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This year, the poise and control of the game he is showing is reminiscent of Tom Brady. I don't see how Burrow doesnt succeed in the NFL.
Yeah, I dont see Tennessee in the Music City Bowl. We were just there in 2016, which is sadly, the last time we went bowling. Everything Ive seen elsewhere says Gator, Belk, or Liberty
If Memphis doesnt go to the Cotton, the Liberty will most likely want them. The SEC won't fill its allotment, so the Liberty can take an AAC team if they want.
hit the nail on the head. Every coach or school is the one that "can't win the big one"...until they do. Heard it for years about Tom Osborne at Nebraska, Ohio St. never winning bowl games, and "Clemsoning" just to mention a few examples.
I believe they are what, #11? Yes, quality loss. Auburn also went to LSU and lost only by 3. Does that mean LSU isnt very good because they barely beat the "5th best SEC" team at home? Let's be reasonable..or at least try
Which is why Oregon's lost to Auburn is by no means a death knell to their hopes. It's a quality loss, if anything.
Bama may end up ahead of Georgia, but there's a number of teams behind them that could and would pass Bama up, including the Pac 12 winner, an undefeated Minnesota, an undefeated Baylor, or a 1 loss Penn St. that beats Ohio St.
I dont quite get this board and why I cant respond to the comment directly...but "The Pac 10 sucks this year. And it’s true." Based on what? You only have out of conference to judge at this point, and the Pac 12 has a winning record against the other 4 major conferences. I dont know what you are going on, beyond perception. We'll find out how good the conference is come bowl season, but I see nothing now that you can point to as real evidence that the "Pac 10 sucks".
year to year SEC bias against other conferences. People say the Pac 10 sucks EVERY year. Sometimes it's true, but sometimes its not. The ACC outside of Clemson does suck this year. But anyone doubting Clemson is fooling themselves.
Auburn also lost by 3 points at LSU, the top team in the whole country. Auburn is a good team, and may be able to beat anyone on a given day. Oregon had to travel across the country, controlled that game almost all the way through, and we're talking about early September. I personally don't think Oregon should be condemned just for that game, and frankly that is a lot better loss than a # of the other teams in the top 10, like Georgia, Utah, and Oklahoma
truth, and the easy and proper response.
If they beat UGA and Alabama, I think you will definitely see them in the conversation.
That's ridiculous. A last second lost in the first game of the year to a top 10 opponent shouldnt eliminate anyone from the playoffs. If Utah and Oregon are 11-1 going in to the Pac 12 Title, then the winner should absolutely be in the playoff.
Tim Tebow and Cam Newton are the 2 best SEC qb's Ive ever seen on the college level. Peyton Manning is obviously a legend and was great in college, but at the college level, the other 2 pretty much changed the game.
He's had a great career, but I dont think you can ignore the fact that in 2 of the biggest games in his career, he was outplayed by the other quarterback. Now in both cases, the other quarterback was and is outstanding...but when we're talking about superlatives like we are here, that definitely matters, imo. You also can't ignore what he has had around him, the time he often gets to throw, and the ridiculous core of receivers they currently have. I'm not hating on the guy at all, but when you're talking about the level we're talking about for Tua, these are things that factor, imho.
He's really good, perhaps great. But I dont know how he could be the best quarterback in SEC history when he's not even the best quarterback in the SEC right now.
No, I dont think he was at all. Oklahoma's Defense wasnt good enough to expose that tho. I think its clear that against Clemson he was not 100%.....and he didnt get worse in between those 2 games.
Nope, not at all. Completely honest. I've never been known as one to worry too much about overall opinion, or that i might be in the minority. I Honestly didnt even know he was disliked so widely as you all say. I got to be honest tho, Now that I think of it, I'm not sure I can tell you an announcer that "I cant stand". I guess if they bother me at any point, I just tune them out or dont pay attention to it.
We're talking about competitive kids playing the highest level of competition that there is for this age. You'd probably have to chain Tua to a tree or something to keep him from going out there.
Completely believe Gary Danielson, as there seems no rational way that Tua could possibly be 100% this soon after the injury and surgery. There was a longer period between surgery and the playoff last year. He wasnt 100% then, he's not going to be now.
interesting, I find Danielson one of the best color college football announcers out there. Watching games over the years, I've seen countless times where he has perfectly predicted what was about to happen based on trends, formations, etc . I'm not interested in arguing over it, I just found your comment interesting bc most of the people Ive watched SEC games with like Danielson. Ive never really heard anyone I know complain about him like that.
What are Tennessee fans supposed to do? Not support their team? There has been more than enough pissed off people and negativity for the last 15 years. Saying over and over your team sucks doesnt do anyone any good. Yes, current expectations are changed. We realize that. Thats the whole point. These are steps forward from where we are a few months ago. Why on earth would this bother you. Worry bout your own team.
sheesh...118? There's no way that should ever be with all the talent they can bring in in Austin.
"Hosed" is a strong word. Did we get some bad breaks on the calls? sure, but the result wouldnt have changed. I dont think our qb's are scrubs. I'm very optimistic about our future at qb. offense, but I think that says more about the adjustment of expectations for Tennessee football in 2019. Back when I was in school, nobody got the least bit excited about beating So Car and Miss. St....but this is where we are.
There is no excuse for Georgia St., but it doesnt matter in the long run, and may have actually been a good thing in the big picture for both the coaches and players. If we do get to a Bowl game, I especially think its meaningless. Remember, Nick Saban at Alabama lost to Lousiana Monroe in his first year, and I believe he also lost to UAB at LSU before getting them a title. No, I'm not saying Pruitt is going to be Saban, at all. But the point is that the big picture and the long term process is what matters most, not one game here or there, even as bad a loss as those.
I mean, I dont know how much he usually complains, but he's got a point, here.
Us Tennessee fans have had to learn some serious patience in the last 15 years or so, and I think that's helped us prepare for this.  For one, we are tired of having to talk about firing coaches,so I think most of us were prepared to trust Fulmer's judgement and give Pruitt plenty of time.   I think we are also aware that this is a long term process, and getting back to consistent success long term is the goal, not just having a couple of good seasons.  We've seen a coach who came in and had things looking fairly good after his 2nd and 3rd years, but then completely fell apart to the point where we experienced the worst season in our history.  That's not what we want. Pruitt is a new head coach, and he's clearly got learning to do, and he's made mistakes.  But with where Tennessee is, I definitely think its in our best interest to fully support him and allow him to develop as a head coach here.
i see. I do see my own criticism for this article too. "but I was too busy laughing at the fact the College Football Playoff selection committee thinks Clemson would finish 3rd in the Big Ten East." This is the sentence that bothers me. Sportswriters should understand how this works, and too many of them don't. The committee's job is not to predict who would actually beat whom or how they will finish. Their job is to put the teams that have performed the best over the year based on schedule and performance. Clemson hasnt played anyone. It's not rocket science. Sheesh.
Here's my idea for an 8 team playoff using conference champions. Conference champions from the 5 major conferences each automatically qualify IF they are ranked in the top 12 (could be top 10).  If your champ isnt top 10/12, your conference isnt guaranteed a spot. The top conference champion from the Group of 5 also qualifies the same way.  They get in, but only if they rank in the top 10/12. After that, simply take the highest ranked at-large teams, and seed the quarterfinals based on ranking.  Play the quarterfinals the Friday/Saturday before Christmas on the campus of the higher ranked team.  If its Wisconsin and its 7 degrees out, so be it.  Advantage Badgers, or whomever. The semifinals and championship stay the same.