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I think the refs didn't call a penalty on the crowd because it would have gotten out of hand. No need to poke the angry bear
Look I'm no rocket scientist but even I know you don't play 15 yard cushion off the LOS on 3rd and 7
'08 ah yes I remember that year. What a great year that was
Well a dogs IQ is 1/7 that of a regular human (google it) so it really shouldn't be that surprising.
Who knows. Maybe UGA will have 15 procedure penalties and keep yall in it lol
"Wakes up" = scores the same amount of points 2nd half as the first.
Kicked our butts is a bit of an overstatement given you were outgained 2 to 1. Outcoached? Definitely. More disciplined? For sure. But definitely not dominant.
You know they have support groups for people with Aspergers. When you get to high school you could look into it. It helps to know someone cares about you
This site is a glorified forum site not sure why you come in expecting anything else. Capitalism is great tho. Don't like our product? Shop somewhere else
Yeah idk man yall got outconditioned. Florida s&c coach along with depth is gonna be the main reason I see no one else but Georgia giving us a full game the rest of the season
I noticed too. That part of the fan base disgusts me. Think what you will about who may be better but to boo the team mate who puts sweat and tears into our team because someone else's talent is annoying. And we wonder why we had such a hard time recruiting the past decade. We had tons of recruits at this game that saw that...
Makes me appreciate where we are as a program now even more. Poor guys up there in rocky top having a rough couple decades. This last decade for me was more than enough for a life time I can imagine
Speak for yourself. It seems that while that may be the consensus from Mayor Poe and the rest of Gainesville who operate in delusion half the time, the majority of people essential workers and such that have been out there since the beginning including myself think the opposite. Then again im actually out there living instead of cooped up inside watching (insert choice here) main stream medi-sensationalism.
From a bystanders view point idk how Max Johnson as the starter is even a question in Baton Rogue right now. He clearly is the guy on campus right now. Look how their offense finished the season
Yall seem to forget he "erased" the ball right out of your tight ends hands immediately before that hit occurred. Gave old Jones a +1 in the INT column as far as stats are concerned :D
Pretty much his biggest problem here imo. Clearly too fancy with his "schemes" ends up causing line up issues near every play and mismatches far too often. You can tell pre snap our players have no clue where they should be lined up. Easy money for opposing teams
Lol just admit you're a closet gator fan you know so much about our team
In other news water is wet and if you jump out an airplane with no parachute you'll apparently die.