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I mean I'd agree with you if Tua and Jalen are still banged up by the time the SECCG comes around, but it's fairly obvious and has been all year that Alabama is pretty much head and shoulders better than UGA this year
I'm not gonna sit here and pretend like I know anything, but playing defense when you have no confidence in your offense seems like it would be pretty hard to do...
I mean I could easily see UCF being in the ACC with the way that conference as a whole is trending. UCF would easily be one of the top teams in that conference, at least this year
I mean this is coming from a UGA fan, but I don't know if I would feel super confident in any of those teams to definitely win against UCF. Obviously each of those teams have better defenses than UCF will see during the regular season, but they have a good scheme on offense and can score a lot of points.
Okay so I'm pretty sure we all agree that Alabama would easily win this game, but I think we're underestimating UCF's offense. They can definitely score points, and I think they can even score on Alabama's defense. I think the score would be closer to 63-35, with UCF scoring a lot during garbage time
I agree with all of that and that UCF could but potentially lose down the stretch, but I really don't think they will. I think they go undefeated again this year and make it to another New Year's Six bowl. Hopefully this time they get beat and put in their place.
Yes I am, because their schedule is not nearly as tough as it has been in the past because the other teams are down this year. But just because they have a weak schedule this year since those teams aren't as good as they usually are doesn't mean that Alabama isn't good.
UGA's schedule has been pretty easy this year, just like Alabama. Difference is UGA took a step back from last year and Alabama took a step forward. I literally said in my original post that Alabama is the best team in the country...
Yes, they play the same teams every year. But those teams literally change from year to year and this year those teams are down. I'm not saying Alabama never has a tough schedule, they clearly have. I'm just saying this year's schedule is definitely weaker than the majority because the teams they're playing aren't as good as the ones in the past.
Everyone already clearly knew and have been saying that Alabama is the best team in the country. It's not like there were any doubts about it because their schedule is weak. But just beating a good LSU team still doesn't change the fact that their schedule is overall pretty bad...
An undefeated ACC champion Clemson is getting in the playoff over the SEC runner-up. Like I really want to agree with you because Georgia is most likely to be the SEC runner-up, but if the SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, and ACC all have undefeated champions I just don't see them not getting in the playoff
I definitely agree with that scout on Georgia. They look very complacent, and that mixed with the fact that they aren't nearly as good of a team as last year is a very bad combo. They haven't looked like what a number 2 team in the nation is supposed to look like, but hopefully Kirby lights a fire under them and they get it together
Really? I honestly believe that Auburn and LSU can compete and win against anybody in the top 10 of the poll besides Bama
Yeah I'd definitely agree with that. While I do think UGA wins this weekend against SCar (for obvious reasons) I expect the game to be close and competitive, which makes me want to see them stay in the Top 25. I honestly think SCar is a top 15 team this year
News Flash: It was Charleston Southern. But actually watching the game showed me that Florida is definitely different, in a good way, than last year. If the same game had been played, but one year ago, I think the gators would have only won by a two touchdowns. Obviously I'm just speculating but it seemed like they played with certain attitude not seen last year.
South Carolina and Florida rounding out the top 25... Is it too early to say the East isn't as top heavy as last year?
What kind of logic is arbitrarily saying Bama is a better team than Ohio State? Besides just gut feeling, there's no way to know which of these two teams is better. Especially with no common opponents that could be looked at. All that said though, my gut is saying that Bama and Nick Saban are probably better
Yeah, that's exactly what I keep getting caught up on with Ohio State. The big ten championship is fresh in our minds and they just beat an undefeated Wisconsin team, but losing to a very average team by 30+ points still has to matter.
It definitely will be a good game. But if Auburn plays like they did against UGA, I just don't see how this particular Alabama team can play a complete game and win (especially with all the questions they have in terms of injuries). The game is in Jordan-Hare so right now, I personally believe Auburn has the edge.
Totally agree. Never thought UGA was this new superpower and couldn't be beat, but definitely have to give it up to Auburn for their performance (even if it was at home). The Iron Bowl should be a great game and hopefully the dawgs will have their chance at revenge in the SECCG and actually understand that they're not impervious.
EXACTLY. I like to think of myself as a rational Georgia fan, and everything you said is more than likely spot on. UGA is a good team but not a great team, and this Auburn team showed that. I wouldn't go so far as to say they will be embarrassed in the SEC championship game; but after what they showed against Auburn, there is no sane person( I hope) that believes they are a top 4 team in the country. And I completely agree about the upcoming year. They will be a very good team, but will overall be a disappointment in the end.
I have been telling my fellow dawg fans that Auburn is a very talented team with 2 tough losses (now with a very strong win) for the past 2 months and that this was the only game on Georgia’s schedule that I was truly worried about. Gotta give it up to Auburn for a really great and complete game, even though I think the dawgs made plenty of stupid mistakes complimented by terrible play-calling by the chump Jim Chaney. That being said, Auburn deserved the win. I also think that its time to stop thinking of Jake Fromm as this savior with amazing leadership, when he is obviously a true freshman with talent but that still does not have the leadership to lead a national championship caliber team. Don’t get me wrong, Fromm is a great talent who I believe will continue to develop into a better player and great quarterback. But at this point in time, I am ready for Jacob Eason to make his return. Jake Fromm isn’t the reason Georgia lost this game, but I 100% believe Jacob Eason would have given the Dawgs a better chance to at least compete with Auburn. Just like Jarrett Stidham has that big play ability with his arm, I personally think Eason’s ability is similar and would have given the Auburn’s defense a little more to worry about. (New to this website so feel free to roast/dismantle my comment)