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Tough break for a player with so much upside. It's a violent game, especially on the defensive line.
It's easy to get caught up in the passions of the moment and go too far. Accepting responsibility for our actions and repenting in public goes a long way in making things right. It's really between Daniels and Trask.
College head football coaches have many demands and responsibilities beyond the Xs and Os. It's amazing how effective they can be as a process and quality-control managers. That's where Coach Mullen seems to shine. Mullen was a proven SEC head coach when hired at Florida. He competed in the SEC West while at MSU. Fans like that he embraces the higher expectations to win that come with the resources of UF. Recruiting is another arena of competition. We will need a few more years and classes to fairly judge how well Dan Mullen recruits for UF.
Not only a great tradition, but this year an especially meaningful game against top 10 inter-divisional rivals. Both teams had bye weeks so which staff fixed the most issues? Either of these teams can win the game. This Saturday will not be for the weak of heart.
It's always ideal when both teams have key players healthy and available. This just adds to the anticipation for this critical SEC East game.
Here we go with the Urban Meyer to everywhere rumors... What a joke to put Urban Meyer as a possible candidate for FSU. Meyer hasn't sunk that low. Why not Auburn?