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6. Can Kirby figure out how to cover a wheel route?
Stick to broadcasting, old man. Your playing days are over.
The article described it as a "football only" complex, which is why it seemed a little odd to me. Thanks for the clarification.
I’m sure the flight simulator will lead to a lot of victories. Or, given all the players transferring out, maybe it is actually a virtual reality transfer portal?
Now that he is playing for his future, he will have a good season.
And yet that kid who barely played from Obscurity U was drafterd third.
Before he opted out, Finebaum was reporting that he did not look good and he was hearing Newman might not even win the starting job. So, that is one factor being left out of the conversation. Maybe he was trying to save himself the embarrassment.
They actually did him a favor as far as I am concerned..
A bunch of players on that list who could make the right team and contribute. Did LSU actually have a fullback?
That’s the way to finish! Wonder if Fanny Kanell wants to run his mouth some more about the SEC?
They hired a clown to be president of their college, and that is who Screwed everything up.
Poor guy. It was a dumb and selfish decision and he’s probably gonna be mocked for it the rest of his life. I’m still pulling for him!
It seems like he was pretty complacent in all phases.
Some of the criticism I saw was more along the lines that they could have waited and gotten him in round 2. But, how many times have teams tried that and ended up burned?
Jones continues to show why he is so successful. He’s all about team, and has a maturity well beyond his years.
One of the best, no doubt. I don’t understand any bias against DCs as head coaches. They can hire offensive coordinators,right? What people should be careful about is an old fashioned mentality, which we have seen limit success. But the smarter coaches adjust, as evidenced by Saban and others who have seen you can and need to have a complete team.
Huge get for Tampa Bay and what a perfect spot for Trask settling in as heir apparent to the GOAT. Great story as the former two star prospect continues his journey up up and higher!
Poor coaching at UGA left him with a lot of “Kirby” in his game. Will need intense retraining from competent coaches to unlearn his UGA technique.
He’s not the first aging coach to decide his organization existed to provide employment for a less than competent child. Blobby Bowden did it. The fat guy in Kansas City. Mark Richt. It is usually a bad sign that the coach no longer cares about the team and just wants to give jobs to relatives and friends.
He has a degree from FSU, so why is anyone surprised he is a low performing boob?
UGA fans are always bragging about their recruiting being up there with Bama but Tulsa had as many first round picks. Clearly, Kirby is not good at developing talent.
Little Kirby finally manages to get a player on the board ! Congrats little fella, but you gotta wonder what happens to all that talent that goes to UGA and fades into obscurity.