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Their title this year will forever be tainted. I realize I'm bitter somewhat, but I lost all remaining respect for the NCAA today when they directly impacted the game at the end by ignoring a massively blatant foul against Morgan William.I'm sure some folks will say that "well they had chances to stay on top" and that's true, but they're players, not refs. Refs have no business impacting a title game in the most crucial moments.It's a real shame.
What a surprise. Mullen cant recruit Florida so he's gotta steal all his old players. Not unexpected but just goes to show what a douche he has.
I guess that's why most Starkville high school grads played for Ole Miss during Mullen's tenure?
Not to sorry I'm sure Mullen can recruit some great guys./s
damn son. Egg Bowl's gonna be the only bowl they see for decades, so that's just not true.
It's way easier to start your assistants out at a higher salary than it is to get them more raises.This is a smart move by him -- he's taking low cash on the front end, and assuming he does well (which I think all of us State fans are super excited about him, maybe more so than Mullen) he'll be getting a new contract with 3+ mil within 2 years.
The takeaway here isn't that lawmakers have opinions and entitled to them -- that's secondary.Takeway here is that Tennessee's disastrous coach search is clearly due to this d-bag thinking he owns the Vols. When a booster who does NOT work for the university tries to chastise others, claiming he makes the calls, then it's time to disassociate with that booster, now matter how many millions are lost.This type of behavior cannot be accepted. But it will be. Money talks.
The reason you can't break the code isn't because of bad luck, it's because of Jimmy Haslam.
Like Mullen @ MSU, Stoops won't be at UK forever, just remember that.
Norvell has my vote for #'s 1,2,3. Don't care for a character like Leach.
Knows he left the place better than it was?Hell, unless my memory fails me, Bobby Petrino had the hogs rolling. Other than the sex scandal, Arkansas was on fire during that period.
The facts are that you're sitting here arguing on the internet like an idiot.The old saying goes, "Arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics. You may win, but you're still retarded."
Oh I remember you. You had an Ole Miss avatar originally, talked a ton of trash, then changed it to the SEC logo and then claimed you weren't an Ole Miss fan.As if nobody was going to notice.
I see your South Alabama and raise you Hugh Freeze and the prostitutes, the cash for recruits, the cars, and more.
I see we're living in the past. Can do this all day.Jacksonville State anyone?
Funny thing is he's clearly an Ole miss person because the OM logo is plastered all over his older posts. I mean if you're gonna talk crap, at least rep your team and quit lying. You are a coward.
If he doesn't have time for real life, he sure as heck doesn't have time for football.Give him the boot.
There's referencing the current environment of events in passing, and then there's what you did -- go into great detail and make specific comparisons.Don't try to make lame excuses. I don't agree with the punishment laid down (would've preferred to see 6 games to a season), but your article is ridiculous.
"They have the nerve to feature a football helmet when The major violations are around women’s basketball against a coach who never coached a game and involves players who never played in a game."You're on a primarily football website.......called Saturday Down South. Do you not even get the reference? Some common sense should tell you that a football helmet or football-related picture would be featured, but they don't teach common sense in Oxford anymore, do they?
This is their huge weekend, perfect timing by the NCAA. Not surprised at all.
That'll require that you switch to the Prison Belt Conference.
Critical? Sounds to me more like SDS is making a story out of nothing. If those comments are taken as critical........jeez.
What?!? You mean to tell me that they don't have a literal crimson tide mascot, Pawl?!?Not like Tulane's literal green wave?/s
Cmon, you know why.It's late Dec / early Jan, and the season's about to end. Gotta get that sweet click-count up as high as possible before it all flatlines after the NCG.
It's a shame that SOMEBODY has to suffer (SC students) while we sit back and enjoy this quality entertainment.This is going to be even more of a failure than UF.
Probably should learn how to spell your own quarterback's name.
"So, unless you have a pretty sweet setup with three TVs and three sets of eyes, you’re not going to be able to watch all of them"Or just grab the other TV's in your house, and stream those games via Chromecast. It's actually quite simple.
An epic response would be for Jimbo Fisher to call him up and explain how the world works. Set him straight.I can't imagine Fisher or FSU Athletics would be cool with the situation if it were reversed.