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I haven't posted in a while but that comment about bama fans adds to my hate for this below average qb of ours. Break a leg Bo!!!!
Im up 0.44 units on cfb so far this season which is not great but better than being in the red i had a bad weekend this past Saturday. But line movement is funny because sometimes lines get bet up to get bet back down later. I took state at 10.5 against AU and the line closed at 7.5 and i still lost.
True, but lines are still shaded one way or another based on public perception. I think the look ahead line in this game was UF -3 and if AU hadn't won by a million against state the line wouldn't have opened as a pick. Its also possible the market hasn't caught up to AU and they should be even bigger favorites. Regardless of the outcome of the game im positive sharp money will be on UF. Which has me extremely worried about this game.
This is when i hate that i gamble because i look at everything from a gambling perspective. The contrarian in me tells me that UF wins this game. With that being said i also played miss st last week and we know how that turned out. AU has covered every game this year so far and is now a public team with a lot hype. I hope im wrong and i will never predict AU to lose a game but UF seems like the play.
Lsu has had more talent than AU for years and AU has been to Atlanta twice since the last tine LS went
Sounds like any game on any saturday. When plays are to be made you must make them or you will get beat. So happy auburn ruined your night by winning, i bet you tossed and turned all night.
Exactly, and that will never change regardless of how good the teams are.
I hope they lose the deal just because i hate the 2:30 time slot. The game of the week in the SEC should always be a night game in prime time. Im sick of playing Bama at 2:30 every year. Even when Auburn stinks its still a afternoon kick. We need to switch it up
@ AU Alum 91 you're spot on, my biggest fear is gus getting his hands on a can't miss qb prospect if there is such a thing. That's why i would prefer a transfer qb starting in what's more than likely his last year coaching Auburn. That gives the seniors a opportunity to have a decent season as well. Hurts is one of best qb's in the country right now. I think a lot of people lost sight of that since he was benched in favor of tua. So any team with a question mark at qb would be idiots to not attempt to sign him. He is basically a free agent. A guy who could be in the heisman conversation at this time next year. I dnt know if he would pick Auburn, but i would pissed if Auburn did not make a serious attempt to pick him
Who thinks auburn has a cake walk??? The 3 point spread tells you its a coin flip game. Plus purdue arguably has the best player on the field next to derrick brown, who might be eyeing the nfl draft. Throw in gus's awful bowl game record and kevin steele' s awful bowl games, i think Auburn loses.
Watching and playing are 2 different things. Js. Cant blame a kid for wanting to play. You SEC fans are truly the best.
Saban is spot on these conference championship games are basically meanigless under the playoff system. Regardless of the outcome tomorrow Uga is a better team then both Oklahoma and Ohio St. Uga should already be in the playoff, they shouldn't be eliminated for playing a pointless championship game against the best team in the country while notre dame gets a bye. Clemson shouldn't be risking players getting injured against an average pitt team. The top 4 teams are the current top 4. This weekend is a complete waste of time. I know the SEC championship has been great for the SEC in years past, but it will do more harm than good moving forward with this current model. Its time to do away with the conf championship games.
I've been saying this for months. It will happen and it has to happen.
It actually is all the system. Put him in Oklahoma, bama, or ohio st's system, with the same o-line and skill players i promise you his numbers would be better. Nfl scouts and execs should burn all the game tape from this year. I would be shocked if stidham isn't taken in the first 2 days of the draft. They will put stidhams regression all at the feet of gus and give him a pass because of gus's awful coaching and qb development.
Im 2-4 on the lock of the week, thanks vandy for getting backdoored. This week im going with Tulsa +7 against arky. This number only being 7 tells me everything i need to know about this game. I dont bet against my team but ole miss is a game i would be all over if i wasnt a barner.
This idiot is obsessed with auburn. How's deandre swift heisman campaign going.
It took your coach begging and pleading to get in. It took Wisconsin losing to Ohio st. It took several factors that allowed bama to back door its way in. You bammers didn't know for sure after losing to Auburn that you was guranteed to get in. So how about purposely losing to Auburn again this year and see what happens. Bama fans begged to bring back a stupid song that mentions Auburn's name in it. But some how now bammers dont care about losing to an awful Auburn program. Nobodys buying it.
Lol, exactly i couldnt make it through the first 3 sentences. I guess bama has never fired a coach for not beating Auburn. Hilarious.
Im one of those idiots and im done defending him. Throw the whole staff away including coach Steele. Defense looked unprepared for the second straight week. Last week it was the run this week the pass. Not sure if UT has the best recievers ever or if auburn has the worst secondary ever. But this team is a hot mess. No disrespect to UT but this was embarrassing. I honestly checked out emotionally after stidham missed a wide open slayton aginst state last week, but this still sucks to see. Im going to 2021 let me know if yall want anything.
I said the defense is ok and they are getting better every week it seems. I would still favor the teams i mentioned defenses over atm at the moment. And thanks for filling me in on their special teams. It's hard knowing exactly how good every teams special teams are. I will admit that atm has turned a lot of games into coin flip games that i didnt think they could win in the preseason. Good luck the rest of the way besides the Auburn game of course.
Not buying it. The offense looked as bad as Auburn's last week. Kellen Mond seems to be regressing. The defense is ok but not elite. Lsu, State, Auburn defenses are all better. Not sure how good they are on special teams, ill let atm fans fill me in on that. Its possible, but i dont see it this year. I personally think they lose to the cocks this weekend. A win against USC could make me change my thinking.
If i kick your butt in a fight who cares if you go beat up some punk down the street. I still beat the snot out you. It matters. You have to get redemption against me. Im pretty sure bama fans were excited to win another championship but the ones who act like they dnt care about losing to auburn aren't fooling anyone.
After 2 straight wins im now 2-3 with my lock of the week. This week im taking Vandy plus the points, i like fading teams after big wins, and Vandy usually plays UF tough at home also. Another sneaky play is S.Carolina against aTm.
We're stuck with gus for at least 2- 3 years. I personally think gus is a ok coach and has built a solid program at Auburn. But he should be forced to hire an OC, preferably Hugh Freeze and completely remove himself from the offense. The problem with Auburn is the scheme, not playcalling. A better scheme could actually help the o-line. With Bo Nix and Pickens coming in next year we cant let gus ruin what should be 2 cant miss prospects.
Auburn opened as the favorite in the SEC champion ship game. By kickoff uga was the favorite, so everyone did not have Auburn winning that game with a banged up johnson being questionable for the game.
Impossible to handicap these games in early october. There's no telling were Auburn's head is when these games are played. Right now i would say no chance in hell they could win bcuz you have to score to win, and thats something Auburn just can't do at the moment.
I understand you're feeling yourself after a couple wins but i will still argue the fact that Auburn's defense is better. How much better is up for debate. I read a lot of articles on this site and never seen debates about UF and Auburn's defense. Even with the showing today, stats will still show they're pretty stout. The defense was on the field the whole game and still put us in postion to win. I'll go to war with our D any day of the week. Congrats on the big win against LSU. Good luck the rest of the way.
It was fun yall enjoy the rest of the year. War Eagle!!!!