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Notre Dame #2 ?!!!! Have you lost your $&@! minds? Talk about pandering to a fan base? 24 whole wins... and against who? Dang... hope UCLA doesn’t vault to #1 with their next scrub win.
State fan here... gotta agree with you with the caveat that keeping things status quo doesn’t elicit reaction, reads and clicks. Just saying.
College Baseball 2021.... Welcome to the SEC West Invitational.
Air Raid and Lane Train are more about throwing.... doubt they’ll recruit any running back above a 2-3 star due to the fact a 4-5 isn’t going to play at a program just to block and catch a few wheel routes.
Beyond Freeze and his fubar attitude, my question is this... How are Vitter and Bjork gonna play defense to the NCAA? They have only TWO options, 1) Ignorance: "We didn't know what was going on". NOT the thing you need to say when a charge of lack of institutional control is staring you in the face. And 2) Complacent......REALLY NOT what you need to say when facing any charge. Freeze's huburis isn't a rareity on that campus, just walk through the grove on any Saturday and huburis stinks up the joint. It fact, I think the entire atmosphere cultivated a small week willed little man into thinking he was untouchable. Not sure religion had anything to do with it, just another "dodge" in the ole miss arsenal. Freeze wasn't /isn't the disease, he was /is a symptom, the disease in Oxford is the whole damn program and the "better than you" attitude that has created the characters on stage. An apology is owed for sure, by Ole Miss to all the rest of us Mississippians, and fellow SEC members for putting up the tent and hosting a damn circus.