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I have to disagree USM is starting to become a stepping stone for great coaches: Larry Fedora left to go to North Carolina, now Todd Monken is leaving to be an OC in the NFL
Kevin Sumlin did not win a C-USA title game at Houston in 2011! I'm pretty sure Larry Fadora did at Southern Miss.
Mississippi has probably the best juco league in the country!
I really admire the balls that Southern Miss has to take on two SEC opponents year in and year out! I'd watch out if I were UK that program is on the rise.
This game will come down to defense. We all know Alabama will be able to run on a & m, just like we know a & m will be able to throw on Alabama! I have Alabama winning by 14, their defense will stop the big plays from a & m!
States secondary is garbage! USM threw on them all night long, back to the bottom of the SEC they go.
USM goes to Kentucky and down to Death Valley next year also!