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But up in the booth, no one will ever top the gravel-voiced Larry Munson. I loved listening to him on radio games, though not often pleased with the content when opposite the Gators, esp the Herschel days, and I can still hear the Buck Belue to Lindsay Scott play. “Run Lindsay!” But he was fun to listen to regardless.
Honest answer: the coaching staff, including you Knox, sucked. Same staff against FSU = same result.
Fair enough. Then neither Mullen or Kirby have a ring.
Stoops burned out at OU. No thanks.
It takes a VERY long time to find the right coach. Just ask UGA. How many slam dunk coaches at UGA between Dooley and Kirby?
The season is f**ked already. We'd probably lose to FSU anyway.
If Florida plays poorly, fire Mullen. If Florida plays well, fire Mullen because too little, too late. I wish a good game from Badie - he's a stud and a joy to watch.
The problem is everything. Where was this mighty offense against Georgia, Kentucky, and South Carolina? I’m sure the Gators offense would light it up against my high school team but that doesn’t mean it’s not a problem.
This was Samford! A middlin FCS team! That fact very much diminishes the “A+” for offense and greatly magnifies the “F” for defense, special teams an coaching. Mullen calls it a “great win” and the players dance like they’ve won the SEC. What a disgrace!
I don’t care about the dancing. I care about Mullen calling it a “great win”. What a disgrace.
Another negative note: you would expect to play the entire bench against a middlin FCS team. Not today. Bowman 2 carries, Lingard only 1, and no Anthony Richardson.
Kentucky on the rise, Tennessee on the rise, South Carolina on the rise, Gators circling the drain. (sigh)
Can Mullen be fired for cause (incompetence)? Just dreaming.
Gee, Negan, I wish I was smart like you.
I would put Connor O'Gara's skill as a journalist right up there with Mullen's skill as a recruiter.
Just like the UGlies smugness today. What goes around comes around.
Mullen says that we need to clean up the turnovers and inconsistencies this week. I think he's said that for the last 4 games. Not much has been cleaned up yet. Still waiting... ... ...
A sobering year indeed! Tack on the last three games from last year. And coming up, Mizzou would love to tag the Gators and FSU is playing better each week after a miserable start. Yikes! Time to vent: Grantham hopefully out sooner than later but who would replace him. No proven DC would want to jump onboard Mullen's leaky boat. We're essentially starting over after 4 years. Recruiting - if I'm a stud HS player, I'll only go to Florida if mama and daddy were Gators, and if Alabama, Georgia, Auburn, or LSU weren't interested. Why exactly does Dan earn so much $$$? Why did he get a raise after last year's end-of-season flop? What's his buyout? It's sad that the highlight of the year so far was a loss to Alabama. I could go on, but what's the point. Still love my Gators - they're all I've got.
Vandy only remains in the SEC for old times sake. They should drop down to DivII.
Given all Kirby’s string of stellar recruiting classes, it seems UGA is a top tier underachiever.
Doggies caught the Gators at a good time, coming out of the coach Boom and McElwain black holes at the same time they hired Smart. Fact of the matter is Gators are trending up, doing more with less, while the Doggies are trending flat, underachieving year after year in spite of a deep stock of blue chips. Maybe Smart is not so smart. BTW, please convince ol’ Dink and Dunk to come back for his senior year - I love the way he’s trending.
The UGA hanger-on is delighted that Gator articles mention the East’s current flagship program. It would be apparent to any rational observer that, yes, the Gators are in chasing mode. The Dawgs, under-achieving again and again and yet again with their loaded blue chip roster, can’t seem to get over the hump and that brings out the vulgar venom from war dawg. As, gee, I know it must hurt year after year and your only joy is squeaking by the Gators by 7 points. LOL
WarDawg is a just a Bulldog hanger-on. Doesn’t really have any tie to UGA except as a wannabe. And a vulgar pig to boot!
Yes, and I know an SEC coach who’ll watch his squad get torched by LSU in the SECCG.