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Great point on the safety being the leading tackler. It means things are going wrong. Good post.
But how does it really help his team for him to spend so much energy trying to annoy rival fans?
Mullen certainly is not performing as one of the top ten coaches right now. He needs to flush the toilet on Turd Grantham. The program will never compete for anything with that obscene mistake waddling the sidelines. Then, we'll see.
Their girlfriends are the same age, so they have that in common.
Note for the next coach: after a certain age, wear a shirt while jogging around campus.
Retaining the obscene slob was a huge error. If that steaming pile of feces isn’t fired, I will have to question Mullens sanity. Keeping this creature is not kind. He is embarrassing himself and his family. The true act of loyalty would be to flush him down the toilet so he can stop making a joke out of himself every week.
Most coaches are lucky to win one title. Very few have won more than one title. The coaches who've been able to sustain long-term success anywhere are few and far between. Right now, the list consist of only one name: Saban.
It's a very desirable job. Just like fans anywhere, fans and boosters expect success, and no one cares what anyone did 2 years ago. It's always what have you done for me lately. Even Bobby Bowden got run out of town on a rail after a few 6-5 seasons. The same fans who used to worship him couldn't wait to get rid of him when he stopped winning. Anyone scared of expectations probably doesn't belong in coaching.
I predict it will be none of the above. I am sure they land an excellent coach, but not one of these six.
Yup. Just wish he was taking Todd Exotic with him.
He was very judicious, but the message was clear that he and the players know Grantham is a loser and a fool.
I don’t see any reason to wait. Flush the toilet and send Grantham swirling to his much deserved fate. Give one of the assistants a chance. They couldn’t be worse than that obscene waste of space.
So the last couple weeks as he was telling everyone he wasn’t going anywhere, he was negotiating his exit.
Based on Diabates post game comments, they are already there. They can all see he is a clueless slob. Time to send him off to spend the rest of his life hanging out at fat festivals eating deep fried twinkies.
Goodbye, Ogre. Donkey is looking forward to seeing you again.
There is no reason to keep Todd Exotic on the payroll. He is not competent. There are guys coaching middle school doing a better job, who would see a team running the same play over and over and make an adjustment. Not Exotic. He just stands there with a stupid look on his face doing nothing. No one could do a worse job. So why keep this obscene pile of reeking feces on the sideline embarrassing himself and the program?
If Richardson loves popcorn we could be in trouble.
The SEC allowing officials to cheat and always supporting their cheating is catching up with them.
Granthams post game comment: What’s a counter play?
Maybe some of those young guys were a little hungrier than some of the veterans they replaced.
Mullen has made some bad hiring decisions. We will never compete for titles with Todd Exotic coaching our defense. He must be fired. If he is retained for another year, we are doomed.
True. The we will continue to evaluate was good coach speak and it would not be cool to make some nasty comments.
I hope the media doesn’t turn on Arkansas. They are still a much improved team moving in the right direction, fighting hard every week. Give them time. The change from two years ago is legendary still.
I would settle for Todd Exotic announcing he has decided to spend more time with his family.