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Finebaum is a prophet! Wow! What an amazing take! He must be one of the first 100 people in sports media to recognize that Anderson is a great player. Incredible insight!
Yawn. Only the NCAA would consider doing charity work as something to be punished.
We actually have two offensive line coaches. Not sure what the other one is making.
Remember how our dumb dumb AD gave Exotic a huge extension and then strutted around crowing about it even as a five year old could see our defense falling apart?
His sad explanation was that he didn’t want to fire the reeking fatty because Grantham was his friend. Evidently, he thought UF was paying him millions of dollars to create an employment service for his buddies.
This is why it doesn’t pay to give a whole lot of attention to these verbal commitments. Nothing means anything until the paper work gets signed, and even then it might only mean the player is dropping by for a cup of coffee before hitting the portal.
Good article. The mere fact these coaches actually understand that defense involves tackling puts them light years ahead of Todd Exotic. We should be vastly superior on defense and completely free of shoe tosseritis.
He was a 2 until UF offered, then the ranking services bumped him up to a three. And, you’re right. In addition, when Mullen flipped Emory Jones from Ohio State it was viewed as this great recruiting coup. We all know how that turned out.
Arch did not sign with Texas. He verbally committed. Get it right. The last two national titles were won by a three star and a former walk-in, both of whom beat out five stars to win the job.
Will he disclose in the book that he is personal friends with the Sabans and says whatever Nick tells him to say?
I don’t know of a single Florida fan predicting a national title this year. Maybe they are out there somewhere, but this is mostly Finebaum making stuff up to get a reaction.
It is ironic that the media hype machine turns around and talks down to the fans about our supposed "unreasonable expectations." I have no expectations for Arch or anyone else who hasn't played a down of college football.
Hopefully Arch isn't worrying about winning the Super Bowl right now given he hasn't even so much as taken a single snap in practice at the college level.
Awesome news! Welcome to The Gator Empire!
It would be good to see some more production from special teams. Who do you think could be the guy?
Don't forget about winning, Billy. Don't forget about winning.
College football is still a line of scrimmage game, and from what I saw of OSU, particularly them getting dominated on both lines by Michigan, I don't see them as a serious threat to win it all. The program has gotten softer under Ryan Day, and I expect that trend to continue.
Looks like Kirby's sad and desperate recruiting stunts failed. Maybe he will learn the lesson that flying around in a helicopter painted in the colors of a rival school made him look like as clown.
The tears are flowing from Sabans eyes, no doubt.
It's good. I'd like to see the class get into the Top 10 by early signing day.
This is very true. The only opinions that matter on this subject are the A&M fans. I'm not sure why fans of other schools are so fixated on how much Jimbo gets paid.
We paid them to come in and lose to us. The offense padded the stats against them, for sure. I think EJ set a record of some kind against them. The fact the defense decided to take the day off doesn't change anything.
When it comes to the oline big doesn't necessarily mean good. If I remember correctly, we had the biggest oline in the league last year, but they were mentally soft as they have been for years. Can the new coaches instill some toughness and pride? I hope so, but I'll believe it when I see it.
I was thinking the same thing. That's the problem with looking at the season overall stats in college where teams are able to pad stats against over-matched foes.
An astute answer that allowed him to avoid getting drawn into any kind of sordid debate. Seems like a smart kid. Saban seems to have made himself into some sort of capering clown to be laughed at and mocked in the eyes of a lot of these young players with his feeble and pathetic railing against their rights.
Finebaum has disclosed that he is personal friends with the Saban's. Anything he says about Bama is influenced by his needs to keep Saban's friendship.
Stankey does not have the courage to ever cross Nick Saban. He is a wimp in schlamazel clothing.