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Have fun on probation, slick. Best team money could buy in 2015 and you couldn't even beat Memphis. At least win something if you are going to cheat.
You will lose to MSU aggierider...Same result as last time y'all came calling. High scoring game and Chavis will go into the same old prevent defense that cost him so many games at Tenn and LSU.
I think SDS grading the MSU defense a D was extremely generous. Awful performance.
Cause we didn't spend the $$$ under the table like Ole Mi$$ did for players. Look$ like y'all forgot to buy any one who can defend the run though...Have a nice probation.
Because you conveniently left out the first part of the 2nd Amendment. The right it to be "well regulated". Don't get me wrong, I am a supporter of the Second Amendment and have a carry permit myself. But if he wants to go around armed, let him get the proper permit like everyone else has to.
LandShark, you're a strange one to be quoting the rulebook to people. Your guys don;t go by it...
You won't lose 5 games, and will stomp us this year, with those $tore bought recruiting cla$$e$. But you won't be going bowling for awhile either once the NCAA finishes with Col. Reb.
Go try on Tunsil's gas mask. It will make a great cover for Madden '17.
Hey BamaTime...maybe Ole Mi$$ should have Memphis as a revenge game..
Couldn't happen to a nicer school.
Keep telling yourself that, Reb. Same thing the captain of the Titanic said.
Verne the Hutt should have been put out to pasture a long time ago.
Another disillusioned Rebel fan... You forget that Mullen is 4-2 against y'all. Have fun in the Music City Bowl. Sec Champs. You couldn't even beat Memphis, and got hammered by UF. TSUN was overrated from the start, a fact that will become painfully apparent to you on Saturday. I literally loathe TSUN. If they played the Russians, I'd root for the Russians...
Overrated from the start as Ole Miss usually is...
Mowins, Verne the Hutt, and Brent Lushberger are all horrible. I miss Keith Jackson.
They knew in August he had gained 43 stomach bug to blame.
UF knew when he showed up to camp 43 lbs heavier than last year...
I will remind you omrebs, MSU was the first in the SEC with an African American head coach...
He gained 43 lbs in the offseason and they didn't know??? They knew.
Yup. How to have the best team money can buy. Tunsil is just the tip of the iceberg,
A very nasty comment. Williams isn't near that bad. At least he had injuries to blame. :-)
Tunsil is just the tip of the iceberg...
Why can't you enjoy your great win with some class instead of ripping on us. If I really wanted to rip on you I'd say "enjoy it now before the recruiting violations come home to roost." I could also say that "Tunsil is only the tip of the iceberg and the truth will eventually come out on your recruiting classes." But I'm not gonna do that... :-). See you in the egg bowl, Buttercup.
Please cite in the Constitution where the term "separation of church and state" appears. isn't in there. Stop adding to the "rules" as you see them.