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Speak for yourself. It seems that while that may be the consensus from Mayor Poe and the rest of Gainesville who operate in delusion half the time, the majority of people essential workers and such that have been out there since the beginning including myself think the opposite. Then again im actually out there living instead of cooped up inside watching (insert choice here) main stream medi-sensationalism.
From a bystanders view point idk how Max Johnson as the starter is even a question in Baton Rogue right now. He clearly is the guy on campus right now. Look how their offense finished the season
Yall seem to forget he "erased" the ball right out of your tight ends hands immediately before that hit occurred. Gave old Jones a +1 in the INT column as far as stats are concerned :D
Pretty much his biggest problem here imo. Clearly too fancy with his "schemes" ends up causing line up issues near every play and mismatches far too often. You can tell pre snap our players have no clue where they should be lined up. Easy money for opposing teams
Lol just admit you're a closet gator fan you know so much about our team
In other news water is wet and if you jump out an airplane with no parachute you'll apparently die.