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I'm a diehard Dawg fan till I die. Jermaine played hard while he was at UGA. He did what he felt he needed to do. I don't have to like it, but I'm not going to complain, either. This is the transfer portal era.
Tough dilemma. Coaches want a reliable depth chart, players (understandably) want to be at the top of that depth chart. That makes it much harder to have well-developed, system ready reserve players. Recruiting has never been more important considering the additional attrition the portal brings.
Plays an entirely different sport AND the Gator football season has already ended. This game had no direct or serious implications for their program. There’s no reason this young man shouldn’t be able to celebrate as a fan.
Agreed. Go Dawgs! And, the SEC demonstrates once more that it is the best conference in college football. Period.
There will always be classless fans who kick their own team when they're down. There will always be classless fans who get more joy out of seeing their rivals lose than seeing their own team win.
In response to your last sentence – the media was primarily driving that narrative. Unfortunately, some UGA players (especially defense) we’re getting cocky. Let me add, though. You said yourself that Bama’s success depended on which version of the team showed up. Bama has had a couple of games where things weren’t quite in sync, but they’re still a really good team. I would say UGA had its second poor performance (first being Clemson) in the SECCG. I’m not saying we would’ve won if we had played our best. That’s something nobody can really know. I’m hoping we play our best two games against Michigan and presumably Bama…
I'm not sure who "everyone else" is. I've seen media pieces that talk about pathways to victory for both teams. And I have seen elements in the media predicting wins for both teams. I'm no prophet, nor the son of a prophet. I don't get into predictions. I just like watching football and letting the events on the field speak for themselves. All too often these guys who claim to know are simply paid pot-stirrers.
LOL I'm realistic about this game. Any concerns I have about Bama have nothing to do with Danny CLOWNell.
I am worried. I want this win. I want to know Kirby and Co. have the juice to beat Saban, especially in the current situation: a young, depleted Bama team vs. a much more experienced UGA group. But I'm also not worried, because I believe UGA gets into the CFP unless they really bomb on Saturday. I'm only old enough to remember UGA as far back as CMR's tenure. I've come to expect at least one poor performance and at least a couple more where UGA barely squeaks by. Only the worst homers think any UGA game is a done deal before the whistle's blown - especially one as big as this one. Go Dawgs!
Alabama fans never see poor refereeing unless Bama loses.
I really like Aranda. I don't want him at Florida, because I would hate rooting against him.
It wasn't about UGA wanting to "beat em worse." As the article said, UGA isn't measuring by the scoreboard. Execution, playing elite football - that's UGA's standard of measure this year.
I misunderstood this the first time I read it, too. What the author meant was UGA's total time trailing for the season was nearly doubled in that game. 5 mins 19 secs + 5 mins 8 secs = 10 mins 27 secs. Before the Mizzou game, we had trailed 5 mins 19 secs on the season; after the Mizzour game, we have trailed 10 mins 27 secs (nearly double).