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Nobody here saw the MSState/Memphis game?…. This AINT new!!
Yeah…. See the problem is that nobody clicks on “I got nothing”…..
Naw…. I think the NCAA will let Texas buy tickets to any bowl game they’d like to go watch.
Probably would be a good idea to check your post for spelling BEFORE calling someone else “illiterate hillbillies”. Not even in the league yet and already the laughing stock!
Looks to me like A&M is the bottom feeders of the SEC…. Perhaps we should call em like they are rather than how the Texas bias sees em. “Gigged em”
MS State not running the bawl when LSU is in a 3 man front??!!! **qb counts 3 man front… “there’s 3 of them and 6 of us, bet we can get a few on the ground…. Omaha, Omaha, hut hut,” 2nd & 5.**
MS State needs to have the entire special teams unit AND the coaches running the stadium stairs every day this week!! Yes the offense needs work, but for the 2nd straight week a bonehead special teams play took the game in a different direction both tactically and momentum.
Mark Twain said it best.. “Better to remain silent and have people think you’re a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”.. might want to consider that in the future ruff.
$50 says you’re on to something! I have expressed serious concern in the past about this very thing. Back in the day, a big bet garnered attention and could be investigated. Now a ref could post bets at literally hundreds of sites and no one would notice a thing.
Yeah…. Before we start etching Corral’s name on the trophy, perhaps we should see how he handles an actual defense. I’m reminded of the Wolf’s statement in Pulp Fiction… “let’s not start….” (YouTube it)
Yeah… I’m standing by my previous statement that the only way LSU sees a bowl game is by buying tickets.
Yeah… I’m standing by my previous statement that the only way LSU sees a bow game is by buying tickets.
In a world that has one playing a power 5 school vs one that’s playing MSHAA competition….
LSU in the Outback Bowl?!!! I don’t think the LSwho athletic dept is gonna spring for that many tickets to let the team watch the Outback Bowl….
Lol. Their schedule is going from “impress the playoff selection committee” to “OMG… guaranteed Belk Bowl” (apologies to SEC Shorts for the rip off).
The most appropriate chant for OU and UTA (“UT is in TN”) is going to be “We are *clap clap clap* the HAS BEENS! *clap clap clap*. They’re fans know they just got sold down the river! Perennial 7-5 FB, baseball never seeing Omaha again and the butt of more jokes than Monica Lewinski.
It’s a problem of perception… those idiots in Texas think the SEC joined UT. Let’s see them pull a winning record in football 2 years in a row AND if their baseball team make the regionals. I’m guessing what’s coming is whining and crying the size and loudness we’ve never seen before.
OU and Notre Dame! Kill two birds with one stone. OU as a good program and with ND, we won’t have to listen to the media cry and whine them into the playoffs. Their record will show them as the 6-5 team we all know they are.
Just spitballing here…. But what are the chances of UT/OU, recruiting in the BIG 12, the same athletes that will make $$$ in the SEC with the new NIL? Bama’s QB is already raking in twice the NFL league minimum…
Yeah, but A&M ain’t in Austin and that’s gonna be a tough place to be after the SEC legacies lay a beating on that ass for 5 straight weeks. Spending 2-3 weeks on the road in the Big 12 ain’t quite like visiting Tuscaloosa, Athens, Baton Rouge and then sweating out a close one to a MS State, Ole Miss or Tenn…
Actually Ole Miss has never “won” a championship in football. A couple of publications recognized them for going undefeated and the fans from ole Miss decided to call themselves national champions.
For the editors…. Why is black capitalized and not white? Pander much?
Hell…. Go look in your back yard! It probably landed in Georgia! Lol
The TV gods have to be HATING that bracket! Can you imagine Omaha being the SEC Invitational?
Wish he was in MLB so I could see how hard the HBP was moving at his next AB. Trash move.
Didn’t some guy named Bo, or something, play football when he wasn’t crushing 500’ bombs on the baseball field?.... I seem to vaguely remember that.