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"2020 was Nick Saban’s most impressive one yet" Seriously? They were given a semi-cupcake game. OSU had zero business being in the natty.
The only reason this is making big news is because the name Mike Leach is attached to it. Arky, Mizzou, Ole Miss, Tenn, you name name em -- people are transferring and opting out in high volume, and that goes for all conferences currently playing.
Remember that time you spent 162 words crying about the poster bringing racism into it, when not once in her 32 word post did race come up even once? Falsely accusing a black person of racism and lying about the content of their post suggest strongly that you are in a racist.
Remember when all the Georgia fans spat on people back in the day and they got publicly accused of it by white fans, and then you accused them of racism? Yeah me neither, because you only seem to do it when there are blacks involved. Your post is absurdly racist on its face.
Lol what? His immediate response was to go straight to race despite the accusation never once mentioning race. if you cant see that it's a strong indicator that he's racist, then you'll never see it even if it was explicit. If it's not racist, then by all means explain why race was the person's first response.
The undeniable fact that you wouldn't have mentioned race even once if the person was white sends clear message to everyone on here -- YOU are the racist.
oskie you're assuming too much -- guarantee you Weagle99's point extended into medical coverage. You're on your own for medical bills if you get in an accident, and rightfully so. You forfeit your insurance claims.
Remind us how many SEC games you won in the last 20 games? 1? Oh ok. "LMAO"
One of the greatest and most enjoyable receivers to watch in MSU history. This loss HURTS.
How did you miss that yet act so knowledgeable at the rest? cmooooooonnnnn man.....
Not only not a good fit, but he got super arrogant and acted entitled at times, and he literally asked them their ring size when he stepped foot into Starkville. The guy set himself up for failure so badly and raised the bar well above his own head. He's an idiot and deserved this, and no writer can make a case that deals with his lack of meeting basic reqs of a football coach.
Notice this article couldnt explain Moorhead's continual regression, insists it's a bad idea, cant explain really why and cant explain the off-the-field issues.
Big time programs rarely ever hire coaches without HC experience.
" no teams we would compete for coaches with have made big moves yet." .........youre joking right? Jesus...........ok bud.
I'm going to wager a guess you are not 17 or 18 years old anymore, are you?
Take note of the stark contrast from Ole Miss, who openly mocked and defied the NCAA.
I prefer non-cheaters at Quarterback, JoeMo made the right call.
" I was looking forward to KT leading the team Kinda hard to lead a team when youre busy paying tutors to cheat for you.
Who is Zach Smith? Ohhh yeeeah, wasnt he that OSU guy that beat his wife and got arrested and rolled up into another huge Urban Meyer scandal? Oh yeah............THAT GUY.
"Before SEC Media Days, I thought Mississippi State could be the surprise team in the conference." Says the site that's been wearing out this argument for 5+ years now.
"ESPN has gone to the cable news model of presenting their opinions as facts, while throwing out journalistic integrity." Seriously? You're just NOW figuring this out? It's been this way for 10+ years.
Under your logic, you're a moron unless you can prove otherwise. Why? Because I simply said it.
I love how HE has to prove something. Prove something to counter what? What have YOU proved? Big man behind a keyboard, that's all you've proved.
Condemning how? Nothing in the rulebook on that. You're not allowed to take matters into your own hands because of your beliefs in how the rules should be DIFFERENT. Glad you're not a ref who'd likely use his own rulebook.
And yet he likely was WAY more integrity than you'll ever have.