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Espn, cbs and walter football has him mocked in the first round but i forgot those sites only matter when it comes to way to early rankings. You are a joke, you pick and choose when a source is credible.
Mel kiper has him mocked at 23 to the rams, you continue to be the worst troll of all time. Clown!!!!
It got us the opportunity to remind bammers when the iron bowl was played bama lost, winning the playoff doesn't change the fact that Auburn tapped dat ass son.
Congratulations on being another bammer who thinks a team sucess in football equals their own sucess. You still suck at life troll.
Bama didnt beat auburn for the championship, i can care less about the other teams they beat on their schedule, when they played Auburn they got dat ass beat 26-14, next year we do in t-town, see you next year troll.
The difference between you and me is i dnt care what you clowns on SDS think, none of you were buying Auburn being a good team this year. They finished the regular season #2 in the country.
You are a clown, i listed 2 different sites and some how you missed that.
They do update articles when i read that article Tuesday morning auburn was 5, plenty of polls have been released since so its possible they dropped to 7. Why would i lie and then say where to find the article.
I don't blame gus for losing the SEC championship game with his best player hurt. Auburn win's that game they are in the play-offs, he won the west. Saying they lost 4 games doesn't tell auburn's story. It makes you look like a troll.
Its funny how bama and uga both beat Auburn at home a few seasons ago and now they both get smacked on the road and know everyone chalk it up to home field. This team won the west and played for the right to go to the playoffs, they were the number 2 team in the country when the regular season was complete. Just saying they are a 4 loss team doesn't tell the whole story. Say what you want about loses but Auburn has gone into November a top 10 team the last 2 seasons and dont expect that to change next year. Auburn has recruited at a high level since gus has been there and know its obvious that these kids are being coached up and being developed. Auburn isnt going anywhere, the o-line will be fine, a rb will emerge and continue the longest streak of 1000 yard rushers in the country. The defensive line will be the best and deepest in the SEC even with the loss of holland. Auburn will be one of the better teams in the country next season.
That was the first time he's played when he didn't have a double digit lead.
I agree to an extent it depends on the timing of those interceptions, lets be real bama only plays 3 or 4 loseable games every year thats when those turnovers will be critical. I see a few multiple int games in his future. But throw in 5 td,s with it maybe they don't matter.
Like i said regardless of if its martin or not the streak will continue.
Its called google you clown do some research before assuming you know anything, the article is on SB nation got read it, espn and cbs are not the only sites that release way to early polls its numerous of them, sports illustrated has auburn at 5. Do they count or is it espn and cbs the only people allowed to cover football.
I don't think we're telling bama to do anything, we're just not being prisoners of the moment and saying 1 good half of football when a team had no preparation for him and did not have a scheme in place to stop him trump actually going thru the the process of actually leading a team to 2 straight title games.
He has a gunslinger mentality doesn't mean he won't be a good qb but he seems like he will take a lot of chances with the ball, that usually leads to turnovers. I also see a lot of 4 and 5 touchdown days in his future potentially.
Georgia prepared for the the triple option not the air raid. Pump the brakes on simply throwing jalen in the trash. Once teams get some film tua we will see what he got, he has turnover machine written all over him.
People like you are why bama has the worst fans in cfb and its not close. Guy struggles a lil bit and you're done with him. Once tua has 20 plus turnovers next year and bama loses a game yall will be sending him back to the islands.
Honestly, it felt the same way it did for you since you lost. It sucked.
Some can argue you are to low on Auburn. SB nation released a consensus poll based off a bunch of early 2018 polls and vegas odds and it had auburn at 5. I've seen them as high as 4 and as low as 15. I've seen Washington as low as 20, some have Michigan as high as 5. Auburn loses most of its o-line next year but has recruited that postion well over the last few years. The front 7 will be the strength of the defense again and will allow the new faces in the secondary to gel. Expect auburn to be more of a wide open pass first team next year with basically every wr returning. Not worried about the rb situation, some one will emerge to extend the country's longest streak of 1,000 rushers and my earl favorite will be true freshman Asa Martin.
It did have meaning, it doesn't anymore, the cfb has devauled the conference championship.
And tua will never miss a wide open reciever as long as he plays football. Best qb ever, 3 straight titles, book it.