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Just curious, how many more players, and which ones, do you think will come to ole miss on signing day? Just want your opinion
Simmons is coming to Starkville and AJ brown is for sure a bulldog. Were also getting Kobe Jones. Our D-line should be STACKED for the next couple of year.
We are getting AJ Brown, Kobe Jones, and most likely Simmons. I think we could definitely finish in the top 10 in the SEC in recruiting this year and could push for top 25 or so national if we get all three of those guys, which we more that likely will
Now thats what I'm talking about. Look at all those athletes
Haha were not any bodys and Ole Miss is 2 teams
I know Dak and DeRunnya are gonna go higher than that. If they get on the same team watch out they could be deadly together.
Now where do you get 44th nationally? I know were at least in the top 40 and we keep moving up
I don't know why they don't have jeffrey simmons on here. I think we got the best shot at getting him. Or Bamma might get him but I still think we will.
It says 80% for a reason. That means were getting him
yea but their not battling with any one like we have to and florida and Alabama and texas A&M. Their battling with Arkansas st. And thats it
Auburns on the downhill and they keep going further. Sooner or later they will be near the bottom of the SEC in recruiting as well as record wise which they already are.
Sounds like a typical Ole Miss fan whose just a little butt hurt
The only person that any good that Auburn is getting
Y'all couldn't even lock down Rashan Gary! Y'all aren't getting him! Who wants to go to Oxfart
Still we have to play both of those non conference games away. And I know we play Bamma every year but their still real good. And I just mis read the Samford and Stanford. I was about to say. I was hopping we didn't play Stanford.
How can you say we have an schedule? We have to play at BYU and at Umass. and Alabama . And stanford!
I think Gurley to. And Julio Jones for Alabama. He was real good at Bamma
And ive still got my money on Simmons in Starkvegas
You know, I knew all along that Ole Miss wouldn't get Mique or Rashan. They don't have enough money to pay them. I don't know why they waste their time going after those top recruits, their never gonna get the guys at the very top.
Oh ill bet we beat up on ole miss next year. No Dak, No Problem. Their losing so much talent including Laquan Moneywell, Robert Spicediche, and Laramy Tun$$$$Il. Their going to struggle to get to bowl next year
I can't believe that thug spicediche is above Fred Ross and DeRunnya Wilson. Their both so much better than him and at least they played in our bowl game while spicediche had to watch at home! Ha!!
I just think he's overrated. If you watch him he really doesn't look that good. He look average at best. Ole Miss thinks they have some good years to come but their wrong.
I truely can't believe they have laquan treadfell this high. We shut him down! And Derrick Henry should be in the top 20 at least. He won the heisman!
I wouldnt be surprised is DAK ends up being the next Scam Newton. Maybe even better! He's so good, hard for him not to do good in the pros
No way Ole Miss gets AJ Brown. I think we got the best shot at landing him and when/if we get him we will right up there for best WR class