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I have been to nearly every SEC campus. The Football stadium is getting better. You should have seen it in the 90s. It needs continuous work, but there has been continuous work. It's not going to stop. You have a point there, but you blew it when you mentioned BB. Maybe you saw the Hearns Center where wrestling, volleyball, and Gymnastics compete? But you probably didnt go in. Its amazing for those sports in comparison to the rest of the SEC. I havent seen any other wrestling arenas in the SEC. Have you? The Baskeball arena is by far one of the best in the SEC. Even Auburn's newish arena doesnt compare. Georgia and Florida's are dumpsters. Arkansas and Kentucky are some of the best.
“I was informed coming off the field that I am no longer the coach of Arkansas,” Bielema told reporters. “I’ve never been let go in my entire life, so this is a first for me, but I’ve had quite a few coaches that have moved on always kind of say, whether it’s right, wrong or indifferent, you want to leave the place better than when you got here, and I know that’s happened.”
Did you watch the video or just read the headline? What you said is not what is going on. That is not what student-led means. Good grief. A quality team must be student-led. It has to do with everyone buying into the culture and the process where students hold each other responsible and accountable. It means that the athletes are doing it on their own when the coaches are not around. This translates to a unified team from head coach to coordinator to position coach to athlete, analyst, ga, etc. This gives with them to academics and the work place. I could go on and on.
This is a strategic move to tell the teams trying to pluck Kelley that he is already the starter. Its about keeping Kelley on the team. Kelley is the only transfer I ever remember that made it to the top of the depth chart for spring and all other transfers are at the bottom. Every actual news organization covering this has mentioned it.
My thoughts are similar. Amazing if true. The TN fans will say something lame about how they don't need a combine. The draft will let us know.
My Mizzou glasses see this as a very strategic move to out TN and mock them a bit. It makes TN look desperate and places Mizzou as a more desirable place. Esp if no one bites. Love it. Barry Odom is playing chess and he wants to fight. Pruitt looks like he's picking up leftovers. I'm sure Barry would be making the calls if the situation was reversed. Funny to watch Mizzou fans defend him and also funny that TN fans get so worked up about it.
Are you on the team? How could you even make the comment that he failed the team? You don't have a clue. Obviously, you only get your information from click-baity blog articles and follow your emotions to irrational decisions. Get some self-awareness, and understand that your keyhole perspective is minute in comparison to those closest to the system. Learn how to be a fan or go away.