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I'm no genius & I don't have a "dog" in this hunt but my opinion would be that at next summers meeting in Destin they should change the rule to be each division's champion will be the team with the best IN DIVISION winning percentage - it only makes sense that "IN DIVISION" games should be what determines DIVISION champions!
How sad you can't even publish the correct score!!! Yes, I know already - "then there's 20-21," - now that's one I wish you'd publish backwards!!
Catsbbn23 - you're absolutely correct! I have said from the start of the season that UK is a good team this year - they prove my point - if you have a SOLID QB, you have a chance to be good & if you don't, you WON'T be - with few exceptions, I.e. LSU, but more proof like UGA, AU. Enough of my rambling - what a mess the SEC West would be without one 52 yard "wide right"!! HAILSTATE
I pick the winner of the West to be.................the winner of ..........a wild ass tiebreaker system. It could go multiple levels. I'd love to pick MSU but, we play in the West - oh yea, so does everyone else in the West. NO ONE will go undefeated in the West - every team you want to pick still has to play those road games - anybody think road games at LSU, A&M, AUBURN or T-TOWN won't be a challenge. Hell, at Ark or OM should scare any other team. We in Starkvegas can win a few home games too!! Anyone calling a winner is guessing more this year than EVER. You CANNOT win without a QB - advantage State. We will know after weeks 1 AND 2, who actually has a QB & then reasonable claims can be made. Have to say it - UT hype is ALL based on 2 things: 1) recruiting & 2) Dobbs - here's the stupid irony (IMO) of the talking heads - UT picked to win the East mainly based on Dobbs while MSU picked last in the West w Pre-season 1st Team All SEC QB! That all adds up to respect (historical not present success) vs no respect (historical vs present success). Sorry it was so long!
You are absolutely correct. If UGA were to run him off they'd run off a lot of fans too!! I looked at the article ONLY to see how stupid it would be - Mason should be the only one on any SEC hot seat!! Every school has its rednecks (& trolls) yelling to fire coaches but 99% of the time they are just like the government - they're idiots who want to use/spend someone else's money cause they think they have a better answer! (p.s. Not every team in the SEC West can win so if MSU has a down year our rednecks will be yelling that Mullen needs to go - what fools!!) HAILSTATE
The biggest surprise to me in this is the last one - beating Louisville, REALLY? Is Louisville going to be that bad this year - just can't see that happening. Do think UK has to win vs UF or Mizzu or it will be a LONG season (instead of just a long season). Nothing personal UK fans, you, like the rest of us, just play in the NFL Developmental League - good luck and as always - Go SEC (& HAILSTATE)!
There is no "sore loser" in that - he is disappointed as he should be and he is passionate about his team and their success. "Vinceskeeter" what an appropriate user name - it obviously shows who the "D-bag" really is (& probably a sore winner). "Coozie" got it correct in his comments & there is no reason to trash talk MSU, either as a MSU fan or opponent as OM is excellent on Defense and when Bo is good, they are Top 10ish team (especially at home) JUST LIKE MSU is. As for Warren's comments, I think they are generally supportive and I do think Coach M takes FULL responsibility for the PROGRAM, and gives FULL accountability to those who deserve it (our D was unfortunately abysmal last night). As a side note, any of you who want to praise or trash a program should get technical enough to show your team loyalty with a team logo icon, otherwise you're just a troll and a troublemaker - go somewhere else...i.e. you're the Al Sharpton of SDS - NO ONE needs you! Now I have to get to church to seek forgiveness for a few mild outbursts last night! HAILSTATE and thanks for the great season!! (Which isn't over yet - see you at the bowl game)
Just how important is a good QB - insert UF - 2 years ago "Florida earned a Sugar Bowl berth and finished 11-2" - where would (my) MSU be without Dak (Mullen was about to be fired before Dak saved his program), would Bama have beaten MSU without great QB play - I don't really think their 5th year guy from FSU would have made those two 3rd down runs, where is USC wo Connor Shaw - certainly not where they are used to being WITH Shaw. If you don't have a QB, your fans will get you fired!! Good luck to Coach M as being a quality person is more important than being a fan favorite!!
That is HILARIOUS!! Boys will be boys - that's just sandlot fun!! And there is NO explaining that away by Stokes - I think he deserves a helmet sticker!!!
Congrats to the Rebs - that was pretty awesome - a Mississippi sweep in College Football! Now you need to find all those posts and put them in Coach Freeze's yard - he's a "class act" and if the STUPID Ms legislature would change that maximum 4 year coaching contract law (or at least that's the way it used to be) maybe one or both of our two coaches could be guaranteed enough years to STAY put when the big money comes calling (cause if they both keep winning you can bet that will happen and no matter how bad they might WANT to stay, our state is not committed to them with that 4 year rule/law and they will have to go where their financial security is committed to by their employer!). Good luck at A&M (kinda think they may be a little "peeved" by the time y'all get there) - would love to see the two of us in the Top Ten when we meet at your house for the Golden Egg!
That is pitiful - " and South Carolina eventually won a close game on the road." - unfortunately, this year, I'm not sure you will get to write that again, but it sure didn't happen yesterday!!
Agree & disagree - there's definitely a problem BUT if "you draft them you have to guarantee 5 years" is absurd - NO company / job does that- that's "victim" mentality!! I'd suggest the three levels of ratings- 1st, 2nd or STAY IN SCHOOL (& quit listening to your damn posse...or it's your own fault your jobless, "schoolless" & don't have a degree). Here's an idea- how about you CANNOT enter the draft if you're NOT ON TRACK to your actual degree, I.e. you only have one year remaining of class AND the College that signed you has to provide that last year as a non-allocated scholarship, paid for by (charged back to) the sports program you came from? Get SERIOUS about Education as well as athletics (BUT DON'T PAY THEM EITHER - oops, wrong subject). Let's "Tee it up" SOON!!
He's from Florida and he's going all the way to Utah and can't get this simple step correct - he's "DONE FOR"!!
Love your publication - y'all do a great job. FWIW - just some thinking out loud here --- 1) Love it when people want to argue about some selections you either did or didn't include in a "Top" whatever - geezz, it's not like you are God, it's just your opinion - I do like to read other opinions but some people want to suggest your an idiot (more likely try to suggest they're a genius) because of an OPINION! 2) (Not to be negative) how about a worst, we don't need to "dis" these 18 y/o's. 3) Regarding this list.... I think you should do a second article about these 10 players and find out where (or WHY) their first names came from.......As a very different "First Name Person" myself, I'm not making fun, I just think it would be interesting.(and if I was ever good enough to make a Top 10 list, I wouldn't mind explaining mine. 4) Here are a couple of lists for you to come up with - (a bit of a takeoff on the "name" theme) - how about a list of the Top Players whose second initial is "J", in alphabetical order - like this AJ here or McCarron, BJ (keep it clean), CJ - here again, think there was a DJ at UGA, EJ ...etc. and here's my other offering - how about the Top 10 Bad Coaches decisions of the year (kind of think he BAMA folks wouldn't like that..i.e. 109 yard bad decision might be #1....and speaking of "1", the second worse decision might be challenging the clock to get that "1" second (excuse the pun there too) back to allow for #1! Thanks again for a great publication!!
Thanks for the "props"! Just remembber, we still have our vocal REDNECKS who think we should fire the coach (of course every school does). Three things I HATE about the "fire the coach" jerks - 1) They NEVER use their real names, 2) They NEVER have anything financially to do with EITHER paying off a coach or paying the new coach's salary & 3) They are the kind of IDIOTS who think some big name coach wants to come to MSU (& be fired in 4 years). NO school of our size will EVER be great every year and the ONLY way to have a successful program is to accept we will have some down years in between the good years IF WE keep a good coach and build a PROGRAM instead of a TEAM!) Thanks for letting me sound off! :) ALL SEC - Hail State, Roll Tide, Go Dawgs, Gig 'em, Go Cocks, "Wooo Pig Sooie", GEAUX Tigers, WDE, Anchor Down, Gator Chomp, Go Big Blue, Rocky Top, "Fight Tiger" (MO), and even Hoddy Toddy
Been to all but UK and the 2 new boys & this is a good list. In actuality, there should be a space between #1 & #2 (or make that #1 and all the rest) as there is nothing like a game on Saturday night in Death Valley - except maybe 2 am in Harlem!! The only thing that's not fair about LSU is the fan count cause I will NEVER go to a game there without wearing their colors - I value my life alot more than prideful fan support of my team! As for the rest, as some mentioned - #'s 2 through 9 can all be swapped around depending on game day opponent & rankings (except I'd switch Ark & USC and make that comment #2 - #8). I will say the USC / OM Thursday night game a few years back was incredible - thought the stadium might fall in that night! Loved (regretfully so) the comment about how loud the cowbells are.....until the second half. Give us a break guys, we're trying!! MSU won't move up the ranks with the new expansion (cause our entire athletic budget is less than some of these football budget alone), but the expansion is pretty cool AND you REALLY should have said 2 other things about MSU - it's the second oldest on-campus stadium in the country (#1 Bobby Dodd - ex-SEC team) and you really should have mentioned the immense Video board (which I think is second only to U Tx). Enjoyable article - Thanks
Rona - Maybe we keep up with the CURRENT SEC - I believe Texas A & M is in the SEC now?
OK, I'm guessing you were a lineman - "the SEC has four schools that are in the top 10 for licensed merchandise sales" and the list includes FIVE? Is that new math? I don't know, I graduated from MSU and our players can't even get out of the fog machine...but if we win this weekend, we have a chance to start 7-0 (wow - talk about Georgia's schedule), back to work.
It's a tradition and it's Great! It's great (to us) cause it's OUR tradition. We, however, have ZERO political power, just like TSUN had ZERO political power and thus lost their tradition - while that makes some MSU people happy, it makes me want to puke that the "liberal powers that be" took that away from them!!! I have always said exactly what TIdeRoller13 said - we can't get 100,000 fans (despite the dream world BullDawgBash 19 is living in), but we CAN make the noise of 100,000 with 60,000 and a bunch of cowbells! Let's have another GREAT one like last year and enjoy Coach Mullen while we have him (another pipe dream if you think he won't eventually take twice the money and move on - even if he doesn't want to, if he wins at that level at MSU, someone will pay him too much & he'll have to leave. Just like if any reader on this site was offered twice the money to go to their biggest competitor - YOU WOULD!!). Now, for the season - YIKES - pipe dreamers - let's consider 1) how many can we realistically win out of road games at AU & UGA & even UK (no matter if they are down or not, those are ROAD SEC Games - don't brag on the conference and then think those will be easy) & how successful have we been in Little Rock?, 2) How many home games can we win against LSU (I guess after 13 losses in a row we might finally beat them), Bama - they are just always damn good, and South Carolina - IF Garcia is "on", this is the most talented offensive team in the SEC - I DON"T listen to the hype here in Columbia - but they could be REALLY, REALLY good & "the Ole Ball Coach" still knows a little about how to win football games. If we do have a GREAT season going in to that Juco game at the end, they are just evil enough to ruin it (I seriously doubt it though). So, since I don't think Mullen ever loses to teams he should beat - we have wins over Memphis, La Tech, UAB (let's AT LEAST get the program to a level we NEVER have to play La Tech or UAB ON THE ROAD - simply NASTY), Tn-Martin (let's also NEVER play a team this low again - I'd rather keep the money in MS and play J-State or the "Corn") & TSUN - that's 5 wins. We win 2 of the 4 SEC road games and 2 of the 3, LSU, South Carolina & Bama and that's 9 - 3 - a MIRACULOUS season (I'd go with 8 - 4). All simply For What It's Worth! GO DAWGS!!