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I wonder if this will be the first and last time the NFL has two MSU players tagged at the same time (Dak and Chris)? Considering how few we have in the NFL compared to the Alabama's and Ohio State's, that's a pretty unlikely event.
Oh, that's not trolling. All those other teams DO pay their best players, everybody knows that. But certainly not MY team. Kidding, of course. Love it when a troll gets wore out.
What's up with the multiple comments about paying this guy?
So there were 30 people at the party, but only Dak is to blame? Zeke was even named as well, but it seems everyone here is giving him a pass.
To LSUSMC, my recollection was that LSU only offered Dak a chance at linebacker. Do you have a reference for them offering him the QB spot?
La'el Collins, rather than Landon Collins. And don't forget how much special teams contributed to those 8 losses, in addition to a suspect defense.
Without the dog-pee celebration, Ole Miss would have kept Luke. It's been speculated by several folks that MSU would have also stuck with Moorhead for another year if Ole Miss kept Luke.
I didn't read junkie's comment as Jimbo hate. More just about A&M being patient with Jimbo (unlike MSU with Moorhead), since A&M as a team is still a ways off from being in the national title conversation.
I thought players could appear in four games and still redshirt. Shrader has only played in three games; he did not participate against the Ragin Cajuns. So he can play vs Auburn and still redshirt, assuming Stevens is good to go after the bye week.