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Kirby has gone from Richt 2.0 to Urban Meyer 2.0.
Yes! The Mertz of baseball indeed! If he keeps working hard he could even rise to the tasty level of Junior Mertz.
The good news for Armstrong is that even a mediocre defense would qualify as a dramatic improvement. That is also the bad news.
Agree on Congress. If any entity can destroy college sports, it’s Congress with the current NCAA a close second.
The only way for ESPN to pay out these insane media rights deals is to move into some form of pay per view that generates far more revenue than what they get from subscribers. The Evil Mouse is hungry and it will eat the world.
Poor Colts fans. Thus begins what will be years of hype and promise of potential that will be realized “someday” only to result in erratic, mediocre seasons where AR will get 10 times the attention of actual quality players on the roster because of his ability to do backflips.
FSU is and has always been corrupt. They have no ethical standards. The fact they don’t believe in honoring contracts is just further evidence.
No doubt one of Kirby’s priorities was getting weekly updates on the driving habits of low level employees. The writer is totally correct. It’s obvious. “Couch, about the big time recruit—“ “Let me stop you right there. Before we get sidetracked by trivial things that don’t matter none, update me on the driving of some of our low level employees. This is where I choose to focus my attention. Also, my jumpy jump lessons.”
Of course, Florida is #1. It’s where we belong in all rankings.
He made a turn for the better and will now be remembered for all time as one of the mighty warlords who returned The Gator Empire to its rightful place at the peak of college football!
No doubt, the author felt naming the Florida QB room was too obvious. The Miller Mertz duo — famously known as MilleMertz— is widely regarded as the best not just in 2023 but in all of history going back over 5000 years!
Florida’s long snapping unit is vastly under-rated and belongs at the top of this list. We’re are the only program, let me repeat that for emphasis- The ONLY program— with 16 consultants dedicated to long snapper optimization! Rival coaches are losing sleep trying to figure out how to stymie our long snapper advantage.
Milroe must feel the swirling sensation as he circles the toilet bowl and prepares to be flushed down the drain — forgotten.
I never get too excited about any verbal commitments. I rarely get excited about actual commitments. You never know who will produce and who will bust.
Yes. That would make sense as a way to level the playing field a little.
Man, oh, man, these SDS writers just don't want to see the truth. Mertz played terrible on PURPOSE during the spring game. He is a master of the mind game, something like the Hannibal Lecter of college football, mesmerizing opponents, making them overconfident, confusing them with his mental mojo and then, as hands down the most talented QB in America, destroying them on the field of battle. Even now, Mertz is in the heads of the Utah Utes, the tendrils of his influence spreading like kudzu through the nooks and crannies of their feeble brains as he slowly melts down every neuron and reduces them to gibbering fools. Matt Hayes, you have been Mertzed. He has turned you into his puppet, and you don't even realize he is pulling your strings and forcing you to think his thoughts. Halfway through next season, Mertz will be named Greatest QB in history by the Illuminati, and you will weep tears of shame.
Mertz goes #1 overall after being voted greatest quarterback in college football history! The only question some have is whether he is too good to play in the NFL and will make whatever teams drafts unbeatable for a generation, destroying TV ratings as most fans realize they have no hope of beating Mertz.
An actual quality edition. Well done, Napier and the 100.
Yet, Bama is desperately hoping a Portal John QB can save their season, while UGA has two in house recruits ready to roll. Kirby is the leader in developing players, while Saban has become something of a talent destroyer, turning 4 and 5 star recruits into benchwarming losers while he dumpster dives in the portal like a janky hobo desperately searching for better coached players from other programs— even going so far as to admit he’s hoping these transfers can make his failed recruits better.
Given that Kirby is morbidly obese and has more chins than titles, I expect a few fat jokes may be in the offing.
So far, Williams was a disastrous pick by the Lions. They paid him mostly just to rehab last year and now he’s been suspended. By the time he ever makes it on the field his rookie contract will be almost half over.
We were all set to help them install the Triple B— braodjumps, backflips and bounce passes. This is the offense, mind you, that broke the scoreboard when Bugs Bunny ran it in The Galactic Bowl against Marvin and the Martians. Then, Irsay noticed AR’s sparkly eyes, and just like that they decided to go with the Sparkle offense instead. Insanity!