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Nope we’re not. We know what Mullen is as a head coach. You’re about to find out. I give it 3 years.... and that’s generous.
Thank you for being the smartest guy in the room. The number of people who miss the forest because they are busy looking at the trees is mind-boggling.
He's right, you know. Ohio State vs Bama is the game everyone wants to keep watching OVER AND OVER. Lots of people say it. Bama and OU is another one. Bama and Michigan could be interesting these days. Bama and Stanford is a good one too. Clemson was a GREAT one.
I thought Ole Miss was black bears?
That stick deserved a better butthole but it got yours. Such is life...
This is a crap article. People who play and coach in the conference beg to differ. I will take their opinion over some dude pecking a keyboard that probably never played an SEC down in his life. Dak has earned way more than he will ever get from hacks like you.
You are an example of why I pull for LSU every week they aren't facing my Dogs. Thank you!
TRUE. The real star at Ole Miss is Robert Nkemdiche. Everybody knows that.
Please don't forget that Henry wasn't even really in conversations outside of Alabama until Leonard Fournette showed signs of being human after all. Just go back and watch the SEC NETWORK and anything on ESPN from the beginning of the season until late October or early November. No mention of Henry until Fournette went down.
Reading is fundamental. I'm convinced the people who post here live under rocks and can only see your team no matter what the FACTS are.
Bama fans would lose their crap of Bama lost 3 games. I think they are gonna freak out when he loses to Ole Miss again. Bama folks I know we're ready to pay him a visit when they lost that game this year. Saban's statement was interesting but a bit disingenuous because he knows he's not gonna lose 3 regular season games any time soon.
Race baiting. You don't know what the issue is of you think it's race baiting. Coach Richt could actually be perfect for that positing at Mizzou.
And don't forget that Chad got a lot of those yards running up the score on schools for the deaf and blind.
So Dak Prescott is not the best QB in the SEC? Look at what he was able to accomplish with NO O-LINE. He is second only to Tim Tebow across the board. Losing to a good Ole Miss team (ugh) does not a bad QB make. Chad is good but he has tools. He didn't win those games (or lose to Memphis) on his own. There are many instances where Dak won on his own because MSU did not have the tools. But you all can go on with your theory. Have a good day.
Dan Mullen is loud mouthed blowhard white trash? How? He and his wife have been class acts all the way. Clearly class isn't high on your list of regards because Coach Richt was also classy. I'm black and so is a sizable percent of the MSU student body and Starkville. The town is far from white trash. So please feel free to use your obviously limited knowledge and vocabulary to continue your coach search. Also, I'm sure there is SOMEWHERE in Georgia that has a prescription for your butt-hurt. I like Georgia and Coach Richt so I hope your condition isn't contagious. Bless your heart.
I'm cyber hi-fiving you and looking at you sideways at the same time because if Bama loses to Ole Miss one more time (and they will) or loses more than one game a season, y'all will be screaming bloody murder and poisoning the bushes at Saban's house. But you're right in this post about Les.
Sounds like LSU needs a new AD and "board". They sound like a bunch of crybaby douche bags. Every week that LSU is not playing my Mississippi State Bulldogs, I pull for LSU. I love Coach Miles and if they fire him, SCREW 'EM.
ItsJustMags is a prime example of why I'm not "SEC,SEC" when it's Bama. They act as if they are not beatable. Truth is Auburn CAN kick their elephant carcasses (just like Ole Miss did) and I hope they do. They don't win with class and they don't lose with it either. I remember a third string QB from the lackluster BIG 10 wrecking Bama's face for 60 minutes in the national championship game earlier this year. There are coaches that have Bama's number and Gus Malzan is definitely one of them. Bama fans (who aren't usually alumni because I'm great friends with a lot of actual Bama degree holders and they aren't ignorant) blow so hard that I will enjoy watching them get butt hurt in the post season. This Bulldog is all #wareagle this weekend. #kicksix #neverforget #asifyoucould
Absolutely great for my Dogs. The rumor mill is going about Mullen too. I'd like to get in line for Les if LSU lets him go and Mullen bolts for VTech.
Dang. Everybody's so butt hurt and the guy is just having fun. Jeez. Time to go up a size or two in your tighty whities.
I'm black and I'm an alum of MSU. I didn't EXPECT anything. That thought process is flawed and I applaud these young men for becoming MEN and standing up. When you start hitting people in the pockets (athletics is a major money maker), you get their attention. Did wonders when Ole Miss when they realized Colonel Reb and the confederate flag was starting to cost them recruits. People shouldn't EXPECT unfair treatment because they are minority. The thought makes me cringe.
If our secondary would play some respect for themselves and our coach would stop collapsing against Saban, we could win out. The Egg Bowl is an emotional game. It's just that Bama game. We get outcoached and out hustled. It's like they scared. I want this victory for Dak. It's not that we can't. We just DONT.
This #hailSTATE girl is actually pulling for the Vols this weekend. The only time I actually rooted against the Vols this year was vs Arkansas because the Hogs needed it more. I want Butch Jones over that hump. He's a good coach and he has put together a great squad. Buck Fama!