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Take note of the stark contrast from Ole Miss, who openly mocked and defied the NCAA.
I prefer non-cheaters at Quarterback, JoeMo made the right call.
" I was looking forward to KT leading the team Kinda hard to lead a team when youre busy paying tutors to cheat for you.
Who is Zach Smith? Ohhh yeeeah, wasnt he that OSU guy that beat his wife and got arrested and rolled up into another huge Urban Meyer scandal? Oh yeah............THAT GUY.
"Before SEC Media Days, I thought Mississippi State could be the surprise team in the conference." Says the site that's been wearing out this argument for 5+ years now.
"ESPN has gone to the cable news model of presenting their opinions as facts, while throwing out journalistic integrity." Seriously? You're just NOW figuring this out? It's been this way for 10+ years.
Under your logic, you're a moron unless you can prove otherwise. Why? Because I simply said it.
I love how HE has to prove something. Prove something to counter what? What have YOU proved? Big man behind a keyboard, that's all you've proved.
Condemning how? Nothing in the rulebook on that. You're not allowed to take matters into your own hands because of your beliefs in how the rules should be DIFFERENT. Glad you're not a ref who'd likely use his own rulebook.
And yet he likely was WAY more integrity than you'll ever have.
I dont expect a Bama fan to understand what's going on. Continue living in your blissfully unaware paradise.
Says the team whose recruitment is handed to them on a silver platter.
Mississippi State "Reason to freak out: It’s time to say goodbye to Nick Fitzgerald." Just goes to show how out of touch SDS writers are with fanbases. State fans couldnt be happier to say bye to Fitzgerald, since we now have an opportunity to play an actual quarterback at quarterback.
Funny, not a word on the literally game robbing officiating of LSU A&M, but Greg has no problem attacking the Egg Bowl.
Today I learned that "bouncing back" includes beating the worst Florida State team in decades. Go @*#&@ yourself Dan.
Respect for saying it. I don't understand how yall got to brainwashed into hiring Luke in the first place. Clean yer house. Nobody likes a total blowout but this time was needed.
What was controversial was Bama NOT getting called for targeting last week too.
Nothing controversial about the the call. It'd a textbook application of the rule. I'm amused at how everyone suddenly changes morals and now thinks it's unfair simply because it happened to lsu the week before Bama.
Neutralize?! We suck. It won't take much for them to roll over us at the rate we're going. Put Thompson in, get aggressive, or get off the field.
Punk cheap shot takers? What are you you rambling on about?
Agreed, I'm not buying all this hype that we're a top 5 team. Absolute BS. We have a long way to go, coming from someone who watches every minute of every game. Media has no clue what they're talking about.
Clemson just played their toughest game of the year and survived by 2 pts with some controversial calls. Pathetic that they claim Clemson has best chance for a Natty. If this is an indicator, they'd get smoked by Bama, and probably beat by 2-3 more West teams.
It's amazing how much better he seems when he's not wearing FSU gear.
And I'm grinning. You reckon he wont sleep til they win against UK again? LOL