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WarDawg is a just a Bulldog hanger-on. Doesn’t really have any tie to UGA except as a wannabe. And a vulgar pig to boot!
Yes, and I know an SEC coach who’ll watch his squad get torched by LSU in the SECCG.
Alabama-LSU is to see who gets to trash the Dawgs in the SEC championship game. Lol
Too bad Kirby can’t parlay these great recruiting classes into an SEC title. Sorry you won’t be in the final 4 again. Maybe next year. Lol
Wow, 3 in a row, and a 7 point blowout to boot. Looks like a UG dynasty in the making. Until you get humiliated yet again in the SEC title game, just like McElwain. Lol
You're right. I would have preferred a mea culpa from Mullen. No way a dirty hit.
Ahh, the bitterness of losing another 5-star.
Good choice for the big game. Burn those butt-ugly gator-skin things. And while your at it get rid of those alternate white lids with the big "F" on one side. Nothing wrong with sticking to classic orange and blue!
PalmettoPig, I hope you're not talking about those butt-ugly gator skin unis. Gawd!