Recent Comments didnt just write that. Thats worse then the Harvey Updyke travesty...btw, how is UGA and Otto...hope you have a food tester...these Bama fans are ruthless.
You are delusional...THIS WAS THE YEAR...BUT YOU LOST TO LSU...LSU...THINK ABOUT THAT!!! year can spend a 100M on a recruiting class and NOTHING CHANGES...NC 1939...THINK ABOUT THAT...1939. Right now the best team in Texas is...BAYLOR...and not just in Football...FACT.
Any Conference can have a bad Bowl season...but as an LSU Fan, my contention all along has been the VAST MAJORITY of SEC Teams are guilty of "Greatness by Association". They are a teams, without the SECs bye week in late November, would not be bowl eligible...these are facts...not rah, rah, Finebaum BS.
Most of these posts are so predictable. Lots, not all, SEC fans think any team team not named Vanderbilt from the SEC would DOMINATE any other conference. Its a fact...listen to Arkansas or Ole Miss or even Mizzou fans. Its a lie...just like "it just means more". It does not "mean more" in Fayeteville then Columbus OH or Stark Vegas than Norman OK or Knoxville then Ann Arbor MI. In the post 2007 world, the SEC is ALABAMA, with a dusting of LSU...thats it. In the era of "It just means more" its ALL ALABAMA. My point is ANYTIME and average...and their are at least 10-11 of them...SEC team loses in bowl games they claim "We weren't interested"...just excuses for overrated teams. Texas Tech, (3-6) in the Big XII, physically whooped MS State's rears..that is a fact. Proving third teir Texas talent can dominate against mid-level SEC talent. It happens EVERY quit lying to yourselves...stop chanting ESS EEE CEEE...just yell "We are in Alabama's Conference".
EXACTLY...aTm ALWAYS thinks they are/will be better....THEN REALITY.
NC State and John Rahm keep calling the CDC asking for their CWS Trophy and $1.675M Memorial Golf Tournament check...they said Fauci would get back to them...they are waiting.
aTm could have 10 consecutive #1 classes...they are a perennial 10-2/9-3 team at best. JIMMY BO'S NC has one name...Winston...just like Chizik...Newton and Ogeron...Burrow.
Aggie Nation..prepare for another 8-4 season, then convince yourselves you are the right trajectory... AGAIN. On April 1st, like clockwork, we will start hearing "This is the year from aTm and UGA"...some things never change.
...and the NFL proved who was/is a better QB...and his name is Kyler Murray not Too Bad Turn-a-the-ball-ovah'...which is Hawaiian for "Can't make the club,in the tub".
I know its the chicken and the egg story...meaning you have to be hired, to get fired...and I bet Saban Assistants lead the NCAA in being fired.
Bayless spent his first 18 years in OKC...went to Vanderbilt and learned how to be a Elitist Snob. AND what is wrong with MJ10 being "like Baker Mayfield"? Baker makes major $$$$$$$$$ and, love him or hate him, everybody knows him...which is the point... So STFU think being an Okie he would like Mayfield...but Baker isjust a Texas Boy who fought for everything he did MJ10 and both went to "State" schools in po-dunk states. In Bayless' World, those type of bufoons do not DESERVE what Elites like Skip are endowed.
When OU hires a will shock the not being a big name...its how they do it...the ONLY Head Coach they ever hired was Schnellenberger...that was a disaster.
Kid is in for a rude awkening...he aint that good...almost as bad as Stingley, Jr. Btw, WHO GAVE UP MORE YARDS THAN ANY CB in the nation last year...burnt deep SEVEN TIMES and disappeared in big games. But he is a CB at LSU, with name recignition, so he gets hyped.
LSU will not hire Napier. LSU will not hire a coach from a LA directional school...period. Not saying its right, just an LSU ego thing. Funny part is lots of Tiger fans disparage any coach withoit SEC experience...which is stupid on two fronts. If we get a Saban-ite we will lose to Saban, if we get a non-Saban coach we will get one use to losing to Saban.
As a Legacy LSU fan and an alum ×2 of OU, I agree 100 %.
This was not very well thought out article...the Top 4 will be totally different in a month.
OK...Cincy has to get some love and lets face it aTm v Auburn is about a 7 on a 1-10 scale...especially if aTm wins. As far as Gameday, the fact they show and talk about OTHER teams other than Alabama and Georgia makes Team SEC mad. Not sure why, but it far as College Gameday compared to SEC Nation...there is ZERO COMPARISON. YOU WATCH TWO WEEKS OF FINE PAULBAUM and you know everything you are going to see on Saturday. Here we go...Laura is OVERDRESSED, sorry she aint no Sam Ponder, Paul sits quietly fidgeting, Tebow gives some BS Analysis from a Florida perspective, Roman tries to be controversial, they interview Saban and/or Smart, Marty and Magee do stupid stuff and the worst SEC game of the week follows. Same stuff every week..
Remember, it is Isadore Newman HS...I think they are one notch above eight man football...they just lost to St. Charles? 12-7...Arch was 16-28 136 yards 1 TD, 1 INT...with that incredible coach "Texas Sark," looking on. Maybe Riley dont want him...
The utter glee and fake "awe" the SEC Network Studio Team was displaying over Bama's trouncing a PATHETIC MSU was frankly embarassing. THEY LOST TO THE TEAM THAT LOST TO MSU...and you cannot erase that fact. I am waiting for the talk of, "If Bama loses a close game to UGA, they should still make the playoffs"...Sorry...NOT HAPPENIN'.