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This is so overblown! First, y'all quit calling each other names, you can make your point without it. Second, this kid was trying to heckle a good Tenn player, maybe throw him off his game. This has been going on in sports FOR EVER. It is actually a compliment that the only thing this kid could say was the fact that he wasn't American! Big deal. Xenophobia is the fear of someone from another country. To call the statement obscene is ridiculous. What is obscene is hearing the F bomb dropped repeatedly at EVERY sporting event regardless of the presence of children. Third, if you are going to ban fans for heckling opposing players, teams better be ready to kick out their fans, especially baseball! Fans can be down right brutal in their heckling and I'm sure someone will be offended. What a slippery slope.
Prayers for successful treatment and speedy healing! War Eagle!
Yes University police have nothing better to do than deal with people with "hurt feelings"!!! Grow up people....stop whining!!! This University is an EMBARRASSMENT!
The ball couldn't have been ruled a pass as the ball bounced. Once the "lateral" hits the ground it becomes a fumble.
He's a BEAST!! Love to see the hustle. Keep up the good work Falcons!
Inexperience at quarterback is the most glaring "issue" coming out of this game. White did a lot of good things today but also a lot of bad. Bad passing in the red zone, penalty bringing back a TD, failure on the read option led to 3 short field goals. If we don't put the ball in the endzone, we won't win....period. White is getting better but he isn't there yet.
That behavior is disgusting and I will be surprised if this article doesn't kill the business there. As an Auburn fan, I will not do business there. That is poor sportsmanship at its worst and highlights what is wrong in sports today! What happened to good old fashioned friendly rivalries??
Oh please! Get off your high horse. This is a joke pure and simple. Everyone is so super sensitive! Bad taste, yes, but really it is just kids being one is being attacked!!
Good luck Duke. Time to grow up and approach life like a man. Learn from your mistakes and use them to make yourself better! War Eagle!
It is a shame about Duke. I hope he gets himself together and goes forward with a successful life. As for dismissing him from the team, Malzahn had not choice. He can NOT allow anyone to continually disregard team rules. As for the idiot calling to get rid of Muschamp....find a new team buddy! Half his defense is injured and we are playing FRESHMEN. They are improving but it will take time!
I'll miss Mark May I felt he was always professional even when I didn't agree with him. I will NOT miss Lou Holtz as he was a condescending wind bag who needed better fitting dentures!
I think AU deserves a break! As for Samford, (and other FBS schools) they get paid LOTS of money to play these teams. Money they need to forward their own programs. Many of the kids on those teams love the experience of playing in an SEC stadium even if they do get stomped! Sometimes they even get a win, or at least a good game. As for the fans, most understand the need for these games and like the chance to get to see players who aren't quite ready to take the field in a "big" game. Those that don't understand don't have to buy a ticket!
Don't disagree but I'll add that the announcers on the 7:00 games are much more professional and called the games without bias. I've noticed that most of the announcers on the SEC network also do a better job. It seems the "big names" are the ones that show their bias. The argument that Bama was dominating thus the announcers had nothing good to say is crap. AU was being trounced by GA this weekend yet the announcers were not biased either way, they just called the game as it happened! I couldn't believe when Gary said "You can exhale" when the non-TD was overturned (rightly). And if Verne said "Wow" one more time......
It is disgusting to listen to both Gary and Verne, especially when they are covering Alabama. It is no accident that they have covered 5 Alabama games this season. It is probably in their contract! I thought announcers were supposed to be neutral. These 2 are clearly NOT. Even when MSU did good things they would counter it with something Alabama did better (in their opinion)!
What a shame. As I read this young man's letter all I could see is that he could not understand that he was NOT the best man for the position. Coaches have to play the person they feel is the best person for the job. He could not take that and thus issued an ultimatum. He now is having problems dealing with the consequences of that ultimatum. During the whole letter he never once mentions his education. He thinks football is the only answer to helping his family. If he was smart, he'd use what time he has left and finish his degree and get a real job. Very few college football players make it to the NFL and are successful there. Good luck to him and I hope he learned a valuable lesson. You are not entitled to anything and sometimes, no matter how hard you work, you may still be second best or unforeseen incidents get in the way. That is life and sometimes it STINKS!
Alright AU fans...let's show some class here. Sometimes the ball is not going to bounce in our favor. Yes the refs blew several calls in that game but what is done is done. It's just a football game and should not define your life! We aren't Bammers afterall! Thank GOD! War Eagle!
Really? No linemen?? All those QBs, RBs, and WRs wouldn't be so good without the men protecting them and opening holes to run through!
Prayers for a speedy recovery Kenyan Drake. War Eagle!
Russ is an idiot! Shows how little he knows of the Auburn family and the support they will give! Worst job in the SEC because we won the NC 2 years ago??...stupid reason.....AU coach will be judged based on what he does on the field...not what someone else does! It amazes me how the media thinks Alabama and Saban are unbeatable!
this is hilarious!! There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with what she said! You have to have a keen sense of humor to live with a college football coach and live their lives! PULEASE! give me a break.... this woman would be fun to hang with and YES I would trust my child to her!! They are NOT special...they need to learn they are just one of many and it takes lots of hard work to succeed in this world!! You go girl!!