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I am a lifelong Hog fan living in Austin. I will be watching the game with friends, all rabid UT fans. I live and work in close proximity to the university. I have many Longhorn friends, as well as Aggie and Sooner types. 'Bama HAS to win this game. If Texas even squeaks by with a W it will mean a complete reversal of fortune for the mighty SEC. The burnt orange nation will never let the SEC forget that it is back and they want to rule. Just ask Nebraska. Just ask Baylor, TTech, Arkansas... These folks leave you with an unholy righteous stench that will never disappear. Trust me--I've been in the belly of the beast for 33 years. Roll Tide, or we're all in for a long, slow fall.
Win something first before anointing any king. TCU lost 60zillion to nothing in their last game.
Dang, and I thought you had to DO something BEFORE you got into the HISTORY BOOKS.
Two things are likely true here: Hogs aren’t better than 9-3 or worse than 6-6, and RonnieM is really Connor throwing sand in our vaseline just for kicks. It just makes sense.
Pretty sure they take sports seriously in the “northern regional cultures”. Different standards might apply in this case. Your comment comes across as Southern apologist rationalism.
Arkansas CC & TF Arkansas leads all schools with 37 total national championships.
The rest of us hate Lame Kiffin. But you keep on stroking his butt.
Hog Fans to Vegas: Go ahead, make my day.
You haven’t been paying attention lately. Duke has everything they need to win it all. I have them or the hated Longhorns taking home the bling. UCLA. Relevant in the 70s.
“ESHAT is angry because her herpes meds ran out.” Bye Bruce. Bye Ronnie. Go Hogs Go.
Hey why don't we throw in T&C/CC and some ladies sports?
And SDS will play real teams again and lose in the 2nd round. Possibly to the most overlooked and obvious team that didn’t get mentioned. The Hogs. Elite 8+ stuff.
The Pigs are going to destroy this article by the end of the regular season.
Devo Davis should have been considered for this list. He can guard 4 spots and has locked down his man all year.
Possible there is a lack of desire to win similar to what happened with Texas football. Talent everywhere infused with a good dose of “we’re Texas”.
Adam Specer’s girlfriend: “ sweetie pie, for your birthday dinner, do you want Cracker Barrel or Applebee’s?!”
The guy just delivered a game ANY QB would die for and you still throw shade?! You don’t deserve a piece of the Natty pie they’re dishing out.
Wasn’t that Tebow hawking vacuums during the Big Stet Show last night?
Delusional, at best. You must’ve been playing with your stuffed gator when the game was on.
Yep. Tebow’s squeak show tires—like Lou Holtz on too much SweetnLow.
Both fall in top the “leaders of men” category. Choose your leader wisely.
You clearly don’t see the writing on the wall that everyone of us sees. Gas on a dumpster fire. Popcorn. Check.
“but we all deserve another chance.” Says every flailing person ever.
OK will be OK, as they are not the obnoxious lot that UT fans are. UT football fans historically as a whole are some of the most arrogant people outside of Columbus. I know. I’ve lived among them for 30 years. Love every loss they endure. Especially to Kansas.
Let’s not forget that said staffer was engaged TO ANOTHER ATHLETIC DEPT EMPLOYEE, as well as the fact that Pertrino was married. Had the audacity to pull off the presser in the neck brace all the while lying to every Razorback fan AND HIS OWN TEAM. But hey, 10-2 is 10-2, right Jimbo? Ags lost any semblance of credibility they had. Poor cadets.