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That’s one way to put the Pitts comparisons to rest.
Interesting. It suggests that "dual-threat" is code for "not so great at passing." I'm not sure that's wrong, but a true dual-threat, to me, is the rare QB who can do both at a high level.
I think a lot of people have been feeling that there is something missing when it comes to Mike White being able to take a team to the next level. However, other than that great run with Billy D, Florida has never been a dominant basketball school. It's pretty much make the tournament and win a game or two and that's a season.
You are correct. It was a very good season, maybe even great, but hardly the greatest.
Tua is not doing Mac any favors by making people expect him to be the next Tom Brady. That bar is too high for almost anyone.
Two things. Even in 2019, in big games third and Grantham reared its ugly head, particularly against UGA. So, despite some good looking stats, there were epic fails by fatty even then. In 2020, why were so many teams with lower ranked recruiting classses ranked above us in defense? They also had no spring practice. But, their DCs are not excuse makers. They did their jobs while Grantham reverted to sucking because he knew he was going to blame his failures on covid. Grantham will likely once again suck this year. The time for excuses are over.
Why did they change him from dual threat? Did his legs fall off?
This is a no excuses year for the epic fail that is Grantham. With all the returning players he has nothing to hide behind. Will he be man enough to take responsibility? I doubt it. He never has.
No doubt that special relationship with Pruitt involved a greasy bag from McDonalds...
Congrats! The Gator Empire rules the world!
I’m surprised LSU didn’t claim miles paid the intern using fake money.
If the Dancing Queen thinks NFL players and Refs will put up with his classless taunting and little dances, he is very wrong. The NFL will not ignore his clown act like Saban did.
Seems like UTs players take pride in their cheating ways. Not a good look for the NCAA investigators coming to bring the hammer down.
He couldn’t understand anything Orgeron said and was irked by Coach Os shrimp breath.
Excellent points. Anyway, I see Gilbert as more a Gronk type.
Poor Kirby. He must still wake up screaming Wheel Route — all in a cold sweat, tears in his pudgy eyes. Mullen shredded his supposedly great defense and left him hoping up and down like a demented toad. All with 2 star QB! Kirby Star Chaser does less with more.
The Maroon Goons were very impressive this past season. Their Oline coach should be someone getting looked at because he knows what he is doing.
Just create a team called Over-Rated U that is built to fail in the playoffs every year. Make the mascot a booze-sodden hobo trying to pick a fight.
There is no doubting Jones’ ability, but the Patriots need some receivers. I actually think Jones would be better off on a team with more playmakers and an up and coming coach instead of a fading coach heading rapidly downhill.
They do seem obsessed with formers. They were posting more articles about Urban Meyer as Gator news than actual Gator news for awhile.
Everyone makes mistakes. This is a good chance for this young man to learn an important lesson.
The big question left unasked is the offensive line. Hevesy has done a pitiful job the last two years when it comes to run blocking. The offensive line, to be blunt, has lacked masculinity. They are passive and soft. This year, they need to find their lost cajones and start blocking like men.
Some people like to hire coaches from the Saban tree. Gus Malzahn is the only one who is,obsessed with hiring the disciples of Chad Morris.
The name Lindsey Scott makes me cringe for some strange reason...
Also adding to the need for legal advice: paying players and covering sexual assault scandals.