While I probably shouldn’t say anything on this article, a coach needs time. The guys during the game said it best about stoops. Give a good coach time and see what he can do. I would argue that if the fans had their way he would have been gone in year 3 and never would of had this win this past weekend. Florida like UK fans are incredibly impatient so my question is will the fans give him time like I believe they should have gave Muschamp. History says no unfortunately but I could be wrong.
Don’t discount the win though. Even though the score doesn’t show it we were hands down the better team. Out rushed with good enough passing down the stretch. UK is a good team but florida certainly isn’t.
Benny only gets truly cocky when people call him out or the team. Just don’t do it. He atleast backs his talk up.
I personally don’t hold much weight on the FPI but why is the percentage for UK higher than UF. We had 400 plus total yards of offense and the D held them to ten points (excluding what should have been 3 points for UF but we got screwed in 14 so suck it UF) for most of the game. And still the FPI holds more weight in UF. Not saying we have a great shot vs UGA but to say we don’t have a greater shot than at the least UF is laughable.
I went to high school in Lawton, OK when I lived on Ft. Sill. Lawton really isn’t that great compared to OU. The university there last I checked doesn’t even have a football team. Cameron University is a bueatiful campus though but again not compared to OU.
Does it not strike any one that maybe just a maybe Kentucky is a good team. The past 4 years you guys say you’re the better team and we get you. No disrespect, we acknowledge and know dang well you are but why is it no one thinks UK is any good year in and year out. It wasn’t that hard to think it when vandy came out of the cellar a few years back but UK above all continues to get doubted. I’m not saying we are perfect and god knows we need to learn to not leave a man in guarded. But don’t think for a freakin second we sent a team worth looking out for atleast now. I mean no disrespect but for the love of god stop thinking we are miles behind you. We have equal talent across the board except for QB and if that shows in our favor we could be dangerous. All I ask is to get a little damn respect. We have been giving it to y’all for years so please we don’t ask for a lot of it but where it is due would be nice.
We didn’t take a step back so don’t be so arrogant as the rest of that stadium was last year.
That’s if we didn’t have an offensive line that every one besides Georgia was pretty dang good against. As much as we like our last QB it was Benny who got us wins so it’s not fair or correct to suggest it hinges on QB play in our system like it would in a system like Mizzous.
We know we got a little lucky with the refs mainly being incompetent but for a UK fan well take the W.
You said that last year and look what happens. And don’t throw the intentionally hurting your star recover crap again because that just isn’t true. We were beating you before that happend.
Is no one else striken by th absurdity of the UK prediction. It could certainly happen IF Snell goes down but hinging the bet on that is ignorant at best because he’s been healthy since he got here. We beat Tennessee last year and could very likely do it again, we get Florida early with a new everything, 4 years strait over a consitantly over hyped SC team could likely turn into 5 and the joke of the SEC vandy at home and not to mention Mizzou who we have bet 3 years strait. We are just as likely to get 8 or 9 as 5. Yet again SDS throws crap up against the wall to hope it sticks. I could very likely eat my own words after the season “knock on wood” but quit acting as if Kentucky is your typical doremat as the used to be. Give us smidgen of respect, yea we make mistakes ala Florida last year but just stop.
If you think UK is going to be easy for you then you have another thing coming. Especially if you can’t stop Benny. If we show any sort of a passing game this year y’all will be in huge trouble of a similar score to the last time we were in Columbia west. Im not saying Memphis isn’t going to be tough, I’m just saying you shouldn’t look at UK as chump change, especially recently.
We do care it’s just for what ever reason we act like we are baña when it comes to our bowl selection. If it’s not a NY6 bowl then we act like we are the worst team in the nation. I have no clue why we act like this but we do.
*that serious of a threat Competing via phone is difficult at times.
I don’t mean tI bash my cats, but are y’all really taking us seriously personally I do think we have a chance but it’s a small one, certainly not warranting any note. Georgia fans always seem to be the nicest fan base but I just have a hard time thinking we are met serious about f a threat than any of your previous games. Even for a huge UK football fan such as myself who can’t stand basketball, I just have a hard time seeing it.
To our credit, we had the better defense when it mattered. You can say what you want but holding any team to field goals in the red zone consistently is nice to see.
It looked better vs Mizzou. Not sure if that was due to a pisspore defense in Mizzou or us but still liked better. This week will tell a lot for UK, if both O and D are onboard then we might have a great rest of season but if not we could limp to finish line with 2 more wins.
They where also come from behind points. UK played well enough to beat them by 21.
And if we hadn’t screwed up like we did, we would have one that game probably by 21. And one could argue wouldn’t have played close vs Eastern Michigan. The only fathomable reason he could be on the hot seat would be due to those two screw ups, no other. And even then that’s just because we are ticked over them.
The game next week will probably end up being a shoot out. I don't believe both defenses will be able to stop the other. If it was two convictions offenses our defense might have a chance due to run deffense being strong suites for both but throw in duel threat QBs who both have had pretty good years. It will be 45-35 miss st being close in fourth quarter. But if UK learns from early season mistakes during BYE week then we could see a UK win but due to it being at miss st, I can't say a win is overly likely, there is a chance though.