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The offense should go to da game with out him change the locks n deny access on the premises
I always said he separated the locker room when he didn’t start Keytaon bc definitely deserved it and has proven he is a winner against quality opponents
He made his bed by not starting Keytaon from Game 1 so lay in it #NoJoeNoMo
That’s funny but I can’t do Shoop how do u expect him to continue to stop people if you’re always going 3 and out but definitely let the bus leave Moorhead while he doing the post game press release in Knoxville
That is true 11-1 should’ve been MSU record our defense was #1 in nation scoring defense our offense couldn’t score bc he never benched Nick for Keytaon Thompson Joe is officially the worst coach in the SEC
Jim Harbaugh if Michigan let’s him go should be at the top of the list
The same way Joe benched KT he needs to be benched #Time2goJoe The team doesn’t trust him since he went and got Tommy in the offseason he divided the team bc some players on the grew to KT #Joesucks
NoJoeMoe please remove this man he ruined our season last year n he is en route to do even more damage this year Bye Joe please Go this was completely embarrassing
I respect you too u a true fan I'm only saying when playing a team like that our new guys supposed to get reps and game experience our starters don't supposed to play the whole game I hope we practice hard n get better bc the competition will only get better
I love my Bulldogs but if it wasn't for Kylin Hill n Nick Gibson we would've lost unfortunately
Please don't tell me I heard someone say Tommy is da truth versus the Louisiana Cajuns smh
MSU will go through the same process next year Jalen Mayden will transfer because he will automatically start Garrett Shrader because it definitely seems he only prefers to have a particular type to lead his huddle. I seen it last year when Nick clearly was the worst quarterback in the SEC, which he was more like a runnin back or tight end playing quarterback he continued to let him start eventhough we had the best defense for the SEC. Why do you guys think Jaguars made it clear to Nick you will not be playing quarterback but Joe confuses me in decision making but I will still route for my guys but it starting to be a question of concern
The hype around him amazes me because Keytaon Thompson has had a better collegiate career than Tommy but everyone is basically saying he is the automatic starter. Is this about football or politics or potentially racial discrimination. Keytaon :846 YDS/PASSING, 8-3 TD/INT, 672 YDS/RUSHING, 10TDS and 2-0 as a starter. Tommy: 304 YDS/PASSING, 4-1 TD/INT, 506 YDS RUSHING, 8TDS, and he never started. Finally, Keytaon did more than Tommy in 2 yrs versus Tommy 4yrs no comparisons
I think Joe Moorhead prefers not to have a black quarterback, because even last year when Nick clearly deserved to be benched he never gave Keytaon a true chance. Keytaon has proven to be a winner and after a good spring what does he do, brings in a transfer basically slapping Keytaon in the face saying I don't think I want you under center. I could be wrong but I just personally thinks he doesn't want a black quarterback to lead his team.