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Neither team will ever be confused with Bama. That’s acceptance.
Can’t wait for Bama to shut up those Gator fans. BTW, your team LOST to the Ags. Own it.
Headline: Power ranking SEC coaches a little more than halfway through 2020 Subheading: 9. Sam Pittman, Arkansas Intro: He’s the SEC Coach of the Year so far, and I’m not sure it’s that close. That is some failed reasoning and piss poor comprehension.
Only time I root for the Ags, and I’d love to see that beat down.
As long as we don’t run Boyd up the middle on first down every series we’ll be OK.
Agreed. Proved it on the field.
Aggies are better than the Gators. Beating Mizzou means nada.
Beaten by a one-armed 2-star LB. How’s that feeling LK?
Dude, just look at Texas. 5 stars, no guts.
It won’t be Morris who wins this game. As usual it’ll be Malzahn. But the Hogs will probably throw a scare into them.
Gotta love those pandemic deniers. Roll the dice and let Darwin handle the rest.
And sit down Tennessee fans. Georgia is it gonna shut you down.
Hogs are going in the right direction but Gus seems to have our number. We’ll see.