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Congrats to Gator baseball. Was I ever wrong to doubt postseason chances.
Tick…. Tick.. tick… the end of the ACC is rapidly approaching, and then what will give meaning to Friedlamer’s sad and empty life?
It’s long been a mystery why FSU’s rival product, Semenade, never caught on.
Cool for Lagway. Seems like Gatorade sees him as a rising star.
The lawyers will work out a deal, take their cuts and laugh all the way to the bank. I’m only sorry this created a distraction. I’d much rather the focus be on football.
I didn’t know the Big did this, but, yes. I will say the same thing. I don’t think any of the leagues should be making policy based on what’s good for bookies.
So, bookies are telling Stankey how to run the SEC now. I wonder what they could possibly have offered him?
It’s time for the broken down old nag that is Florida baseball this year to be sent to the glue factory. They have embarrassed the school and themselves enough for one season.
According to an official statement from UF, neither the University of Florida nor the UAA are named in the suit.
One of the rumors floating around when this happened was that on signing day Rashada suddenly demanded more money.
Billy’s Fraud Facilitator InstaGator Associate Assistant to the Assistant Associate clearly dropped the ball on this one. This was the double-reverse flea flicker of fraud attempts and sounds like the script to a zany comedy. The kid will get paid in the end. That’s what this is about. Billy will learn an important life lesson. It’s all part of his five year plan.
There is big money to be made betting on Florida. We now have three offensive coordinators, two defensive coordinators and, get this, TWO offensive line coaches! Plus, a Game Changer coordinator. With so many coaches in every area plus two years of Billy losing on purpose, it is time for Total Victory!! Bet the farm and then some! Billy has a five year plan!
Florida goes undefeated and out scores opponents by 41 points per game. Napier will now cash in on the “important life lessons” our players have learned from losing while other fools like Kirby have made their players soft by constantly winning.
When the game comes out and Mertz has 99s across the board plus his special Mertzilla Mode, the world win know why Florida should be #1.
Will he be on our roster for NCAA football? This is what I want to know.
Montrell will rule the SEC and dominate all of college football.
The #1 pick will be ,….. drumroll….. Meeeertz!!!!!
Year three and The Napy Method has been instilled in the players. The Gators beat Miami by 20 points as the Billy Millenium begins 1000 years of Gator dominance. Will Napier be remembered as the greatest coach in college football history after winning 10 national titles? Yes. Yes, he will.
What will Friedlamer do when the ACC breaks up and goes bye bye? I’m thinking he will see no point in living anymore once his life dedicated to lame is proven pointless..
The floor is 10 wins, easy, with this latest addition. The Gator Empire Rises!
When you can offer a player more than the scholarship is worth in the first place, what difference does it really make if they are on scholarship or on NIL? Don’t know if we’ll bring this kid in, but it seems to me on or not on scholarship is mostly just bunk.
Tie Breaker: Ask The Great Mouse which team they think will get better TV ratings and put that team in the game.
All ADs should take note of the hottest up and coming coach in all of college football: Austin Armflab, the master mind of defense stolen away from Bama by Billy Napier. Don't let the numbers fool you. He is HOT. Hire him NOW before it's too late. We're talking coaching royalty the likes of which this world has NEVER seen!!!!!!
The sooner the season ends the better. That’s what I am saying. Not making the post season is the best outcome.
A down year for Sully and the Mighty Gator Diamond Lizards. No postseason will be a blessing. No more games means no more public humiliation. Hopefully, next year will be better.