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There's so much tragedy in these times. For the teams to push through and finish the game was remarkable, just as people are bearing through the pandemic. Then there are recoveries from recoveries, like Kayontae's. Just gives a different light to the holiday season.
All of these players work hard to play at this time of the season. Best to Shawn Davis. I'm glad to see young players getting a lot of minutes and the team still competitive with coaches taking most of the heat. Go Gators!
Grantham can't get out there and play. We've got young guys getting key minutes and learning on the job. The 4-3 base is a good scheme. The key is winning as a team. As long as we have one more point than our opponent we can do that. The Gator defense has carried the offense in year's past. This is the offense to light it up and keep a cushion on a lead.
Football is the mirror image of our basketball rivalry with the Cats. So let's get out there Gators and dominate for 60 minutes! Some years the other team is competitive or even pulls the upset. Not this time, not by 60 points.
Mics are always turned on around SEC head coaches. It's exactly the kind of thing you expect a coach to say but hope they don't...
Tim sure knows what he's talking about. Is there anyone on the roster that can provide a better chance to win? At mid-season, I think Guarantano with a little better decision-making is the best option to lead the Vols to victory.
It's rare, but I agree with Neon on this issue. Kyle Trask is a perfect example of an excellent player that is overlooked in the recruiting buzz of "stars." He wasn't ready to leave UF immediately if he didn't start. He committed to the school for the duration, no matter what. So many of these kids let the stars go to their heads and they are only for themselves. Look at Justin Fields as an example.
I'm confident that the University of Florida, SEC and associated schools will continue to use science to make informed decisions on these matters. Those that want to have politics drive these decisions risk their health and others, including our students, athletes and any hope of completing this football season.
This is going to be a close and telling game on many different levels with a small margin of error for either team to get the victory. Florida defense could use another week or two to gel. The Gator offense can help with no turnovers, time of possession and grinding the clock. I think the A&M run offense matches up very well against the Florida defense. They will employ a similar gameplan. Don't think AM can contain our receivers for 60 minutes without paying dearly in rushing yards. I don't underestimate the Aggie defense.
They have work to do but there's the talent to develop. We've been so used to coming out of the gate with a strong defense, I expect the offense to carry the defense more this season as they come around. I see players better learning their role in the scheme. People are unrealistic to think they are going to dominate from game one. It's more important to improve every day, win each game and play best at the end of the season.
What a gift to the Florida program! That should shore up the running back situation in Gainesville for a couple of years.
I missed on a UT upset but was right on with Georgia and Ole Miss wins. There's plenty to talk about this week without getting into future games. It's survival of the fittest right now in the SEC with a single loss endangering post-season participation. There will be teams that fall by looking ahead and taking their opponents too lightly.
From my perspective, he is fair and informed. I usually turn off the network audio and put on Mick Hubert and the Gator Network. You might try that for your SEC team for the biased viewpoint we all cherish as fans.
It's always great to come home. I look forward to seeing him compete next year as eligibility to play has not been an issue for transfers during this Covid period. He clearly sees an opportunity next season to make an impact. As much as people are touting this year as "the Year" for the Gators next year may end up even better, especially for defense.
He's very quick and saves a little burst for when needed. The SC defense just underestimated his quickness and assumed that with all the players converging on him for that play, one of them surely would tackle.
Mark, you should have dared Red Mtn Pass and got to my old stomping grounds, rough and tumble Silverton. Now this Gator suns at the lower elevations of the Grand Junction area. The UT - Missouri game may be closer than some think. I follow your logic and analysis of the coaching situations. Missouri did a lot better than I thought they would with heavyweight Alabama. UT played worse than I thought they would with the so-so Gamecocks. Just saying, I see a 4th quarter clock expiring, fingernail biter for determining this one or Tigers outright shocking the Vols.
No one is making the call for Ole Miss to beat Kentucky? I will. The only question is the Rebel defense. UK will struggle to score fast enough to keep pace with Corral. I'm a believer in Georgia, despite the opening jitters. Their linemen can keep them in any game - if the QB can play not to lose the game. Auburn played up to UK. This week with Georgia will be considerably more challenging. Bulldogs have an opportunistic defense that Beau may not know. Florida defense will take its frustrations out on the Gamecocks this week, having a lot of video and wounded pride to work from last week.
No one in Gainesville at the time thought #22 would stay. He was truly remarkable while in the orange and blue. In retrospective Spurrier did great in taking over from Hall, but no one at that time knew what to expect. I remember hearing a lot of fans saying "this ain't Duke!" despite his success as a QB under Graves.
Georgia is realizing they will have to get more focused on sculpting the offense for playing the odds and not the skills of one QB on the roster. Too many offensive plays that did not match the personnel. There's plenty of talent on the UF defense. Look for a big improvement this week coming home and playing the Gamecocks. Don't see enough offensive talent at uSC to test them at home this week,
That's what you want to hear from a defense that started off scrambling around to limit Kiffin's Ole Miss offense. As the season plays out we will find that Ole Miss is a solid team with a very potent offense. South Carolina will not be a big offensive threat to the Gators with a couple of key players to focus on for the game. I expect a big day for the defense when the Gamecocks come to town.
It's a good position to be in for Trask, finally getting some attention by Heisman voters. Our schedule is also favorable for positioning him for the eventual vote. There's so much football ahead and game matchups that will eliminate the contenders with losses. That will be the case for King and Miami as games are played.
Florida defense had no idea what Ole Miss would do in that game. Not a frame of video or history on how Kiffin would use the personnel. That was the first game of the season for every SEC team. Lots of rust and mistakes that usually get worked out or corrected against less capable teams. Not an easy way to start a very strange season for any team. Just look what happened to LSU and TexasA&M.
It's not just talent, but the ability and experience of the players working together. That's especially critical on offense where you have to be able to take the initiative and impose your will on a defense.
By the way, I'll predict Kellen Mond has a good senior season.
Kyle Trask is rock steady and in the driver's seat of a potent offense. Then there's Emery who is a star in the wings just waiting for a debut. It's a key position and Florida is in a great position for the season.
That's great for everybody! First of all, it's far past time there was a black person at any position in the athletic department and university as a whole. Florida does not have the best history in this regard so it's another step ahead. Conceptually I like it. Run that offense through the QBs and OC relationship. It worked for Mullen in his development. Run or pass have their own nuances in the simplicity of a spread offense. Makes sense to put the coaches spending more time teaching their specialties to those specific player groups. After years of mediocrity in the offense, CDM is getting it rolling. I can see the benefit of these changes on many different levels.
Tough break for a player with so much upside. It's a violent game, especially on the defensive line.
It's easy to get caught up in the passions of the moment and go too far. Accepting responsibility for our actions and repenting in public goes a long way in making things right. It's really between Daniels and Trask.
College head football coaches have many demands and responsibilities beyond the Xs and Os. It's amazing how effective they can be as a process and quality-control managers. That's where Coach Mullen seems to shine. Mullen was a proven SEC head coach when hired at Florida. He competed in the SEC West while at MSU. Fans like that he embraces the higher expectations to win that come with the resources of UF. Recruiting is another arena of competition. We will need a few more years and classes to fairly judge how well Dan Mullen recruits for UF.