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Man Damian Williams has also announced he won't be playing at State next year. Homework.
South Alabama, not Alabama State. Small mistakes like that distract me so much.
The point being made is the Bryant didn't make a somebody out of a nobody so he was in the same boat Saban was when he got to Alabama. That really shouldn't have to laid out. Saban isn't Bryant, he is probably better.
Saban is as good or better of a coach than Bryant. Period. Saban has done so much in such a short time period he doesn't have to surpass every single Bryant goal to be equal or better. He already is, in my opinion already better. Alabama was successful before Bryant, he didn't turn a nobody into a somebody. They both had it easier and harder than the other in some ways and both won in an unbelievable way all while endoctrinating character into their players. It is time to stop acting like Saban isn't as good or better than Bryant.
Dude, he ran for 70 yards and averaged 3.5 per carry. In what universe is that huge. HE WAS PLAYING AGAINSG UNA!
This is a good article. There is legitimate reasons to predict 4-8 and 8-4 and I like how they're all laid out. Any Bulldog fan should understand why people are picking us as 4-8, because we simply have too many questions. All other fans should understand why those of us wearing Maroon tinted glasses are more optimistic. Good job John.
Dude lick a butt Larry Culpepper is awesome! Most of this list is dumb!
I think the main thing holding him back from winning the starting job (other than having really stiff competition) is a surgery that took him out of practice for a while. I think he also had some mentality stuff they had to work through when he first got on campus (he was kicked off his HS team halfway through his senior season for arguing with the coach). It didn't help that Fitzgerald was an early enrollee, about the same size, and about as good is not a better runner. I think Staley worked everything out attitude and health wise but he was just too far behind in the system to win it. He will make a hell of a transfer for someone to pick up.
The "Butch Jones Song" by some UT fan is actually hilarious to me. The guy craps on Dooley and Kiffin it is really enjoyable. "Colonel Reb is Crying" is an old outdated song from back when Ed Orgeron was head coach and I think its funny, they've had a few coaches since then so its not as fresh as some may like.
Seriously, especially as well distributed as Lazy Magnolia is. Its not hard to find in most of the south.
I really hope so too, I love Little Rock, great town. I'm always down to try an improved craft beer scene that has was already awesome.
I would submit that Straight to Ale is superior but I definitely understand why you would feel that way about Back 40 they make some damn fine beer.
I was about to trash this list until I remembered that he only ranked breweries he has tried. Although I find it hard to believe that he hasn't found any Lazy Magnolia or Straight to Ale, but I would find it more unbelievable if he had tried them and didn't include them on the list. One addition that I would make to this list that is probably not a well known brewery would be Stone's Throw Brewery in Little Rock, AR. I really liked their beer when I tried it two years ago. Now its kind of a hippy dippy place, I am pretty sure my bartender did not shave her armpits and one of their beer crafters almost started crying when talking about how everyone should use hemp paper instead of real paper (which is really dumb btw) but the beer was good and that is the important thing.
Like I commented on another article. MSU just had a student die trespassing on athletic department property, they said they were taking this seriously. He was treated like anyone else would be treated except they would probably seek some type of punishment some that was not a previous player.
A few things here: One, people from the athletic dept have said any player (even past) are welcome to use the facilities. It sounds like JRob didn't tell anyone he was going to use them. Which brings up point two. If yall remember we had a young man die on campus while trespassing not long ago. Scott Stricklin said they were going to take this type of thing very seriously in the future. So what likely happened is someone saw what they could only assume was some joe blow trespassing into athletic dept. facilities which MSU is now having to take a hard stance on. Honestly, these guys writing articles about this stuff should have brought this up because they're the ones that wrote the article about the guy dying a while back. Third, is it just me or does anyone else think that maybe JRob is ticked at Mullen for some reason? Maybe Dan was honest with NFL teams about his short comings as a player. He would have to be to protect his reputation when sending other guys to the NFL. Just a thought.
Man john you are a real negative Nancy. If I had as much free time as Tebow has and had built my body like he has and had the opportunity to try and play pro baseball I sure as heck would try. Why not? Who cares if he fails, he will still be rich as heck and have a lot of career opportunities. But what if he does make it and can play a few years, well then he gets to compete again just like he wants to. I would also like to point out that there are a lot of delusional dreams that people follow most of them fail but some work out. Since he has nothing to lose from following his delusional dream I say swing for the fences.
Interesting to see that Zac Neary switcihed from FB/DB to QB and that Nick Tiano is completely out of the running for QB...
Yes indeed the school up north is Old Mississippi
That was for 2015 obviously, of note LSU's number would be slightly lower had their first game not been canceled ($12.43).
UK 8.75 UGA 9.33 BAMA 11.67 MSU 12.50 UT 14.00 LSU 14.50 UARK 20.00 UF 23.33 TSUN 25.00 AU 51.67 MIZZ 55.00 TAMU 58.00 Cost Per Win
Not a terrible idea. However, I think some would make the argument that it could favor some offensive philosophies over others, and would also detract from special team units as a whole, which I think is something people would prefer to avoid. I do think everyone would agree this would be a better alternative than eliminating them altogether.
hahahaha I swear almost everyone on this site has wanted to comment this under the comment on one of their fellow fans.
If he is a 5th year senior I would think he would've already have graduated or else he wouldn't have enough eligibility to transfer.
I get what you are saying there, however, I think many people realize that the more success the SEC has overall equals more money rolling in, better strength of schedule, and more national respect. I don't think it is about people wanting to ride coat tails necessarily. I am sure Allen wants every teams in the SEC to go undefeated until they play Bama, he know that curb stomping a 11-0 Auburn squad is better than doing the same to an 0-11 Auburn squad.
I think you have some validity to your point. However, I think most people are drawing the line at one situation you have a group of young men who are refusing to participate in a sporting event that they are receiving a free education for doing so over false rhetoric on the other hand you have a very public and direct threat of physical violence against an entire group of people because someone is upset on how they perceived a small portion of that larger group has acted.
Yeah, that is 100% not the reason he got fired. I anything him being a "good Christian man" got him more years than he deserved.