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Sorry, after 9 3’s it makes it difficult to win even against teams you out rebound by 20-25
Still a productive year for the hogs. I think the defense we play in the sec (at least 3 teams I know of in top 10 defense) makes us able to beat any team on any given night. However, when we hit a hot shooting team, especially one who shoots over 40% from and makes 9 3’s. I’m happy state has some shooters/scorers coming in next year because it’s the difference maker. If you can play great D, rebound, and have 2 guys who are real threats behind the line, you can go a long way.
I can’t help but think of Al Pacino’s speech at the end of scent of a woman. Lol
That’s actually a pretty cool thing to see. Those guys have been surrounded by basketball and buzzer beaters etc for so many years and they still get that excited! That’s the way it should be. They love the game and what they do for a living.
They State can bow up but intimately can’t win a case in which no affiant exist and any other evidence would be hearsay because of it. I think the dude is a D-bag and a good coach (he can be both) but what bothers me is his statement, though, it’s not like he can get up there and say I’m sorry for what I did either.
Big get for us. We have some scorers coming in next to year for sure. I like his build too. He should be strong on the ball and keep it low all while being able to jump out of the stadium at any time. Looks like a guy who will need to tone down some flash a little bit but a guard who can get fouled while getting a quality shot off too. Also, I bet he can take a game over when needed. I love what I’m seeing with the team and Coach Jans. Defense does win championships. Imagine a team he threw together this year into a new system and got them to the dance while being the worst 3pt team in D1 basketball. A small to moderate increase in offense (though I think it will be more) would have made us a real contender.
What happened this year with Lunardi? Dude rarely misses. I got to the point of thinking the committee just listened to him he was so spot on…. But not this year. I think the “committee had its mind made up before conference tournament games were played” is a good assessment. Lunardi was still considering those games and moving teams around but I don’t think the committee did the same.
I had a woman start a fight with me before but I didn’t hurt her in any way. Bruises, bite marks, restricting airway (which is felony agg. dom. violence in ms anyway) are pretty alarming unless it’s some Rihanna SNL stuff is going on lol. I just hope they are smart enough not to lean on “she started it” as an excuse for his behavior.
Even as a State guy I have to agree. It always looks better to wait instead of possibly returning when the new coach is hired. They are kids in a generation that seems to reward such behavior so I’m not surprised either.
I think Vandy is a tournament team but suggesting they should be in over Miss state just because they beat them on two last minute 3’s at home. State should not be in the play in game and neither should Pitt imo. I would have liked to see Vandy in one of those spots though and think they deserved that based on the 2nd half of the season play.
Sorry for the typos y’all. Im sure y’all can make out what I said.
Take it from a criminal defense lawyer, the standard in every criminal case is beyond a reasonable doubt, however the DA would have to present the case to the grand jury to get an indictment and that standard is merely a probable cause standard, and the DA can present whatever they want and leave anything they don’t want out to get that indictment. I’m this case, the problem is the affiant (the girl). Per the confrontation clause she would have to testify because the police did not witness the assault and can’t testify to what she said as it would be hearsay. So the meal ticket argument is valid. Plus the DA has no interest in indicting a case that they don’t feel confident the necessary witness will testify. Also, while the charged were “dripped” the state could still present the case to a grand just as a “direct presentment” aka silent presentment case if she changes her mind. However, if she signed an affidavit that the events as she first told them weren’t true, or were bolstered, etc… the state would be screwed as she would be impeached by the defense if she tried to testify under oath at trial and already has a previously sworn statement.
Fernando Tatis with the St. Louis cardinals. I actually watched that game (grew up in St. Louis until 21)
He will either be a good coach or he won’t. I like the relationship he is able to build with his players and I think he will have them ready to play, which was something we lacked with moorehead.
Get a kicker!! Next year might be special but a good kicker can take a top 15 team to a top 5 team.
For anything more than what this gentleman just stated… see Michael Jordan and ask him.
Same here! I thought here we go again. As a loyal state fan I don’t set improbable expectations for a team in ms fighting another school for recruits. 8-9 wins and maybe a run at 10-11 every 5 years and I’m a happy man.
Stop crying about Leach. He has been good enough so far and we play in the sec west. Oh we lost to lsu, Bama, and Georgia. Also Kentucky which stung a bit. So I’m not complaining. I didn’t think we were going to a playoff or New Years six bowl with the 2nd hardest schedule in the nation!
Artifice and flashy things won’t bring happiness. We beat a dangerous ole miss team tonight and played with more heart. I think that was the difference
I love our defensive backs our tail backs front 7 and so many other pieces of this team. Our defense deserves all the credit in this game. They have seen the field way too much the last 4 games and still keep us in ballgames. Bookie and wheat will be making big plays on Sunday’s and Forbes got snubber on Thorpe trophy. We will get a better bowl than expected and be in top 20 if we can win bowl game. And yes do whatever you have to do to not lose arnette! I will donate personally
Agreed. Learn to be grateful folks. I have faith that Leach can do what Dan did and maybe better. We play in the SEC west and share recruits with Ole Miss in a poor state with a smaller population. I’m happy if we can win 8 games often and 10 wins every 3-4 years and maybe be a real contender for the west once a decade.
And success from one school seems to make the other become more successful.
I have heard of this from someone who knows as well. I don’t judge people but msu isn’t that “woke” and I heard he had some odd views not supported by alumni.
He had got his teams attention and had them playing like they were at home for far too long for us! Tough game. I’m happy my dogs won but I was unable to sit and about had an anxiety attack jk the entire second half. Good game y’all. Not sure your coaching situation but Cadillac should be in some upper position for sure.
We should stop crying about Leach. If we had a decent kicker and a kid who could make a play like the dropped td pass, this could have been a different game. Good kicker means 3 or more wins over last season and this one. That would mean back to back 9-10 win seasons. How often have we done that at state?! Leach does have to figure out how to get back for running the ball 30-40 percent depending on opponent and defense.
His accuracy and ability to make every throw on the field is second to none. He will get stronger as time goes on but I don’t see him under throwing guys on deep balls.