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Vols, way to put the beat down on the Duke Girlie Boys. I don’t believe even retired Coach PoopChuteski could’ve whined and had them flop their way to victory today!
Vols, way to put the beat down on the Duke Girlie Boys. I don't believe even retired Coach PoopChuteski could've whined and had them flop their way to victory today!
Congratulations Commodores! In my opinion, you've played outstanding all year.
... Drinkwitz said at his Saturday media availability. “I was adamant that I wasn’t going to (hire an offensive coordinator) unless I could find someone who could do it better than me.” ===> Please insert joke of your choice HERE <===
There's no way in hell Coach Fukkwitz finishes 7-5 next year. A 0.500 season record is his ceiling along with a L is a low-level bowl game. Coach Eli Fukkwitz has been elevating Bob Stull to Football God status since his hire in 2020.
Once again Coach Fukkwitz shows that he has absolutely no business being the head coach of a Division 1 football program. By comparison, he continues to elevate Bob Stull to Football God status.
Thanks for the piss-poor effort, Coach Fukkwitz. Bob Stull looks like a Football God compared to your candy ass.
Now, Coach Fukkwitz, go hire someone who can run a good college football offense, you visor-wearing George "Goober" Lindsay wannabe ... And, please GET IT RIGHT!
With Coach Fukkwitz calling the plays, we'll score one offensive TD and several FG's. He's in WAY over his head coaching a Division 1 SEC team. He's that pitiful!
He was REALLY mean in practice, eh? Was his intent to hurt their "fragile" self-esteem or get them ready to play UCLA?
When Coach Fukkwitz was hired, he was purported to an "offensive savant." Come to find out, the only thing truly offensive is his play calling.
Dear "Coach" Fukkwitz, PLEASE, PLEASE hire an offensive coordinator!
As long as Eli HalfDrunkwitz is Mizzou's coach, our ceiling will be a .500 record.
The last time I checked, a 4-5 record is not an "upward trajectory," Ms. Reed Francois. One would think that someone who been associated with athletic departments as long as you have, and on top of that, is a lawyer who claims to "pay attention to details" would know that. Instead, you extend the contract of our Yahoo of a football coach, Eli F**kwitz, who is consistently out coached and who seems to be learning on the fly.
I'm so disappointed that Mizzou extended Eli F***witz contract. I was so hoping that Mizzou would move on from his, "Aw, Shucks" Gomer Pyle persona.