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Lol no, it just makes you sound unintelligent. I've never used heppin, or known anyone that has so don't try to "hepp" him out
As long as he stays away from off field issues he shouldn't have a problem, his arm talent surpasses Dak anyway. If he has a line where he doesn't have to run for his life every play, he could do very well in most systems.
It'd be helping* not heppin. Too bad you don't have a second chance after you post lol
Yawn, oh look another uncreative comment from a pecker
Have you not heard that Kelly is hurt? Why else would we play someone else?
No I do see improvement, it was really just directed at bulldogcockhead, y'all played lights out for the first time all season, shocked me when I saw the score.
You're ugly and your momma dresses you funny. You've had 1 good game all season lol. Only good thing I can say about state would have to be about the uniforms they wore today, which is something I never thought I'd ever say.
the seven in your name must stand for how many pen!ses you can take at once
Kentucky's 2-2 is no where close to Ole Miss's 2-2 lol I think you're just upset. And proof read before you post lol ever post is scrambled letters
Lol why are Bama fans acting like THEY had to battle the refs too? Y'all had them on your side the whole time lol you got one bad call against you that I agreed was a bad call but you had everything else go your way, to say you battled the refs is asinine.
Lol you haven't been to Oxford if you don't know it's actually a pretty diverse school.
I understand that but like Clark said, starting sounds better than waiting, plus at big time schools some good players never have a chance to play Because of all the talent. And yes starting earlier is a big deal to some big players.
Because he'd probably start right away, and all we're missing is a running back, with a good one we could be dominate on offense. It doesn't matter about track records of schools, if he's good, he'll have no problem getting noticed
My point exactly Clark. Lol he just repeats himself over and over. And it's not like we don't have more 5 stars. I'm not saying we're the best by any stretch but were competing.
Lol 10 win seasons during a strong decline in sec east play so nothing expressive. So tell me again how the past effects now? Cause judging from the "past" Georgia should have won a lot more the past few seasons.
Historically yes but that doesn't matter now, and id say we've been better recently. Georgia hasn't done much the past few seasons so I'm not sure where you're getting that from.
Lol I think your youth blinds you a bit, I think Eason will be pulling out grass out of his facemask for most of the game. You act like Georgia has bama's recent history.
Lol well last season or any other for that matter, doesn't have any effect on this season so there's no point in bringing up "history" and from a college football fan's point of view, I'd rather have our team than Georgia. Not being biased, I just feel we have a better team this year. I think you're a little overhyped and you act like Georgia has won the SEC the last two years or something, and then go to talk about off field issues. Lol so you can try to troll but no it's not working, you haven't said anything no one else hasn't.
Well obviously not the same team and if you wanna talk history, we've been more relevant than y'all have lately.
That's what I was thinking, either way it was funny though.
Yea don't get us started lol you won't like it.
No crying here lol I've dealt with with Bama trolls for years and years so I'm used to it, if you can't deal with it for a few months you shouldn't dish it out.
well you are one of the main ones
Bamatime getting a little flustered are we? We know you're tired of OM fans and it's the same for us with you. No point in commenting on every article saying the same old things.
HYDR he's always talking trash about us, hes a Bama fan so I don't know what makes him think he could say that lol.
HYDR he's always talking trash about us, and not to call out another state but he's an Alabama fan, so I have no idea why he thought it'd be a good idea to try to bash another state.