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Everyone is forgetting the fact that Alabama recruited him as a receiver. If he has good hands, he has the body and strength to make a dominate slot receiver.
why the skepticism? just because he runs 3-3-5 doesn't mean he will be in it all the time. There will be hybrid players walked down at the line most of the time giving an even look. People call their defenses by their base- but rarely is it as simple as it sounds. Will probably be a dime package most of the time with backer walked down.
Doubtful. Leach recruited a MS State Freshman QB- probably one of the factors in getting him to come.
After the draft? None are projected in top 5 rounds. And the highest draft picks- outside of Kylin- were on the bench majority of the year for suspensions. You had a receiver playing qb majority of the year ( at least that's what bama recruited him as). Guidry may get some looks because of his tools. Point being- this class was not nearly as talented as the past.
Moorehead was so bad that almost every power five school is trying to hire him as offensive coordinator....
Leach's offense is similar to Mullens? Did you even watch the games? Mullen at least tried to have a balanced attack. LEach is going to throw the ball- end of discussion. He's never recruited well for defense. It's all fun a games saying you want Leach until you get Leach.
I'm not saying Joe was the long-term guy- but he had two top 25 recruiting classes and it doesn't "appear that the administration had a better replacement when they fired him.
KT screwed himself, he was one of the students that cheated- hence why he didn't transfer because he wasn't eligible anywhere. and FYI, every program in the country has player fights during practice at least once a week! and if you're wondering how I know this- I was a GA 15 years ago.
What did Joe do that was so bad besides let a freshman qb get punched in the eye by a thug that was on suspension? Did you see our roster- outside of Kylin hill? There isn't a draft projectable body on it right now! Last year's team under performed- because yes he tried installing his system with a run first qb. This year's team was par for the course with the roster. It wasn't as bad as everyone made it. No one is tlaking about how bad Shoop was on Defense. He had three first rounders last year- of course he could draw up a scheme.
Mooreheads X's and O's were there. He had top 25 recruiting classes. He was a HC learning on the job- which is what Mullen did. Miss. state is and will always be a stepping stone school because of $$$ and city dynamics. LSU's offensive coordinator is a Moorehead Disciple- working out for them. Did it "appear" that he couldn't control the team- yes. But unless you were in the locker room and on the field with them- no one knows. In this business perception is reality.
We are going to end up with another coach with no head coaching experience. We fired our coach after two seasons- meanwhile, Texas A and M just sold the farm to get a coach to get them a national title who is nowhere near that level, but they retained him! Joe wasn't ready to be a head coach, but unless you have a better, proven candidate in the bag, you don't fire him yet. Cohen listened to the boosters and fanbase.
JUDGE is a Giant now. Pulled the trigger too early on Moorehead - end of discussion. Give him three years and fire him- he recruited better than Mullen. Lets not forget that Mullen won 6 games in 16 season with 6 top five draft picks on the team, 3 which were first rounders. Fan base has became delusional. Was he a good head coach yet? Didn't appear so, but he had one year with his recruits.
People are focusing on the missed PAT because of Elijah Moore. I'm focused on the wide receiver open 50 yards down the field on A 4TH AND 24 when we were in a dime defense that was supposed to prevent that but our defender got caught up looking at the QB. Not a coaching mistake!
This is the most logical post I have seen in this thread. Mullen was 33-39 in SEC play. People forget that. I also watched us lose to South Alabama- with first round draft talent on the team.
Did you people even watch games during the Croom era? With the eligible talent we have, 6-wins isn't that bad! Find me a first rounder on this team. Mullen had several. We won 6 games in 2016- might I add, with A LOT more talent than this team has. Give the man another year- we have yet to see the fruition of his recruiting class.
We have a team of depleted talent- whethere anyone wants to admit or not. With Nick Saban at the helm- this isn't a Championsip team- or even a 9 win team. Everyone does know that LSU's coordinator was an assistant under Moorehead at Penn State, right? Easy to say fire the coach when you aren't producing.
I'm not disagreeing with the coaching comments. Every offensive play is designed to work when executed properly- if the numbers are there. It isn't necessarily the playcalling that's bad- but the preparation to execute them. It's Moorehead's system- which is RPO/vertical threats- and right now our guys can't run it. The decision to adjust is on the coaches 100%.
I agree, would rather watch our future qb get in and mess up than our veteran. He did put up 60 points in his first game,too.
nonetheless, defense did their job. Offense was putrid again
Defensive line is what kept us in the game. They blew up the mesh on nearly every play, which forced Florida to rely on bubbles, quicks and flares. Our secondary didn't make adjustments to the short game. And Nick Fitzgerald couldn't hit the broadside of a furniture factory.
JOE was hired to come in and not screw things up this year, literally. No one expected him to come in and win a NC, but instead to come in and win the games we were supposed to based off of talent. So far we have been beat by less talented teams- which is what's frustrating.
Fitz looks better than last year? Have we watched the same team the last two weeks? anything beyond 10 yards he isn't even getting it within catching range ( minus the td drop). He's making poor decisions reading the zone, as well. He's the reason kylin isnt getting touches. Every zone read he's part of, he calls his own number and much of the time ends up getting stuffed at LOS. I agree that the OL is bad, which isn't helping things. It's time to realize that we have a team of NFL talent that is going to win 7 games at most.
I haven't looked at my tickets yet, but if I had to guess it says wear white, like it has for the past 15 years.... which indicates JoeMo probably didnt have as much to do with this as you think, Adam.
it was 7-14 with 8 minutes left in the 4th. KY threw for 72 yards and rushed for right at 200--- thoroughly dominated?? They got out coached and were undisciplined is why they lost.
Florida fans will get the Don Mullens effect if Florida loses Saturday. BTW- it's never his fault.
I saw a more talented team get out-coached and played, nothing more or less. We are a team of momentum because of our discipline- or lack thereof. We should see our best product on the field this week- kids will be extrinsically motivated to prepare for this one- as will coaches since they are in the cross hairs right now. Rain in the forecast for Saturay, though.
Because Grantham is fixing to flip to Bama if he can
These salaries are getting out of hand. When does it stop? When Saban retires I suppose
Get Hugh's guys out of there and let Luke build his program with fresh minds and faces.
not thrilled with this hire. Just because he hasn't proven himself as overly competent as Grantham did. But this late in the game I suppose the pickin's are slim.