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Agreed. You can't help but root for BY, even if you aren't rooting for his team. I have a serious question. I don't mean it as a troll. I don't watch NFL. I've heard tv commentators saying one of the concerns over SBIV is his size, which increases his likelihood of injury. Am I mistaken, or is BY pretty much the same size? I'm not saying SBIV should be the #1 pick or anything like that. I'm simply asking why the narratives around these two players are so different given SOME similarities.
To clarify: I don't pay attention to college basketball for any team/school, but folks around me do. I don't razz the UK folks; they talk down about their own team enough that I wouldn't have to if I wanted.
Isn't it interesting that that's the best insult you can manufacture? It didn't take a bit of my joy as a UGA fan who's celebrating BACK to BACK natty's!
Local news said this: Signs are limited to a certain size so as not to block the view of other patrons. Guy was asked repeatedly to keep the sign displayed in his lap, and not above his head where it blocked others' lines of sight. He was then told he could forfeit the sign or leave. When he would do neither, he was escorted from premises and banned from future events.
I live in the area. Diehard UGA fan surrounded by Wildcats. The statements I've heard lately have been to this effect, "UK basketball hasn't been relevant since 2015."
Wow. I usually don't make predictions, but I foresee a trainwreck in College Station.
I don't know Arik's personal issues – not my business. I truly hope the next place works out for him in all the ways that matter. It seems like the folks at UGA did their best to support him and help him however they could. I hope the next place does the same.
I'll add: The program is in a pretty bad place right now. That's the time to be patient. If the last few years were really strong and then there was a shorter period of slippage, then by all means, be impatient. When, however, the program has been heading in an overall downward trend for many years (there were a few outlier years), it's time to try building something instead of finding a short-lived quick fix that puts you back in the same old hole.
As a Dawg fan, I'm forever a Gator h a t e r. BUT I like good football. And football is better when the conference, top to bottom, is better. So I hope UF gets its act together. Seems that ADs, boosters, and fans have gotten incredibly impatient with coaches in recent years. Sometimes it takes time to build something worthwhile. I don't know if Napier can do it, but I'm not sure anyone does. The only way to know is to give him a chance.
We are all maroon Bulldogs today. Our sincerest sympathies to all who knew and loved Coach Mike Leach.
Agreed, Mountain Dog. Cubelic take is mathematically sound. The rest of his reasoning, not as much. As a long-time UGA fan, I'm lapping up the recent successes. 12-0, back to back 8-0 SEC slates (only third team in history to accomplish this feat), in the hunt for the Natty for the second time in two years... I'm happy! But I'm also hungry for more. I hope these Dawgs are, too. No win is guaranteed. Gotta play the games! But I like the Dawgs chances, even if the math is against them.
Fuzzy, I think Hooker will be better this week. Can't hurt that the Vols will be back on their home turf this week.
I wish the Vols well. I really do! If you want some entertainment, click Mark Nagi's name at the top of the article, go to last week's Fearless Prediction, then read the comments on that article. I love a good SEC matchup!
Agreed, Mutt. But ya know, they gotta write articles about something 'round here. And usually something controversial to get lots of clicks and comments.
If Heupel lost this game on purpose, he owes major apologies to Hendon Hooker, who took multiple sacks on the afternoon and may well have lost the Heisman in this game. If you think this was a "close game," you have a lower football IQ than everyone here already thought you did. LOL at your impotent logic.
These writers love to rile people up with this tripe. Of course I'd love to see UGA go on a years-long run similar to the one at Alabama under Saban. I won't be making any statements to the effect that UGA is there until, as you say, it gets done.
This is why I don't make predictions or gamble!
Though I didn't publicize it, I was definitely doubting Kelly. Based on his years at Notre Dame, I thought he couldn't win in big games. Maybe it really was about the talent level available to him... Time will tell, but this season provides a lot of hope for the future for Tiger fans.
Respect to Los Angeles Vols for the classy comment. @Memphis Surely you recognize that UGA was more interested in bleeding clock than in scoring points in the second half. This easily could've been a "blowout" had the UGA sideline wanted it to be. Hope the Vols play well for the rest of the season and continue proving they're a quality team. Go Dawgs!
"They don't have much talent outside of Brock Bowers." I hope opposing defenses believe this. I have zero credentials as an analyst. The last time I donned pads was for Middle School football. But I still think this eye-test commentary is simply overrated. Whether you like the way they look doing it or not, the UGA offense continues to produce, whether we're talking SBIV, Bowers and Washington, Milton or Edwards... YES, UGA is hurting at WR and has been most of the last two seasons. As the team continues to move into the modern passing era and deal with injuries, this is not surprising, even if it is disappointing. And yet, UGA's offense continues to do its part (for the most part) to win games.
Scenario One: UGA beats TN Plays AL in SECCG UGA Wins UGA in the Playoff; TN likely in the Playoff. Scenario Two: UGA beats TN Plays AL in SECCG AL wins AL and TN likely in Playoff; UGA out. Scenario Three: TN beats UGA Plays AL in SECCG TN Wins TN in the Playoff; UGA likely in the Playoff. Scenario Four: TN beats UGA Plays AL in SECCG AL wins AL in the Playoff; TN likely; UGA out. Slightly more important for UGA to win. Really, UGA needs to win out. TN could get in even if they don't. If AL doesn't play in SECCG...
You're right, Ron. But I don't think UGA will get the same credit AL got. As the article mentions, AL has been in the national conversation nearly every year for the last 7 or so. UGA isn't there – at least not yet (I hope that will change!).