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T sippers will be all over that. Get ready for the biggest bunch of blowhard sanctimonious fans ever. Horns way TF down.
I can show you how to make $30K in one afternoon! DM me!!
100% of Arkansawyers watched their Hogs sh*t the Longhorns outta their butts last year. 41% of tx fans called it fake news.
Let’s see, multiple women were raped by his players under his watch. I hope you’re not raising kids.
Briles, like Petrino, shouldn’t be teaching young men about life.
Maybe we think of it this way: Hogs are not streaking but coming together. Remember this is a team that had an assortment of transfers, what was it six or seven new guys, and that takes time to gel, especially when a few of those guys are seniors. Three-point shooting is the Achilles’ heel of this team, not rebounding.
re: bowl season… SEC teams were missing their best players, and too busy counting NIL $ to practice
I guess Saban hasn’t convinced you yet that he is for real.
Yet they never win…. But the strongest do, year after year. Go to sleep now, dreamer.
I thought the pit boss said he wouldn’t welcome any of those boys back?
FSU next year: “Hello, Coach Sanders…” “My limo is picking me up in an hour. Call my agent. It’s Showtime in Tallahassee!”
Great idea--bring in the subs so we can lose by 30 or 40. Hogs were headed for this buttwhipping all year. Better now than in March. They will all calm down and play together at some point. My concerns are lack of outside shooting and a go-to player.
Bama’s coordinators won the game. Bennett was average when it counted. Young was terrific. Daniels sat for a reason.
I fully expect the writer to endorse Stetson Bennett’s Heisman candidacy next season when the two QBs above him move on.
Cincy beats 1 good team and deserves it? Failing to see the logic.
Ha ha Cincy. Had trouble with St Bonaventure or the like.
TEXAS’ recruiting: 2010-19: 2 | 4 | 2 | 17 |17 | 10 |7 | 25 | 3 | 3 Absolutely no excuses. They are mired in this mess because they are coddled, babied, and consider themselves THE university in Texas. As one who grew up in Arkansas and has lived in Austin the last 30 years, I can attest to their sense of baffled superiority complex. “Aren’t we supposed to win these games, coach?”
Who cares about this. Kansas just beat TEXAS. Trust me: you will all hate them soon enough. Woo Pig.
There’s one great team this year and it’s Georgia’s D. Everything else is up for grabs.
Holding out for the ND job. Going for max hypocrisy.