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Clemson just beat down Alabama by 4 touchdowns and was playing a backup QB in the 4th quarter and just eating up clock. Take your punches like a man, you look like a fool trying to blame conferences.
So Alabama can run the west undefeated but Clemson is a possible three loss team? lol Quit with the excuses that Alabama was "tired" and that playing SEC teams beats a team up any harder than a non-SEC team. You sound like an idiot.
They will tear you up. This year they were trying to find a QB. Now they got one and he is a monster
Hey bro God is what gives Dabo his strength and confidence. Dabo giving God the credit is a true statement- it starts and ends with God in his life and shapes who he is and what he has done. Don’t let your lack of faith blind you to the power of faith. What you are seeing at Clemson could not have been done without Dabo, and Dabo would not be who he is without his faith.
Boy you are ignorant. First of all TAM was the first big game and they were dealing with figuring out their qb’s. Syracuse was Trevor’s first start and he gets knocked out and our third string QB wins the game. They played what is normally a good FSU team who is having a down year. They were undefeated and won their conference championship in a power 5 conference. Look how many average points they held their teams to. How could you possibly question them deserving a spot in the final four?
Why would he go to Alabama when his sons play for Clemson and he has a network of friends and coaching staff that have the best relationships you can ask for? How could he possibly improve his situation going to Alabama? Quit dreaming