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Layoff the bronzer, Kirk. It’s seeping into your brain.
As long as A&M keeps winning, they should stay ahead of the Gators. How they "looked" against other teams doesn't matter to me. In fact, A&M showed a lot winning an ugly game in which their QB struggled. Ohio State is the most dubious in that they have played few games and, as usual, their big ten schedule looks pretty soft (teams actually played).
Your oline seems to be really coming together, and if you can just run right at us, who knows? It worked for Kentucky for 2 quarters. I do hope we win, but if our guys take UT lightly? It could be a career saving game for Pruitt.
I may be crazy, but I think UT is going to make this a game. I hope our guys are going to show up for the first half this week, because they keep farting around it's going to catch up with them.
I am perfectly happy to see Mullen rip Grumblehams every single play if that's what it takes for him to actually do his job. Clearly being paid millions doesn't motivate him at all, so rage Mullen. You have a coach who doesn't have enough personal pride to do his job without you adding some extra motivation.
How many times do some of these guys have to fail before people realize they are not head coaching material?
I really don’t blame the assistants for refusing payouts. Many will soon be unemployed and they have families to take care of.
Just a rebuilding year. However they finish this season, I expect they will be back among the elite in 2021. Too much talent, and they will be hungry.
He just needs competent coaching from someone who knows how to develop quarterbacks. Good luck, Mathis and congrats on seeing the light!
At Saban's age, the clock is ticking... ticking... ticking.... any day could be the end...
UT Having coaches dressed in pumpkin costumes can’t help.
Very true. Mush’s only real skill is selling himself ADs.
Pruitt speaks truth. He is much better at evaluating TEs than QBs it seems.
Just win, baby, but he also needs to put up big numbers. People are even looking at 300 yard three touchdown performances these days and saying, meh.
The Noles showed the whole world how spineless and pathetic they are when they ducked Clemson, proving FSU is no program for real men.
Fulmer likes Pruitt because Pruitt reminds him of himself with his fat body and mumbling speech. Fulmer needs to realize there’s more to being coach than looking like an inflatable pumpkin when dressed In orange.
Wow. The Noles are just giving up. What losers.
Ohio State lays an egg at some point every year, but since they never play anymore they might not get the chance this season.
Tanner must have heard Brown was a hard drinking good old boy who was fun to hang around. He’s just looking to hire a drinking buddy like Mushy .
Feel bad for weaver getting hurt, but he needs to thank MR. Pitts for the lesson in humility.
Pruitt sticking with Pick 6 is one of college football’s great mysteries. It makes it seem like Pruitt wants to lose.