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This is just the same look given to the SEC from Jennings curb stomping the helmetless Vandy player and only getting suspended for a half of the bowl game
You’re obviously biased and making it what YOU want to see because you’re wrong on every front. 1) he did hit him late, if you can’t see that you’re crazy. 2) he did rip his helmet off with his right hand 3) if he had been walking away he would’ve stepped backwards, not stepping forward towards the guys exposed face. He just “looked away” to disguise it. This is what everybody in the country sees by just watching the video for what it is. I hope he didn’t really mean to but man it sure looks like it in every way. I’ll be irate if he isn’t suspended for the bowl game. This kind of stuff cannot happen
Any TRUE leader knows Rome wasn’t built overnight. Why do you think it takes so long to build a road or home, the structure and foundation must be built perfectly. As soon as the finished product is complete, people forget about the foundation and structure and look at the glamour of the final product. State is in the foundation period and people only want the finished product. Last years defense was championship caliber and they played that way. The offense, it wasn’t because of the cast. Mississippi State is a family and we support each other. Yeah the season isn’t going like we hoped, but insulting our coach during the middle of it is in no way a path to build success. Followers jump ship, leaders go down with it. I don’t insult you because thats not what family does so please don’t insult me when you don’t know me. No ill will from your opinion, just respect mine.
All these state fans falling into the same culture of expectations that is plaguing college football where you bring a new coach in and expect him to win 10 games within 2 years. For those people that say Moorhead is destroying what Mullen built, Mullen had an overall win percentage of .600 at State. In his 9 seasons there, he had one 10 win season and only two 9 win seasons. He also had two losing seasons. Yes, he improved a program who under Croom went 21-38. Moorhead has already shown that States offense is becoming more versatile than under Mullen. First off, a freshman QB would have never played under Mullen. This is a young team who had a lot of bad things happen quickly in this game which just snowballed. The potential is there, it just hasn’t tied together yet but that comes with time. For all those “true” state fans, lower your expectations for now and hope for the future. Remember the croom years and realize this is way better. Don’t think Mullen was some championship machine (remember the orange bowl against GA Tech). And finally if you can’t do any of that, go be a D1 coach in the SEC for a season. If you can’t do that, you have no idea what it’s like so shut your mouths.
First: Does Lee Witherspoon have a brother whose name is oddly similar to Quinndary Weatherspoon? Second: Coozie, Mitchell lost the ball from Shrader in the sun. Never saw it which means he never tried to catch it which means he didn’t drop it. Third: MSUBULLDAWG I hope that you don’t comment anymore.