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Kirby Smart on Nick Saban: 'Nobody has moved the college football game more'
One more question; did Stetson make that call before or after he called his daddy's lawyer to throw his bail?? ? ? ?
Unless you're Bill Gates I doubt you have enough money to put where your YUGE mouth is
Did Stetson make that call before or after he took 6 YEARS to graduate from a 4-year college?? ? ? ? NFL Scouting report for Stetson Bennett Areas for Improvement Middling arm talent Inconsistent layering and precision Late trigger at times Mechanics under pressure Lighter frame Over-aged
Find somewhere else to spread your rhino manure dude
This dude Benjamin Solak (WHO DAT?) bases his entire opinion of Bryce Young on one throw, really?? REALLY?!?!?!?!
Any facts behind that fictitious statement?
And that's why Keyshawn is behind the microphone instead of on the sidelines.......................
Wow, butt-hurt much, it's pretty obvious you hate Bama and Saban so much because you can't be like or compete with them, good luck with that image living rent-free in your head!
Perception is reality; Coach O would be well within his authority to ban Beckham from the sidelines and/or locker room permanently
AhU fans need more than one tissue, they should own stock in Kleenex............