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I don't know if I can agree with you on, " Both " teams being 1 dimensional. I think every week Auburn's passing game and become more efficient. Of course the first 3 games you could obviously see a true freshman trying to find his footing, and adapt to the speed of CFB. But last 2 games I've watched Bo Nix starting to adapt quite well. Including a 335 passing yards and 2 passing TD's, 0 Int's in the MSU game. If you don't see the down field threat that Seth William's and Anthony Swartz becomes as they get more healthy,and the short intermediate passes breaking for long plays as a indicator that this team can attack you from any point on the field then I suggest you get a tutorial.
I would like to know how you fair profit wise from gambling then, if you see this spread fo from a pick em to a road team becoming the favorite in a hostile environment. Maybe as a fan you are just not confident. But if you are a true gamblers then you seeing the movement should actually be making you feel good about AU's chances. Now if it went from a Pick'Em, to Florida being -3, that's when you should be worries.