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Bowden was caught cheating and placed on probation repeatedly. Finally, the NCAA even striped him of wins. He was as dirty as he was excellent.
Texas joined the old Big 8 years ago and basically destroyed the conference with their me first attitude.
There were a lot of close games with some insane endings that broke our way and kept that streak alive “Doerings got a touchdown!” I am always nervous when we play them. Stoops has instilled a tough and disciplined mindset in the team that is admirable.
I'm sure the defense will be good. I doubt many teams are going to go back to three tight end formations and fullback plunges all game, though. That's a fantasy. It makes more sense to spread it out and isolate defenders then look for the mismatches. Even Kentucky is planning to spread it out.
Saban was dominating recruiting before NIL, so the idea that NIL is suddenly the key to his success is just stupid. However, the astute observation that Kirby once more got school and made to look like a fool by Saban is right on point.
He seems wise enough to tune Kirby out. This gives UGA a chance. JT can counter the Kirby choke factor with his Buddhist mantras.
Seems like a good kid. Hope he has a good season, but not against us!
Didn’t Saban’s lapdog attack a reporter for this, though?
Mullen won’t throw the players under the bus publicly, but the excuses don’t fly because those 70 teams ranked above us also had to deal with Covid and no tackling etc. The defensive players deserve better than a DC who can’t even get them lined up right. There are middle schools moms coaching pop Warner who can do that. Grantham never seems to grasp the importance of fundamentals. Alll the exotic blitzes in the world won’t compensate when you don’t emphasize how to tackle.
I find the idea of playing UCF boring. Playing nothing but Florida schools? Also boring. I would much rather see us playing in legendary division 1 venues than constantly playing directional schools.
The biggest difference I see is that the players have to pay taxes on that booster money now.
Perfectly nailed how obsessed Kirby is with Mullen. All he needed was to throw in Kirby talking about his unstoppable fake punt unit.
Very good news for Copeland. A great talent and a hard working player who waited his turn. He may become the new matchup nightmare!
"Turns out, he isn’t nearly as good with a football as he is with a baseball." SDS Staff-- if you want to graduate to getting your name on a story, you need to get the basics right! Come on now! The season is coming. You play the way you practice. Also, I am surprised that Peyton didn't do better. I think hanging out with Chesney has taken a toll. Also, the old lob is the safest and best first pitch choice. Don't try and throw it like a real pitcher. It never turns out well. For some reason, seeing Peyton throw that pitch made me wonder if all my insurance needs are covered. Better get on that.
Bringing two QBs just to keep one in the dark so he won't transfer is actually a weenie move that a coach lacking integrity and masculinity would pull. I hope this does NOT become a trend. I think the players need and deserve direct, honest feedback and not mind games and lies.
The message from Norvell to his recruits is clear: I only signed you because the players I really wanted weren't interested.
I hear he will be designing the rings UGA gives out each year for being champions of the offseason.
He will also be bringing a ziplock bag full of shrimp!
Having watched Cutler play, I would have to say he looked like he was born with CTE
He said he played in every game, not started.
Is that really running? Looks more like power walking to me.