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Better headline: Nerds stage fake debate to try and get some attention.
Great post. The coaches are control freak hypocrites. The players should have the same right as other students to transfer if they want to, and if it doesn’t work out it was still their choice. Coaches leave secure positions all the time and sometimes it doesn’t work out. I bet Rich Rod misses the days he was king of West Virginia but decided to leave and is now a small time coach of no relevance. Even the idea that the coaches always have the players best interest in mind is a total lie, or else they wouldn’t recruit players they don’t even want just to keep them from signing with someone else where they would have a chance to play.
He likes to play football and this may be the last chance for his entire life. I get it. Georgia fans are also failing to consider that the players behind may just not be that good. Perhaps they are busts and that's why a two star walk on has dominated them and made them look like fools.
I know it's the offseason and you need to fill space with something, but "Kirby Gonna Get Paid" is pretty much on the level of: "5 Reasons You Can Expect the Sun To Rise Tomorrow."
He needs to strengthen his delicate lats. Maybe more kale smoothies will do the trick.
Another excellent hire. Napier is putting together an Army!
6-5, 355 and already knows the system. Hopefully, he'll be a leader and help instill some pride and fight in the False Start Superstars we've had to suffer with the last few years.
Once again, Feldman "reports" what was already going around twitter.
Stingley was the most over-rated player of the last ten years, living on the fumes of his recruiting hype. Bowers is a legit player and a competitor who has already produced more on the field than Stingley ever did. I think he will be fine, while whoever is foolish enough to draft Stingley based on his "potential" will be wasting a draft pick on a gold bricking primma donna.
Totally agree. He says he wants to play on the next level, but he won’t even make it in the Canadian League as a QB.
Awesome news. Very good player who will only get better with a real DC and staff running the show!
Good luck, Gamble! You will always be a Gator!
Kelly: That boy done goes wit coachin’ like a possum done goes wit stew! Yee Haw!
The Dream Team continues to come together. Hartsin is assembling coaching rockstars.
His own son turned his back on him.
QB is the biggest question. Hard to win the West let alone a national title without a good QB. Are you guys worried at all about the new DC?
His major character flaw is revealed in his belief that a "holistic review" will produce anything other than a huge steaming pile of BS.
The Bama fans calling Finebaum have been unhinged. I have never seen anything like it. They should follow the lead of Nick Saban and show some class after a loss.
Good stuff from Napier. Focus on your team and how you can get better. Hopefully, the players will follow his lead and we won't hear anyone talking about ducks pulling trucks.
It's all good, and it also all sounds familiar. The bottom line is turnovers= losses. It does show a lot of positives about EJ, but unless it translates to the field, it doesn't matter in terms of football. I still think he would be well-served by a change of position.
Cashin in and having fun. Bennet is doing very well for himself. When is the movie coming out?
Dabo is showing signs of burnout. His lackluster recruiting is one of many indicators. He may leave Clemson in a year or two and try the NFL.
I could see the Vols winning nine games, barring major injuries at key positions. The 2nd year should see a serious bump over an excellent first year.
Whoever came up with that headline deserves a gold star.
Most of what Feldman reports is just rumors from Twitter.