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Maybe because he wanted to thank all the people who helped him get to this point? Harris is that classy of a guy. I'm sure he'll continue the great tradition of our defensive linemen...he doesn't need "luck"
Let's remember that Brantley never played last year so that's no real effect on the defense. As for Brady, it's obviously a loss but let's not forget that no one knew who he was before last year. Hopefully someone new will step up to take his place.
How about ESPN doing an expose on all the sexual harassment going on in their own company. Glass houses.....
If you don't care about either team then why did you bother reading the story? There are truly some dumb people on the Internet...
You're welcome but you could've returned the favor by losing to Mizzou in '13 so we could have a shot at the
Oh yes, we Tiger fans were well aware of how horrendous our offense was this past year. Which was a shame because the defense was one of the top in the SEC. It should be even better with a D line which could one of the tops in the whole country. Give us even modest improvement in the offense and we should contend in the SEC East.
I wouldn't say our Tigers "spanked" the Cowboys. Remember, OSU was driving at the end of the game before Michael Sam got the strip sack that Shane Ray returned for the clinching touchdown. But still was a very satisfying victory!
I guess he can eliminate Oklahoma due to their recent problems....
Well, Mizzou has only been in the SEC for 3 years....
You buried the lead about the $22 million the lawyers receive. They make out like bandits, the players receive a small sum, and the fans who love the video game no longer can play it. Awesome!
Not getting Elliott did suck but having him would not have made a difference in the year Mizzou had. Losing DGB for the year hurt Mizzou MUCH worse. Wide receiver was a problem area, NOT running back.
Bama would be the only tough hill to climb in the West. MSU and Ole Miss are one year wonders so far, LSU struggled some this year, Mizzou has owned A&M lately and Ark has to prove themselves still. Mizzou would compete just fine.
Key words: "You lost" and usually late in games
I have friends who live in Jacksonville so I can live with that!
If Mizzou controls the line of scrimmage then they can win. If not, oh boy.... But even if Mizzou does lose the program has proven a lot in these first 3 years....more than these other programs who keep losing to this team that "sucks." So what does that make them?
Your team couldn't beat Mizzou on it's own field last year so your opinion REALLY means nothing. Go play in the kid's corner, the adults are talking
They were two different things he was talking about, going on the road and THEN overcame an early deficit. It was just a badly written sentence.
At least we play defense. Check out our game against Kentucky versus your game. We're near the top of most defensive categories. It's not all about offense.