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Leach’s talent is wasted at MSU. The only thing MSU can do is ring their obnoxious cow bells; and, they wonder why people refer to them as “rednecks”.
I’m hearing Will Rogers will be next. Does anyone know about Coach’s Leach’s health. Anyone could stumble as he did at the banquet, but I was concerned as to his not looking well. He does have some age on himself .
Is Will Rogers entering the transfer portal so he can transfer to Ole Miss?
If one will listen to Coach Kiffin talk, if one would listen to the few people who know him, one will learn that Coach Kiffin is more mature & most importantly, has become more spiritual. And, what better place to become more spiritual than the center of the Bible Belt. Lane Kiffin is well on his way of becoming the KING of Oxford, the ruler of Mississippi. Along with the improving Kiffin is a change in values, goals, the quest of a higher quality of life. While Ole Miss will fully satisfy Coach Kiffin’s financial requirements, he knows that there is more to life than money. Coaching at Ole Miss does not have the pressures & requirements that grow coaches prematurely old & unhealthy. Oxford,MS has regularly been listed as one of the most desirable small towns in America. Ole Miss is frequently listed as the most beautiful campus in America. Lane Kiffin is discovering that the quality of life in Oxford, MS is unsurpassed by any other college city. HODDY TODDY!
PF is a paid mouth piece. Put a quarter in those big ears & he will repeat the script. I could not be more pleased with this desperate hire. Kelly’s record in no way compares to Miles. Yet LSU in its wisdom fires him. Didn’t O win NC with Mile’s recruits? LSU is gonna burn through some money paying off Kelly’s contract in a few years & entering into another. Kelly talks tough, funny. Welcome to the league of smash mouth football, not football talk. He’s not gonna have a nation of priest recruiting for him & a Catholic heavy media to run interference for him. If a guy can’t win a NC at ND, he’s not gonna win one anywhere. This is hilarious! It could no happen to a better school. I’m excited about the hire!
The famous bell wearing cow that wondered upon state’s playing field(pasture) establishing their “so called tradition” probably pooped a cow patty while wondering around(most cows do). So I assume one could attach a tradition of spreading cow mature upon their field prior to a game. Of course, if state thought that advantageous to winning, they would.
Great post! The state fans on this board are simply trying to cloud the defenseless issue. Of course officials Miss calls on both side. But, for the most part, the violations/penalties are of a non-intentional nature & are punished immediately. The use of the cowbell is an INTENTIONAL violate of the rules sole for the intent to harm the visiting team.
With the outstanding job Leach did at MS this year, OK would be crazy not to get him. As successful as Leach’s “air raid” offense was at MS, it could be championship producing at OK.
Who has not been agitated by undisciplined kids? Good luck getting a FAIR trial in LA.
It is amusing how so many MS fans are positive Lane Kittin is going to LSU: wishful thinking. It just proves MS fans would rather something bad happen to Ole Miss than something good happening to MS. It is sad for ones life to be driven by hate.
No coach worth his salt would go to LSU. Sports programs have been virtually destroyed with far less charges facing LSU. The NCAA has little credibility left, but if the NCAA does not bring THE HAMMER down on LSU, the NCAA should just be abolished. The LSU fans are unrealistic with visions of grandeur. The have run off many good coaches simply for losing a few games. For some unknown reason, many LSU fans think LSU should be NC annually. Since Katrina BR has become a most undesirable place in which to live. LSU thinks they can pay more than any other institution for a coach. SILLY! Isn’t every SEC getting $60M from TV revenue this year with increases coming. Apparently too many LSU fans have been chasing to much coke with mint juleps.
The Iron Bowl was interesting. It was seriously comical the announcers seeking pity for both AL & AU’s high number of injuries. With both having highly rated recruiting classes every year one has difficulty feeling sympathetic. Surely AU has more than two(including Nix) quarterbacks. Nix didn’t “poke the bear”; he “intimated” the bear. AL got more bad calls in that game than any other game they have played. Nix was the pot calling the kettle black. I have NEVER seen AU get the “short end of the stick” on calls. No one, but no one, gets more favorable calls than AU.
I have never understood why MS is the only team in America allowed to negatively impact a game using cowbells with officials not enforcing the rule? If the rumored cow left cow patties of the infamous game, would MS be allowed to spread manure on a field in the name of tradition?