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Yes. The non playoff teams have less depth and more key players opting out of bowl games than other non sec teams. Against army, mizzou had several key injuries and opted outs to be expected to win a bowl game. Besides, I feel bowl games should be for the backups that are returning the next year. Hard to put a finger on why sec mbb played so poorly in the tournament. It's not because they beat up on each other. Maybe it's because the conference just wasn't good this year.
I hope mizzou sucks bad enough to play the almighty alabama in the SEC championship game. A long shot but alabama fans and their arrogance is annoying.what you all need is 20 years of mediocrity to bring you down off your self appointed high perch.
Red and black, you are my favorite opponent fan. Thank you for wishing mizzou well.
They don't have anyone. Probably going wildcat with touchdown Luther every play. Wish he was on the roster 2nd half of 2021 season.
Hiring the veteran dline coach from Indiana can't hurt. Was able to help lead Indiana's defense in big 10 sacks this year. Mizzou needs skill both on the field and in the coaching ranks.
Seems like we can't have anything nice. I too was excited about this young player. Seems like getting over the hump to being a significant entity in college sports is going to continue to elude mizzou. I'm not getting any younger and I don't like not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Miz